269 Alices Help 6

    "Please be seated. Sorry for making you wait, Ms. Alice, anything I could help with?" The corporal apologized to Alice while let Auron and Alice took the seat.

    "This young man had made a report, and I want you to escalate it quickly. I can be the witness." Alice pointed her finger to Auron.

    The corporal looked at Auron and asked, "What's your name?"

    Auron said his name. The corporal had wanted to look for the case reported by Auron. However, he thought that it will take a long time. So, he asked Auron to reiterate the report to him.

    Auron nodded and explained the incident once more. After he finished his story, the corporal looked at him with a serious face. Then, he looked at Alice's face.

    Then, the corporal looked back at Auron and said, "Okay, since Ms. Alice also had become your witness, I will escalate this matter to my superior."

    "Thank you," Auron thanked the corporal.

    Inwardly, the corporal thought, "What to thank me for? With Ms. Alice as your witness, everything will go smoothly."

    However, the corporal didn't say that thought and just smiled at Auron. Then, he went outside and made a call to his superior.

    While waiting, Auron and Alice didn't say any words. Alice knew the process to escalate a case. It was long and took several calls. She had a major rank; however, because of her status as a teacher, she could not mobilize any troops in the military. If not, she would have already assembled the necessary forces.

    In the end, she had to rely on her identity once more to make things go the right way. After waiting for 10 minutes, the corporal went back inside and said, "Okay, all the necessary permission had been granted. We only need around 30 minutes to gather the soldiers."

    "We have decided to get 500 veteran soldiers. Is that enough?" The corporal didn't know how big this operation would be.

    The one who had the authority hurriedly assigned 500 veteran soldiers when he knew that Alice was involved in this case. A soldier called veteran when they had a corporal rank. So, this means that the 500 soldiers assigned to this mission would have at least a junior corporal rank.

    Alice, who heard the number, knew that with her involvement in this case, the higher up would exaggerate everything. She thought that 500 was too many. Moreover, they were veteran soldiers.

    Alice wanted to reduce the soldier's number. However, before she could do that, Auron had already thanked the corporal.

    Auron was surprised at the fact that he could get 500 soldiers. He only needed 200 soldiers, but he could get 500 soldiers. It would be a 100% mission success.

    What Auron didn't know was that his terms of veteran soldiers were different from the one used in the military. In the military, veteran soldiers were the ones who had at least a junior corporal rank. However, what Auron thought to be a veteran soldier was someone who had at least 5 years of experience in the military.

    5 years of experience in the military could get someone to the corporal rank. However, it was not that easy. From the data, the soldiers who had 5 years of experience in the military only had a 40% chance to become a corporal.

    With Auron thanking the corporal, Alice, who wanted to reduce the soldier's number, canceled her action. Alice actually didn't really care about the number of soldiers assigned to this mission. Moreover, it was not her that asked that number.

    Alice nodded and said, "Okay, we had to be quick! I hope in 30 minutes we could immediately depart! Also, I will be joining this mission."

    "Oh, no!" The corporal shocked when knowing that Alice would be joining the mission. That five hundred soldiers was only for the fact that Alice had become the witness. Moreover, there was some kind of incident. So, they tried to appease Alice by assigning that many numbers.

    "If Ms. Alice wanted to join the mission, should I ask for more soldiers for her safety?" The corporal thought in his mind. However, he didn't dare to decide this matter on his own. So, he wanted to ask his superior.

    From the conflicted expression on the corporal's face, Alice knew what he had thought. She stopped him, "You can report it, but we don't need more soldiers. We have enough. If there are more soldiers, it would only slow us down. Moreover, it would be easier for the enemy to spot our movement."

    In the end, the corporal could do what Alice had said. Auron, who had been here all the time also shocked by the conversation. "He could get more soldiers as simple as saying that Alice will be joining the mission." He thought

    Auron didn't know that his teacher would have a deep influence inside the military. He inevitably hit the jackpot.

    The corporal reported it to his superior. Just as he thought, his superior wanted to assign another hundred soldier for Alice's safety. However, he reminded his superior about what Alice had said.

    In the end, the superior canceled his thought. But, he still knew this was a vast matter. If he handled this matter carelessly, his career would end. So, he decided to join the mission as well and changed the soldier's composition.

    At first, most of the troops would comprise of junior corporals. However, after the corporal's report, the composition changed. Now, the forces mostly made by senior corporals.

    In the next thirty minutes, all of the arrangements had been completed. The corporal's superior, a lieutenant, also had arrived and said, "Ms. Alice, you can take the lead."

    "No need, you lead this troop. I will only be a guest." Alice rejected the offer.

    With that said, the lieutenant was making sure the arrangements had been completed for the last time. After 5 minutes, the lieutenant commanded the troops to depart in the middle of the night.
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