272 Escape 3

    With that one shout, all of the nearby bandit's attention turned to Auron and the man. The nearby bandits started to circle Auron and the man.

    Auron and the man knew they could not stop. If they stopped right now, then they would be surrounded. "Quick!" The man urged Auron.

    Both Auron and the man fled to the military's soldiers' direction while fighting. Auron showed his capability in close combat fight. He used the dagger in his hand, and combined with the spell, he could nullify several of the enemies' attacks.

    Meanwhile, the man was more powerful than Auron. A single slash from the man, made at least two bandits flew away. Combined with the man's agile footwork, the bandits could do nothing to overpower him.

    However, as the commotion started to attract the other bandit's attention, a surging tide of bandits began to swarm around them. This significant amount of bandits was exceeding the man's expectations. He thought that with 200 soldiers would be enough for them to overpowered this fortress.

    But, seeing from the situation, it looked like they needed double the amount of those soldiers. Fortunately, Auron had brought 500 soldiers, or else they would only send the soldiers to their doom.

    The bandits still kept on pouring out from the fortress to the field. Some of them went to the military's soldiers while the other went to Auron.

    The situation at the military's soldiers was not that worse. However, the situation at Auron's side was grim. Auron's team only had two people while the bandits kept on pouring out. Right now, Auron and the man had to face against 50 bandits.

    Fortunately, the space was so tight that not all of the 50 bandits could attack immediately at the same time. However, both Auron and the man could no longer continue their escape. If this kept on, then it would only be a matter of time before their stamina depleted.

    The commotion also didn't escape from the military's soldiers' eye. A small fight happened near them. However, they also could not have the luxury to help them. The bandits kept on pushing them roughly.

    The newbie soldiers also had a difficult time to adjust to the battlefield. Although they were placed at the rear back, however, they even could not escape from the bandits.

    In the end, they had to fight to live. Unfortunately, all of the newbie soldiers were too nervous and scared, so they kept on making a mistake here and there. The error was not that big, but on a battlefield, that small mistake was enough for the enemy to take advantage.

    Alice had no choice but to tell the lieutenant to assign some veteran soldiers to help the newbie soldiers. With the experienced soldiers' help, Corporal Jack, who was responsible for the newbie's safety, had someone to share his burden.

    With the newbie's problem had been resolved, Alice could focus once more to her fight. She scanned the battlefield and saw the small fight nearby them. She wanted to help them. However, the soldiers still had difficulty clearing bandits in their way.

    She predicted that they would need around 15-30 minutes to clear the way to help the small team. Alice just hoped that the small group could hold on for another 30 minutes.

    Alice wanted to focus back on the enemy in front of her, but she caught a glimpse of the member of the small team. After that one short glance, her eyes widened. Then, she immediately shouted, "Help that team!!"

    The lieutenant, who was the leader of the troops wanted to do so. However, his hand and all of the soldiers were full. Alice also knew that she was the one who had to act.

    "I need 5 soldiers! Quickly follow me!"

    Five soldiers immediately gathered beside her, and they departed to the small team's location. With Alice leading the five soldiers, they quickly rushed to the small group. Alice was possessed, she became ruthless and didn't spare any effort at all.

    Alice used her full power from the start and killed all of the bandits in their way. With Alice's power and viciousness, in no time, they arrived at the small team's location.

    The bandits, who had surrounded Auron and the man, were caught in surprise with the immediate reinforcements. The encirclement was broke. Auron and the man, along with Alice's team, slowly pulling back to the significant troops.

    With Alice's help, Auron and the man had been saved. However, it was not the time to be happy for their successful rescue. They still had many enemies in front of them.

    After joining the military's troops, the man only said one sentence, "We can raze this fortress down."

    Alice nodded her head and went out full power. There was a hidden excitement in her eyes. With the man's and Alice's power, the troops were slowly gaining the upper hand. The bandits only had many numbers on them.

    Slowly, the troops pushed their way to the fortress. They didn't forget to kill all of the bandits they met. Meanwhile, for the bandits who were surrendered, they were tied up, and their weapons were confiscated.

    Soon, the military's troops had cleaned the fortress down. Unfortunately, the bandit's higher up could not be found, including the one who the bandits called the Lady.

    The military found a hidden passageway that had been used for the higher-ups to escape. However, Alice didn't tell them to chase. Instead, she said to the soldiers to block the passageway.

    After the battle, they were tallying up the numbers. The bandits who surrendered, the number of soldiers who suffered injuries and all of the precious things that could be found inside the fortress were counted.

    The military soldiers still assigned some soldiers here while the man, Alice, and several soldiers brought the captured bandits back to the military base.

    Meanwhile, Auron and newbie soldiers still could not come back. They had to continue their training. Fortunately, they had one day off due to this incident.
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