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    "What? You will take the responsibility?" The staff mocked Alice.

    "I didn't hear wrong, right?"

    "Old lady! Who do you think you are?"

    "Calm... Calm... Calm..." Alice was trying to calm her mind down.

    However, Auron was the one who answered the staff, "She is one of the teachers at the military's academy!"

    "Tch... Only a teacher, not a big deal. Get out! Or I will call the guards!" The staff didn't bother with Alice's identity as a teacher and threatened them to leave.

    Yes, a teacher at the military academy should have a background or experience in the military. However, since the staff didn't know Alice's identity, she assumed that Alice should only have at most a senior private rank before becoming a teacher.

    Although a senior private rank was high in the eye of a commoner, however, the staff was more afraid to her superior. Her superior was an intermediate corporal. It was two ranks above senior private.

    Moreover, it was past midnight already. Her superior must have already fallen asleep. If she bothered her superior's sleep just because a senior private that had become a teacher, her superior would go mad at her.

    That was why the staff still stuck to her decision to wait until tomorrow morning. With the staff mocked Alice, Auron began to think, "Is it really that a teacher would mean nothing in the eyes of a part-time staff?"

    Auron began to waver. However, it was only just for a few seconds before he shook the matter off, "No way! The teacher was strong. There is no way that she means nothing. Moreover, Alice could create a skill on her own. Only a few people who could do that."

    Auron demanded the staff, "Call your superior at this instant! Or, you will regret it if you delay this matter!"

    "You...! You dare to threaten me? Although I am a part-time staff, I was part of the military staff. You threaten me was the same as threatening the military!"

    "Before I get angry! I will give you one chance. Take your old girlfriend and leave immediately!" The staff gave a last warning.

    Auron wanted to respond to the staff. However, before he could do that, a ball of fire was flown to the staff. Fortunately, there was glass reinforced with nullifies formation. The ball of fire dissolved before hitting the glass.

    It was Alice who threw the ball of fire. She was really furious and could not hold it anymore. She was in an urgent matter, but the staff's word prick her nerves. She said, 'Old girlfriend' not just once but twice.

    Although the ball of fire didn't destroy anything, however, it was enough to shock the staff. She was in a state of great fear. She quickly pushed the button to call the guards and shouted, "You are so dead! Trying to attack military staff. I will make sure you are dead!"

    Auron was a little bit panic because Alice took the first initiative to attack. However, he looked that Alice didn't care about the guards. There was only an angry expression on her face.

    In less than a minute, the guards had arrived at the scene. The staff immediately said, "Arrest them! They are attacking me!"

    The guards didn't say anything and captured Auron and Alice. Auron did struggle a little. However, Alice didn't struggle at all. She was trying to organize her breath since she was so angry.

    A while later, the guard's leader arrived at the scene. It was just in short hours, but there were already two incidents that happened. He saw Auron, "So, he was the one who cause the ruckus."

    Then, he looked at the woman beside him and shocked. The guard's leader was a senior private. Moreover, he had a senior who joined one of the factions inside. So, he knew one or two things.

    When the guard's leader saw Alice, he recognized Alice. "Quick! Release her!" The guard's leader hurriedly said. He realized he was in some deep **.

    "Call the one who is in charge here!" Alice knew the guard's leader knew her identity. So, she only said that one sentence.

    With that command, the guard's leader hurriedly call the staff's superior. He even did it on his own. The corporal who was in charge was sleeping deeply. However, as he was in the military, he had to be ready with all emergency situations.

    So, when there was a call, he answered it. "Hello, who is this?" The corporal answered it with a sleepy tone.

    "Oh, you! Yes, what is the situation?" Slowly the corporal tried to wake up.

    "What? A ruckus in the citizen's help counter? Just arrest them! Why you wake me up for this!" After hearing the problem, the corporal wanted to reprimand the caller for waking him up. However, before he could do this, the caller had already told him about Alice.

    When the corporal heard of Alice's involvement in this incident, he immediately jumped off his bed. He took his proper clothes and went away while changing his clothes.

    The corporal was so quick. In less than 5 minutes, he already arrived at the scene. The corporal didn't even greet or ask the guard's leader or the staff responsible for this incident. He immediately went to Alice and received her politely while apologizing to her. Then, he escorted Alice and Auron to a different place.

    Meanwhile, this sudden turn of events shocked the guard, who made the arrest and the staff in charge. They could only open their mouth widely by this event.

    However, the guard's leader voice woke them up, "All right, leave this place and go back to work! Pretends nothing has happened!"

    With the command from the guard's leader, all of the guard who was on the scene left the citizen's help counter and went back to their position. The guard's leader also left the place. However, before he left the scene, he looked at the staff pitifully.
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