282 Blind Hyena 1

    ROAR... The hyena's leader roared. The sound was so loud that the water's surface shook because of that. Meanwhile, all of the other hyenas also made a sound as if they replied to the leader's roar.

    Although the guards were stronger than the hyena, they were outnumbered by the hyenas. Moreover, they had to cover the carts. This was not a good sign.

    "GO INTO FORMATION!!!!!" The guard's leader shouted.

    Fortunately, the last cart had crossed the bridge safely. With the bridge behind the convoy's back, the convoy gathered all of the wagons into one place. Then, they made a perimeter to protect the carts.

    After making sure everything was in place, the leader didn't wait until the hyenas attack first. He made the first move. His target was the hyena's boss.

    As the leader of the mercenaries and had crossed this cave numerous times, the leader surely had enough experience to deal with this kind of situation.

    The other members also had the same experience and knew what the strategy gonna used. The leader's going to stall the time while the other members gonna kill all of the other hyenas. After all of the hyenas died, all of them would kill the hyena's leader together.

    With the support of a cleric and an archer, the leader came forward and attacked the hyena's leader. Meanwhile, the other original members of Insanity Gang also led the guards to attack nearby hyenas.

    Auron could not help but had to expend some effort. He was a group's vice leader. If he didn't participate actively in this situation, the other members could make his life more difficult.

    Although Auron wanted to participate actively, he also didn't want to spend too much effort. So, Auron still didn't go to fight in close combat and just stood at his spot and cast more spells.

    A hyena avoided Auron's [Earth Spike]. The hyena had reflexes better than ordinary monster. It would be difficult for a ranged attack to hit the hyena.

    It didn't only happen to Auron, the other mages and archer also had a low hit rate. Most of the damage dealt was done by the melee attacker.

    However, a low hit rate didn't mean no attack connected to the hyena. Auron's [Fire Bolt] successfully hit a hyena when it was going to jump to a cleric. The impact made the hyena flew away from the cleric.

    Several minutes already gone, the guards managed to kill one-tenth of the hyenas without suffering any injuries. It was all thanks to the 6 clerics working so hard.

    The guard's leader had a pretty hard time to fight against the hyena's leader. The hyena's leader had higher agility compared to the ordinary hyena. Meanwhile, the guard's leader was a tank-type swordsman. He had higher vitality compared to other attributes.

    However, the leader's goal was not to kill the hyena; instead, it was to buy some time. Fortunately, the hyena could only do some physical damage type. High vitality attributes mean strong physical defense. So, the damage from the hyena's leader didn't mean much to the guard's leader. Moreover, with the support of a cleric, the leader had no worries about his health.

    What the guard's leader worried about was to pin down the hyena's leader. It would be difficult for him to pin the hyena's leader since its movement speed was higher than him. Right now, it was not a problem since the hyena's leader aggro still on him. However, he could not promise that it would last for long.

    The situation was not that favorable for the guard's leader. He could not help but calling another teammate to help him pinning down the hyena's leader. With the help of another teammate, they could give the hyena's leader a hard time. However, the burden on the cleric increased. For now, it was still affordable.

    Half of the hyenas had already died. However, injuries also appeared since there was no way 6 clerics could keep all of the guards safe. Moreover, the enemies had outnumbered them and quick movements.

    Some of the hyenas also went towards the goods cart. But, it was not to destroy them. Instead, the hyenas wanted to jump on top of the cart to attack. However, the guards didn't let that happened. They didn't know what inside the carriages. What if when the hyena stood on top of it, and it broke the luggage inside.

    Up until this moment, the guards already suffered injuries. Two guards suffered severe injuries, 15 guards suffered minor injuries, and one guards death. The most unfortunate out of the convoy were the horses. All of them were dead.

    When there was about one-third of the hyenas left, the hyena's leader shifted his focus to the battlefield. "Be careful!" The guard's leader tried his best to block the hyena and gathered its attention back.

    However, his effort didn't show any good results. The hyena's leader moved away from the guard's leader. It immediately jumped over to the nearest guards. With its quick movement, in no time, the hyena's leader had arrived in front of its target.

    Unfortunately, the hyena's leader's target was a cleric. The cleric was in the middle of casting an area heal spell when suddenly, the hyena's leader showed up in front of her.

    The cleric caught off guard and could not avoid the hyena's leader attack. The attack canceled the area heal spell and also blew the cleric away. The hyena's leader didn't let the cleric go, it followed the flying cleric and bit her arms.

    Then, with its paws, the hyena's leader stomped at the cleric's body and took another bite at the cleric's neck. The cleric didn't give up. She tried to use an instant heal to herself. However, the stomped at her body stopped her from healing herself.

    Then, the bite at the cleric's neck reaped her life. Blood splattered from the neck. With blood dripping from its fang, the hyena's leader looked more ferocious than the first time it appeared here.
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