275 Intelligence Division 1

    The king was present in the room. This should be the second interaction between Auron and the king. Although the previous one, Auron didn't get the chance to meet directly with the king, this time, he got to see the king.

    Auron was baffled and could not talk. He didn't know what to say. Auron thought hard was there anything that could make the king came here to meet him.

    When Auron saw General Aston grinned towards him, he realized he was in trouble. This should be the revenge of the old man. "So, that old man was someone who had a deep connection that the king himself help him," Auron thought.

    Auron started to sweat profusely. He was thinking about how to resolve the issue with the old man nicely.

    "So, he was the man?" The king started to talk. He opened the conversation and asked General Aston.

    "Yes, he was." General Aston answered him.

    Auron became scared. Would he be locked up? Or did he had to pay some fine? Meanwhile, the king and General Elbert scanned Auron from top to bottom. They could not find anything special about the man in front of them.

    "Do you really wanted to do it?" General Elbert asked.

    "Of course! I will do it even when he refused! But, does he really had the gall to refuse this when you and the king present in the room." General Aston grinned evilly.

    Auron was speechless. He could only think in his mind, "Yeah, you win! How could I have the gall to refuse when there was the king in this place."

    "Okay fine. Hey, you! Do you want to transfer to the intelligence division?" General Elbert asked Auron.

    "Huh?! Transfer to intelligence division? Didn't the old man want to get his revenge on me? Why the sudden transfer?" Auron was so shocked that he unconsciously spoke loudly.

    General Aston, who heard it, had some vein popped out on his head. He knew that the old man Auron said was referred to him. He wanted to punch Auron on the face, but he composed himself.

    Meanwhile, Auron realized that he said it loud enough to be heard. He became scared of whether the old man would directly jump on him. However, he looked at the situation, and it seems that there was no issue about it.

    General Aston, who was the one Auron mentioned, composed himself and asked Auron once again, "Yes. Do you want to transfer to the intelligence division?"

    "Huh? Intelligence division, what did they do? Isn't it just waiting for the citizen to give some intelligence report?" Auron asked.

    "That is some responsibility that our division does. However, that is not all. You still remembered my story back in prison, right?" General Aston started to explain.

    "Spying is also one of our jobs. We deploy some spies to investigate or find any evidence related to some matters."

    "Of course, not everyone who is in the intelligence division can become the spy. They have to take some tests to prove their qualifications. And, you have passed that test!"

    "Passed? But, when? And why me?" Auron still didn't get the reason why he was selected.

    "The first reason is that you are strong enough. You are a mage, and you can fight in close combat. Don't you know that it is rare to find a mage that can fight in close combat?"

    "You have also mastered the [Walking Chanting]. It is one of the most important skills that you should master to become a close combat mage. You have some potential young man!"

    General Elbert and the king startled when they heard about Auron was a close combat mage. Admittedly, not all mage could fight in close combat.

    "Before I explain the second reason, let me ask you first. How do you be able to tell the outside world about our location?"

    With that one question, Auron realized what the second reason General Aston talked about was. It was his ability as a player that no NPC could replicate.

    "Huh? He was the one that tells the location? Didn't the report said that his friend manages to escape from the enemy and reported it to the military?" The king asked. General Elbert and the king didn't know about the real story, so they believe what the report had said.

    "No! It was impossible. Although it was true that his friend made a report, however, it was not because he could escape from the enemy. But, it was because this young man managed to send him a message about our location."

    Auron wanted to say something. However, General Aston stopped him, "Okay, you don't have to answer my question since it was a secret. However, you don't have to make another excuse."

    "Whatever reason you make, I will not believe it at all. Do you think that with your friend's strength, he really could escape from the bandits?"

    General Aston had seen the way Auron's swordsman character fight. He deemed that it was way weaker than Auron's mage character. So, when General Aston knew the story from Alice, he didn't believe it at all.

    "And, that is the second reason. Your ability to deliver a message secretly to the outside world from a locked place."

    Such ability really fits the best for spies' work. However, in reality, it was nothing unusual for Auron. Many other players could also do it. Fortunately, Auron had the chance to show it to someone who had influence in the military. Moreover, the players could join the military just recently.

    General Elbert and the king also nodded agreeing. If what General Aston said was true, that this man really could become a spy. With that ability, he could infiltrate to the enemy base and deliver the message.

    "So, do you accept it?" General Aston asked again.

    Auron sighed. He could not deny it anymore. In the end, he asked, "What benefit will I get if I join the intelligence division?"
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