277 First Spys Assignment 1

    Auron was a little bit frustrated by the people uninterested behavior. However, General Aston calmed Auron down and brought him to a small room.

    Inside the building, there were several small rooms used for many things. It could be used for a meeting to sort out overlapped evidence. Or, it could be used to hand out a spy mission like Auron right now.

    However, before General Aston handed out the mission. He explained several rules about how these spy things work. General Aston and Auron entered the room.

    "Let me explain how our spies work. First, of course, you have to keep your identity and our secret hidden. Second, you can use any necessary means to get to your goal. However, keep in mind, don't do anything mean to someone who you unsure of their involvement. In short, don't do anything mean to innocent people."

    "Third, you have to send messages about your mission regularly. You can send it at least once a month. However, it is best to send it once every two weeks. You can send more than that number. But, make sure that it will not make the target suspicious."

    "If you feel that you will go for a long time and is cut off any communication, try your best to inform us beforehand with an estimation of the time."

    "If we didn't receive any information about you in three months, we will assume you are dead. Just like what happened to me in prison."

    "However, don't you worry if you have been assumed dead, but you came back. The military will take care of anything necessary. Moreover, if after you came back and you brought valuable information, you can receive a huge reward for it. So, do your best, even you cannot send any message for more than three months."

    "So, you must get a lot of benefit after the last mission." Auron unconsciously blurted out what was on his mind.

    "Not really. I already have a high enough position. So, only a few things that could be considered as a benefit for me."

    "Oh yeah, you already had a general rank. I wonder who is the leader of this spy intelligence if you, as a subordinate, already that high. Is it the king himself?" Auron murmured.

    "Now, I will give your first assignment as a spy!" General Aston pretended not to hear it and change the topic.

    "From our findings, there were some reports about the situation in the northwestern part of the kingdom."

    "There was a town named Mischelvin. It is a first-rate town in that area and almost advanced to a city."

    "The reports said that the head of the town secretly amasses a huge amount of funds. Then, he used said funds to train a group of secret soldiers. It was said that he would use that soldiers to conquer nearby towns and cities secretly. He intends to create an army to rebel."

    "If it is true, then it will be an imminent disaster to the kingdom. We have to stop before it's too late. However, we cannot act rashly without any evidence."

    "Your first task is to gather enough evidence that showed he gathers a huge of funds secretly and uses that funds to create an army."

    "Tomorrow, there will be a merchant caravan that will go to that town. They will recruit a bunch of mercenaries to protect them until they safely arrived at the town."

    "You can go to the recruitment place tomorrow and try to join the caravan. Or, you can just find your way inside on your own. It is up to your choice as long as you get your job done."

    "Oh, one more important thing to note! There was no military branch inside the town. The nearest military branch was in another town. We will give you something so you can inform use without going to the military branch."

    "However, we only have a limited resource for this item. So, during each mission, each spy will only get three of these items. Please, use it moderately, and if you can each time you report, please do so through the military branch."

    "Now, let us talk about your benefit. All of it mostly the same. You will still get your monthly salary according to your current rank. Then, every time you went to a mission, you will get additional bonuses and military points."

    "What makes it different is this. As a spy, every time you gave us valuable information, you will also get another bonus of gold and military points depending on how helpful the information is. However, if you give us false information, you will be fined and punished. And, the heaviest punishment is a death sentence. So, don't just blindly report any information you get and verify every info you received. "

    "That is all. Now, you can go and prepare for your mission." General Aston stood up and left the room, followed by Auron.

    As soon as he joined the intelligence division, Auron immediately assigned to his first mission. This was Auron's first spy's assignment. He never had any experience about spying. In the end, Auron just followed what General Aston had said.

    Auron would try to join the merchant caravan and tried to adjust according to the situation from that point. Since Auron had nothing to do, he surveyed the place where the recruitment would take place tomorrow.

    At that place, Auron really found a banner that said about the recruitment. Unfortunately, he could not find any information about how the recruitment process was. Without any choice, Auron went back and prepared for the hiring.

    Auron had a lot to prepare. He had to prepare for the recruitment that took place tomorrow. Besides, he also needed to prepare his swordsman character to go hunting. Up until now, Auron only got two levels from his swordsman one-month hunting and another level from the fight in the bandit's fortress.

    Then, the next day came. It was the recruitment day, and Auron nervously went to the recruitment place.
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