270 Escape 1

    With the reinforcements issue had been settled, Auron went back to his mage character, who was still inside the underground prison. Once again, Auron met with the darkness of the prison.

    "Psstt... Hey..." Auron called the man.

    However, there was no reply. Auron called the man once again, "Hey... Are you sleeping?"

    "Ehmm... Are you done?" The man, with a sleepy tone, replied Auron

    At first, the man had waited for Auron patiently. However, he had nothing to do while waiting. Moreover, he didn't know how long it would take for Auron to complete his task. In the end, he fell asleep when waiting for Auron.

    "Yes, I am done," Auron answered excitedly.

    In his sleepy tone, the man asked again, "How many soldiers could you bring here? 100? 200?"

    The man had asked the soldier's number because he had to adjust the plan according to the soldier's showed up.

    "500 veteran soldiers!" Auron answered proudly. Although it was because of Alice's help, however, he still took some part in it.

    "Okay, 500 soldiers! Then, it looked like I have to revise the plan. We have to use this..." The man started to murmur about changing his plan.

    "Wait! 500? You didn't say it wrongly, right?" The man realized that Auron said 500, and it was more than what he had been asking for.

    "No! It is 500 veteran soldiers."

    "Huh, it is also veteran soldiers? How can you achieve it?" As the man was from the military, he knew what veteran soldiers mean. The man started to question Auron's identity. Moreover, the method Auron used to inform the military from inside the prison.

    "It is a trade secret," Auron replied mysteriously.

    "I believe this number of soldiers was enough, right?" Auron ensured that the soldier's number was enough from them to escape.

    "It is more than enough. You brought 500 soldiers. On top of it, all of them are veteran soldiers. Not to mention escaping, we could even destroy this bandit's fortress with that number."

    "You are not deceiving me, right?" The man still could not believe what Auron had said.

    "Well, I don't care you believe me or not. But, you should, at least, tell me your plan if you don't believe me. I need to escape."

    "Okay... Okay... I will believe you this time. Wait, I need to adjust the plan. How long until the soldiers arrived?"

    "It should be around two or three hours more."

    "Perfect! It is still dawn in two or three hours more. We can do a surprise attack."

    "Now, can you tell me about your plan?" Auron tried to find out the full plan.

    "Chill out, young man! We have an agreement. Just do your job properly and follow me." The man still didn't tell Auron his plan yet. Well, at least, Auron had tried to find out.

    "Okay, this will do." Several minutes later, the man had revised his plan.

    "When the time is near, tell me! We will execute the first part of the plan!" The man said, and the place went silent once again.

    The first part of the plan was the part where Auron faked sickness and let the guard opened the underground prison. Then, with the help of the man, Auron would get rid of the guards.

    Just like the man, Auron waited for the time to come. Two hours later, Auron had checked the reinforcement's progression. And, they almost arrived at their destination.

    However, Alice stopped the troops first and sent a soldier as a messenger to Skemvil. A few minutes later, the messenger came back with a bunch of soldiers behind his back.

    Corporal Jack went and greeted the lieutenant and Alice. After a few greeting, Corporal Jack went back to his soldier and arranged them properly. Alice had arranged for them to join this operation as a spectator.

    This mission would be a pleasant experience for them. Alice didn't want the newbie to experience a quick death. So, she arranged them at the back and grouped them as one. This way, they would not hinder the leading troops.

    Corporal Jack briefed the newbie soldiers for a bit. The newbie was nervous. They were supposed to be doing physical and formation training. But, suddenly, they were getting into a dangerous mission like this. However, there was nothing they could do.

    After all of the preparation completed, the troops started to march again. This time, they tried their best not to make any sound so they could launch a surprise attack.

    Meanwhile, Auron told the man, "Hey, it is the time!"

    The man replied, "Okay!"

    Then, the man opened up the lock of his cell. After that, just like they had planned, Auron acted as if he was in pain. The man also did his part. He shouted out and called the guards.

    Two guards went inside of the prison. Then, they locked the door once again from inside. They hurriedly went to Auron's cell.

    When they arrived at Auron's cell, they found Auron had already lying on the ground, crouching and holding his stomach. "What happened?" The guards confused.

    However, Auron didn't answer, he just shouted in pain. One of the guards frowned, "Is it food poisoning?"

    "I don't know. Anyway, let us call the doctor!" The other guard suggested.

    When they turned over, there was already a man waiting for them and immediately attacked them. The guards were caught in surprise. They failed to defend the attack.

    Auron also helped the man by pinning down one of the guards with his power. However, Auron had a hard time to move because of the shackles. Fortunately, the man was strong enough to beat down the two guards.

    After the man beat down the guards, he took a key from the guards and opened his shackles and Auron's shackles.

    Auron felt free after the shackles were gone. He jumped several times and moved around. "Hey, stop moving around like a monkey! We need to move!" The man reminded Auron.
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