276 Intelligence Division 2

    General Aston became furious because Auron dared to ask for more benefits, "You dare to ask for more benefits? Moreover, in front of the king?"

    Auron forgot that there was the king present in the room. He hurriedly said, "I was joking. How could I ask more benefit when serving the kingdom was my goal."

    Auron hoped that the king would not take any offense from his words. Fortunately, the king didn't take any offense. He just laughed when Auron said the words.

    "Good for you! If you dared to joke like that once more, I would skin you alive!" General Aston threatened.

    "Then, let me explain how the intelligence division works."

    General Aston wanted to start explaining when General Elbert said, "You will get your own house in Miderian. Also, take this. When you show this to the military branch anywhere in the kingdom, they will immediately prepare a lodging for you."

    General Elbert handed over a coin with a strange emblem on it. The coin had a different patterns on each side. Two dragons were holding a big globe at one side while a young man was wielding a sword on the other side.

    [You get General Elbert's coin]

    [General Elbert's coin] (Rare item)

    Type: Special

    Class: All Class

    Description: A special coin by General Elbert. If you show this coin to any of the military branches in the kingdom, you will get a special benefit. This coin was equipped with a disguised feature. You can disguise it as an ordinary coin. Be careful, though, not to use it for shopping!

    Just like the description of the item, the coin's appearance could be changed to the commonly used currency. Fortunately, as a player, Auron didn't have to be afraid that he mistakenly used the coin to pay something.

    It was because of the system regarded the coin as a special item. A special item was almost the same as a quest item. The item could not be used or obtained freely. What made it the two types difference was that a quest item correlated to a quest. However, a special item was not.

    A special item correlated to a particular incident happened. And, in Auron's case was he joining the intelligence division. If he left the intelligence division, the special item would automatically be lost.

    "If General Elbert gives you something, then I should also give you something. Here take this!" The king said.

    Auron received a piece of small lousy parchment with a poem on it. However, when one used a unique identification skill on it, you would find a royalty emblem imprint on the parchment. To use this parchment, Auron had to go to any of the royalty associated shops and said the keywords. Then, 10% of what he spent there would be borne to the royalty.

    Auron was satisfied with the progress. He got two special items that really helped him. Then, he looked at General Aston.

    Seeing Auron's gaze, General Aston knew what Auron wanted, "If both the king and General Elbert gave you their present, then I cannot be missed out."

    "As a good elder, I will give you something extraordinary that you needed. I will give you a proper lesson on how to respect your elders for free!" General Aston scoffed.

    Auron was thinking in his mind, "Really, such a vengeful old man!"

    "Since you are really grateful for my present, then let me continue my explanation. Follow me." General Aston said.

    General Aston led Auron and exit the room and left both the king and General Elbert inside the room. Their destination was where the intelligence division resided. Along the way, General Aston introduced Auron about the intelligence division.

    The intelligence division had one primary and most critical job, which was to gain intelligence. They had to any hidden intel about their enemies or obtained evidence of some corrupt noble.

    In doing so, they had two ways. The first was the passive way, to wait for any report from the citizen. And, the second was the proactive way, to send a spy to infiltrate or investigating for something. And, Auron was doing the latter one.

    "As a spy, you will need a second identity to be used for your daily activities." General Aston said.

    "You can think about it later. And, here take this."

    Auron received a necklace. This was a basic item that would be given when someone had joined the spy unit. The necklace can be used to change the face and voice of the wearer. Although it could not completely change the look and sound, a slight change was enough to deceive the enemy.

    A few minutes later, Auron and General Aston arrived at a remote place inside the military base. There was a big and old building.

    Before entering the building, General Aston said, "Go and use the necklace!"

    With that, Auron and General Aston used the necklace power and change his appearance slightly. Then, they went inside the building.

    Although outside of the building, no one person was passing by, however, inside the building, it was full of people. This building was the core of the intelligence division. All of the intelligence gathered from all over the branches was placed here and sorted out.

    "This is the intelligence division's place. All of the information is gathered and sorted out here. All of the people here had used the necklace and changed their appearance. This is to ensure our identity kept hidden. Also, don't mention anything about the spy division because it was a secret."

    "Nobody in the military knew about it, except the higher-ups and the spies themselves." General Aston whispered.

    "Come, let me introduced you to them."

    Clap... Clap... Clap... General Aston clapped his hand to get the attention. "Everyone, let me introduced you to our new member here."

    All of the people looked at General Aston and Auron for a bit. However, they were not interested in it. After a few seconds looking at Auron and General Aston, they focused back on their previous work.
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