273 General Aston 1

    Back in the kingdom, inside a room, two people come inside the room. One of them was the man who Auron met back then in the underground prison. The other man was General Elbert.

    The man wanted to say something, but General Elbert stopped him. "Wait until His Majesty comes!"

    Not long after, another man came inside the room in a hurry. As soon as this man entered the room, both the man and General Elbert immediately knelt on the ground. The man who just came was the king himself.

    "Quick! Stand up! Please, take a seat!" The king told them to take a seat.

    "So, what happened, Aston?" The king asked the man who Auron met in the underground prison.

    "Report! Your Majesty, I don't know the details. Everything went smoothly for the first time. I managed to climb to the top and became quite a big fish. However, one day, I got an invitation to come to the fortress."

    "I thought that I finally got one step closer. However, I was wrong."

    "It was a trap. All of the spies that we sent had been gathered there, including me. In one big swoop, all of us were captured."

    "What more surprising was the fact that we were handpicked by the bandits. It was as if the bandits had inside information."

    "We cannot escape at all and imprison in the underground prison. For two months, we were tortured, and the bandits tried to extract the information out of us."

    "Fortunately, I was the highest-ranked out of the captured soldiers. They thought that I have a lot of information to extract. So, I was saved for the last."

    "As for the others, all of them were executed with no mercy!"

    "Your Majesty, I also deliberately leaked out several small information about our power to the bandits to prolong my life. Please, punish me!"

    General Aston was deliberately told the bandits about one or two small pieces of information to help him buy some time. And, it turned the action was correct. He got extra time compared to the other captured spies.

    "Your Majesty! I believe there was a betrayer among us!" General Aston continued.

    The king got a headache thinking about it. A betrayer was more challenging to fight against the enemy they could face directly. However, the king didn't say anything and looked at General Elbert.

    "What about the fortress? Is it really the headquarter?" The king asked General Elbert.

    "No, Your Majesty." General Elbert answered.

    "We have interrogated the surrendered bandits. Although the lower-ranked bandits didn't know anything about the fortress. But, we managed to capture some medium-ranked bandits. And, they knew one or two things about the fortress."

    "At first, the bandit's headquarter was really at that fortress. However, because the rumor was spread, the bandits hurriedly relocated their headquarter to another hidden place."

    "Then, they deliberately left the headquarter as it is to trap us. I believe that when the bandits invited General Aston and the other spies, they had finished their relocation."

    "Ah... What should we do to the fortress?" The king dejectedly asked.

    "There was no use to keep it. I believe we should destroy it rather than stationed our man there."

    "Yes, I also agreed with you. Destroy it immediately!"

    "And Aston, you know what you have to do as the leader of the military's intelligence division, right?" The king asked General Aston.

    Inside the military, there was an intelligence division inside. The division was separated into two, an intelligence-gathering division and spying division. And, there was nobody knew who led this big division. They only knew that this division was led by a mysterious person.

    They assumed that the mysterious person was either the king himself or General Elbert. However, they were wrong.

    The other only knew that General Aston was one of General Elbert's trusted aide that also work in the intelligence division. However, what they didn't realize was that the mysterious person who led the intelligence division was also General Aston. Only the three people inside the room previously knew about it. Plus, another person, Alice.

    Unfortunately, General Aston was captured, and there was no news from him. So, the military assumed he was dead. To not cause any commotion, General Elbert secretly took the leading role.

    "Yes, Your Majesty!"

    "Okay, then I will not hinder you for too long. I know both of you have a lot to talk to. So, I will excuse myself." Then, the king left General Elbert and General Aston inside the room.

    "With you came back, I can give back the mysterious leader role to you." General Elbert felt relieved.

    "The betrayer must have already known you came back alive. They will be more careful. Act more secretly so not to alert them." General Elbert advice General Aston who nodded agreeing.

    "Now, go! Alice missed you a lot! When she knew there was no news about you, she caused a ruckus. She deliberately acts dangerously at the battlefield."

    "To protect her, I had to send her to teach at the military academy to calm her down. She must hate me so much for doing this to her."

    "Now, with you came back alive, I believe she could calm down a little bit. Spend your time with her before finding the betrayer! She worries you a lot."

    "And I hope you don't spoil her too much. She is a major in the military. She had to reason in every situation. She needed to grow up. How can she acted like a little kid when she is almost 30." General Elbert reminded.

    "You need to teach her how to act properly in every situation! I want her to have a strong mentality."

    "Okay, then! I have another task to do. Goodbye!" General Elbert walked to the door.

    "Be more careful next time! But I am glad you come back alive." General Elbert casually said that while exiting the room.

    General Aston stood, bowed towards General Elbert, and said, "Thank you, father!"
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