281 Dark Cave 2

    [Human Faced Bats] (common monster)

    Level: 295

    HP: 3491753/3500000

    MP: 2000000/2000000

    Skills: Supersonic, Vampiric Bites

    Description: A bat with a human face. It sized is more significant than ordinary bats to support its large head. This is granny faced bats.

    The group encountered one of the common types in the Dark Cave, [Human Faced Bats]. The bats had a bigger body than an ordinary bat to support its large head.

    Since the bats had a human face, with the dark surrounding, the first-timer here would be confused and tricked by this. Although it was already long since the last time, Auron came here, but it was not that hard to distinguish between the bat's face or real human's face.

    There were only 8 types of faces that the bats had. It was a child's face, a teen's face, a middle-aged's face, and an elderly's face. Besides, each face would have the male form and female form.

    If someone had the experience hunting here, they would instantly recognize which face belonged to the bats. Moreover, what Auron encountered previously was the granny face bat. There would be no doubt that it belonged to the bats since there was no granny in Auron's convoy.

    The bat staggered backward because of Auron's [Fire Bolt]. However, it didn't last long before the bat charged towards the group once more with a loud screech.

    This type of monsters was the one who would not travel alone. And, it was proofed by many screeches followed along with the first bat. A huge group of bats already charged towards the convoy as well.

    The leader of the guards had already warned everyone. So, when the bat's group appeared, they were not surprised. There were almost twenty bats that target the people.

    Since it was a flying monster, the melee type guards had a difficult time to fight with them. The melee guards could only use their weapon to block the bats when they were attacked.

    They left the duty to attack the bats to the ranged and magic guards. There were 5 archers and 5 mages in the groups. They had to work hard to kill all of the twenty bats.

    Fortunately, with the help of the clerics and the melee guards, they had a relatively easy time to kill the bats. It was because they didn't have to bother with their defense.

    In no time, all of the bats died. In this battle, Auron's contribution was only so so. Although he was the one who figured out the bats, his contribution to the fight was not that much.

    Because of this, the original guard's members were very sure that their decision to reject Auron to become one of the group's leader was a correct one. However, Auron didn't know what they were thinking.

    Actually, if Auron knew it, he would not care about it at all. He really didn't show anything superb or fantastic. It was just him casually hunting the bat within a big group.

    Of course, the bat's loot goes to the leader. It was already stated in the contract that the leader got all the spoils. After taking all of the loots, the group continued their journey again.

    The cave was vast and had many routes that could be taken. The leader led the convoy to the shortest path that he knew.

    Sadly, the convoy could not rush because they had to take care of the goods. So, the convoy's marching speed was pretty slow. But, for Auron, this was a good thing.

    It was because Auron got free protection. He didn't have to waste many pots to gain experience, and he also got the help of clerics to heal and take care of his safety.  They encountered several more bats along the way. Auron's experience point increased slowly after each battle.

    Auron wished that they could do this long enough for him to get several levels. However, it was impossible. They had to keep moving forward, and, in the end, they would exit the cave.

    After several battles with the groups of bats, the convoy arrived at a spacious place inside the cave. There was nothing special about the place except a big and wide river that led to a big waterfall inside the cave.

    The river was pretty deep. The water's level reached the height of an adult's knee. It was not a problem for the guards. However, it was a problem for the goods cart.

    The horses could cross the river finely, but the cart's wheel would be stuck in the river. Fortunately, there was a naturally formed bridge that could be used to cross the river. However, the bridge was only enough for a cart at a time.

    The cart takes turns to cross the bridge under the leader's supervision. Everything went well until it was the last cart's turn to cross the bridge.

    When the last cart started to cross, a group of [Blind Hyena] was coming from their front and their back. The convoy was surrounded by a pack of [Blind Hyena].

    Although the hyenas were blind, they had an enhanced sense of smell and hearing. So, despite they could not see where the convoy was, but they could hear and smell them.

    A battle was started between the guards and the hyenas. They had to buy some time until the cart crossed the bridge.

    Just like with the bats, this battle was not that difficult to solve. The problem with the hyena was their large number. However, the melee guards could participate in this battle actively. With the support of 6 clerics, the battle continued until the last hyena was killed.

    However, when they were about to continue their journey, another pack of hyenas arrived at the scene once more. Another battle occurred.

    Halfway through the second battle, another pack of hyenas arrived. However, it was not an ordinary pack, since there was a bigger hyena in the newly arrived group. The convoy encountered the hyena's boss.
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