274 General Aston 2

    General Aston exited the room. Outside the room, Alice had been waiting for him. As soon as General Aston got out of the room, Alice ran towards him and hugged him.

    Alice cried, "I am glad... I am glad you are still alive! Don't you go away again!"

    If Auron could see this incident, he would be baffled. The evil and mighty Alice cried like a baby in front of her father. It was such a rare sight.

    "Okay... Okay... That is enough. Hold your tears." General Aston calmed her down.

    "Let us go back first! I haven't been able to take a bath for more than a month, I really smelly right now." General Aston invited her to come back home. Alice nodded, obeying, and followed General Aston back.

    Alice was excitedly prepared a dish for her father. It was the first time she cooks again after a long time. After a few minutes, she finished making the dish.

    Alice brought the dish to the dining table and arranged it neatly on one side. At that time, her father just came out of the bathroom. He sniffed a fragrant and delicious smell.

    "Wow, my daughter was really a good cook! Her future husband must be happy." General Aston teased his daughter.

    Alice shyly punched her father, then she sat in front of her father. They ate the dish together while Alice told her father many stories. It was such a happy atmosphere for the father and the daughter.

    "How do you find the place?" General Aston started to talk about the recent mission.

    "I didn't know. I just got to know about it from my student's friend. He told me that his friend, my student, was kidnapped and asked me to rescue him."

    "Moreover, he said that that place was the bandit headquarter. That was why, as a teacher, I have the responsibility to save my students. Surprisingly, I also meet you there!" Alice explained.

    "Oh, so that rude young man was your student?" General Aston didn't forget about Auron's behavior.

    "What!!! What did he do? Tell me! I will punish him, harshly!" Alice was furious when she knew Auron was rude to her father.

    "No, forget it! It was not important. Oh, so which one was his friend? Was it the swordsman?" General Aston asked Alice.

    It was easy for General Aston to guess since only Auron's swordsman who didn't have any military gesture.

    "Yes, it is." Alice said, "What happened? Did you know him? Did he also act rudely towards you?"

    Alice was so overprotective towards her father since she had thought that her father had died. When she found out that her father was still alive, she unconsciously developed a protective nature because she didn't want to lose him anymore.

    "Ho..." General Aston pondered quietly. He had something on his mind that he could not say yet.

    He only thought it for a few seconds, then diverted the conversation, "I heard you became a teacher in the academy? How was it? Are you enjoying it?"

    "No way! It was so boring..." Alice started to blurt everything inside her heart. General Aston was patiently listening to her story.

    Peace was going on for a full month. Well, it was not entirely peaceful, but there was nothing significant going on.

    During that one month, Auron only focused on his during and didn't do anything weird. Since the other soldiers was a newbie, they were nothing compared to Auron. It made Auron became shining among the others.

    Unfortunately, Auron didn't gain anything except for military points. Although earning the military points was not bad, but he would rather get a permanent attribute than the military points.

    Corporal Jack had reported to the completion of the training to the main base. Then, He faced the newbie soldiers and congratulated them, "Congratulation to you all! You have completed the training. However, don't be too excited, this is just the beginning!"

    "With the completion of this training, you get one day off. The day after tomorrow, you have to report to the military back to get your assignment!"

    "Now, you can be dismissed." Corporal Jack dismissed the soldiers. Then, he pointed at Auron and said, "You! Follow me!"

    Auron, who was going to get back to his room, stopped his track. He looked at Corporal Jack confusedly. Did he do something wrong? No, he should be the talented one among the batch. It had to be a reward rather than a punishment.

    Auron could not help but follow Corporal Jack. Both Corporal Jack and Auron moved towards a room. When they had arrived in front of the room, Corporal Jack said, "General, I have brought the soldier!"

    "Thank you, corporal! You can head back. Smiling Wizard, you can come in!" From inside the room, a voice was heard.

    Corporal Jack bowed and left the place. Auron was confused. A general summoned him? He thought that this must be because of his superb track record.

    One of the general's factions must notice him and wanted to recruit him. Auron was thinking, what should he do? Should he accepted the offer to join or not.

    He was pondering hard when the same voice was heard once again, "Don't you want to come in?"

    Auron woke up from his pondering and immediately went inside the room. What Auron found inside the room shocked him.

    Inside the room, there were only three people. However, what shocked him was not the number of people; instead, it was the status of the people inside.

    The first person was the man that Auron met inside the prison. Auron had predicted that the man had a high position inside the military; however, he never thought that it was as high as a general.

    The second person was General Elbert. Auron had heard the rumor about this man, and he also knew how important this man was.

    However, what shocked Auron the most was the third person. It was the king himself.
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