283 Blind Hyena 2

    The guard's leader had arrived in to face the hyena's leader once more. He looked at the corpse of the cleric. However, it was not the time to mourn the cleric's death. He had to stall the hyena's leader. Just a little bit more until all of the other hyenas died.

    Unfortunately, the hyena's leader didn't fall under the same trick twice. It knew that the opponent in front of him was just there to stall the time. So, it ignored the man and moved to chase another target.

    As if the hyena's leader knew who was the weak one, it showed up in front of a mage. The targetted mage had seen the ruckus when the hyena's leader killed the previous cleric. When the mage saw the hyena's leader looked at him, he immediately prepared everything to receive the attack.

    Then, the mage saw that the guard's leader went up at the front and faced the hyena's leader. He immediately changed and cast a spell to attack. However, to his surprise, the hyena's leader ignored the guard's leader and went directly to him.

    He canceled his cast. But, it was too late to cast another defensive spell. The hyena's leader already arrived in front of him.

    Opening its big mouth, the hyena's leader jumped to the mage and wanted to pounce on him. The mage panicked. He didn't have enough time to cast a defensive spell, so he jumped to his left.

    However, the mage a step late. The hyena's leader managed to bite the mage's right arm. Since his right arm was inside the hyena's mouth, the mage was carried away several meters. He screamed in pain.

    The hyena's chew off the mage's arm. A sense of pain immediately spread all over the mage's body. He was screaming loudly. However, the hyena didn't care about the scream and wanted to bite the mage's head.

    The hyena's leader already opened its big mouth once again. However, before he could chew the mage's head. An [Earth Spike] came out from its right and pierced the hyena's body.

    The hyena's leader's body was stronger than ordinary hyena. So, when the [Earth Spike] hit its body, the [Earth Spike] destroyed. However, that [Earth Spike] was not useless. The impact it gave managed to lift the hyena's leader's big body a bit.

    The hyena's leader managed to regain its balance not long after. However, that sudden lift made the hyena's leader lost its momentum to bite the mage's head. The mage was still screaming in pain on the ground holding the place where his right arm should be.

    The hyena's leader ignored the one who cast the [Earth Spike] and tried to finish what he had started. However, a [Fire Ball] followed up after the [Earth Spike].

    The [Fire Ball] was aimed towards the hyena's leader's head. Sensing danger, the hyena's leader stopped his action and dodged the [Fire Ball]. The hyena's leader roared furiously and looked to look for the one who was responsible.

    The hyena's leader found a man not that far from where he stood. The man was Auron.

    Auron was already casting another spell when the hyena's leader saw Auron from faraway. The hyena's leader was angry and wanted to kill the man.

    However, when the hyena's leader was about to attack the man, from behind, another attack was coming. It was the guard's leader who was ignored by the hyena.

    The guard's leader had learned his lesson. This time, he didn't passively block the hyena's leader, but he acted more actively. He took the initiative to attack the hyena's leader.

    Distracted by Auron's action, the hyena's leader didn't even dodge the guard's leader attack. Its body was grazed by the guard's leader's swords.

    It looked behind to see the attacker. But, a [Fire Lance] hit its body cleanly. It even produced a critical hit. The hyena's leader felt a little bit of pain due to the [Fire Lance].

    The hyena's leader kicked the guard's leader and used its summoning skill to summon 6 hyenas. However, the guard's leader could block the kick with his sword.

    Six hyenas appeared beside the hyena's leader. The newly emerged hyenas were different from the other hyenas. Its body was bigger than ordinary hyena but smalled than the hyena's leader. They were [Elite Blind Hyena].

    The appearance of the [Elite Blind Hyena] didn't surprise Auron and the guard's leader. They knew that sooner or later, the hyena's leader would use its summoning skill.

    Unfortunately, the hyena's leader used its summoning skill a little bit too late. All of the other hyenas had already decimated by the guards. Now, there was only the hyena's leader, and six [Elite Blind Hyena] left.

    All of the guards immediately went to face the hyena's leader. A situation where seven hyenas versus more than twenty guards appeared.

    The guard's leader initiated the attack and was followed by the other guards. A battle took place. However, since the hyena's was outnumbered, they quickly lose the upper hand. Moreover, on the guard's side, 5 clerics were ready to support the others.

    In several minutes, all of the [Elite Blind Hyena] died and left the hyena's leader alone. The hyena's leader tried its best to kill as many as it could.

    However, its effort was futile. With the cover of five clerics, the hyena's leader could not kill anyone unless it one shot its target.

    There was no way that the hyena's leader could survive that situation. Soon afterward, the hyena's leader roared its last roar and died.

    The guards tally up the injured guard and the gained. Fortunately, only four guards died under the previous battle, and three others were losing a limb.

    The guard's leader also checked the goods' condition and found no loss or damage to the good. He breathed a sighed of relief.

    However, the problem did not end like that. There was another problem surfaced. They had to think about how to carry the goods when all of the horses dead.
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