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    The leader commanded several swordsmen who had more strength to pull the cart. There were two swordsmen to pull each of the goods carts.

    Obviously, this would slow them down. Besides, this also would reduce the group's fighting capability. Although when the battle started, the swordsmen still could join the battle, there would be some delay before they could really enter the battle.

    However, the guard's leader didn't have any choice. They could not abandon the goods carts since it was their mission.

    "Let's get moving!" After assigning two swordsmen to each of the carts, the convoy started moving once again.

    Along the way, the leader thought about something. He sensed something wrong about this journey. The monster in the cave became more aggressive.

    During several times of experience doing the guarding job, there were no others that could be compared with this journey. The number they encountered monsters were very high during this mission.

    From the [Human Faced Bats] until the [Blind Hyena], they encountered a lot of them. It was as if the monsters attracted to them. What unfortunate was that they met the [Blind Hyena]'s boss with so many [Blind Hyena] left.

    "Is it the goods?" The leader thought in his head. He looked at the goods cart behind him.

    "Should he opened it?"

    In the end, the leader shook his head. It was just them that was unlucky. If they blamed it on the goods every time they had an unfortunate encounter, they would have long gone out of business.

    The convoy's speed reduced a lot after the horses' death. Moreover, they encountered several packs of [Blind Hyena] along the way. Fortunately, there was no another [Blind Hyena]'s boss since they had killed one back then.

    One hour later, the convoy had passed the [Blind Hyena]'s territories. "Be more cautious! We have entered the [Death Stinger]'s territories." The guard's leader reminded the team.

    [Death Stinger] was a poisonous monster. It had a form of a scorpion. However, its size was not as small as an ordinary scorpion. It was at least as big as a dog.

    The poison was gathered at the tip of its stinger. Although it was poisonous, the poison still could be cured by a cleric or an antidote. But, they had to be treated as soon as they were infected by the poison, or it would be too late to save them.

    Of course, the leader had prepared a bunch of antidotes when they knew that they would pass this place. However, the number was still limited, and they still had to rely on the clerics. Unfortunately, one of the clerics had died at the [Blind Hyena]'s territories.

    And, the one that they talked about had come. Three [Death Stinger] arrived in front of the convoy, welcoming them.

    [Death Stinger] (common monster)

    Level: 299

    HP: 3300000/3300000

    MP: 200000/200000

    Skills: Stinger Jab.

    Description: A scorpion who is as big as a dog. It had a strong carapace, which makes the monster's defense stronger. Beware! Each of their attacks is poisonous!!

    The team immediately took battle position. The swordsmen, who were assigned to pull the cart, also parked their cart at a safe place. After they parked their cart at a safe place, they joined the battle.

    Then, the battle started when the guard's leader took the initiative to attack first. The guard's leader dodged the attack from the scorpion's pincher. He also avoided the tail attack.

    When he was close enough to the scorpion, the leader swung his sword towards the scorpion's body.

    Clang... a number floated above the [Death Stinger]. However, the number was too low. It only produced three digits number. This was the result of the [Death Stinger]'s carapace. It reduced most of the damage from physical attacks.

    The guard's leader's younger brother, who was a mage, also help his older brother. He aimed a [Fire Ball] to the scorpion. A number higher than twenty thousand appeared above the scorpion's head.

    Although the scorpion had a high physical defense, it lacked magical defense. The magical damage produced would not be reduced by the scorpion's defense, which explained the high magic damage.

    Auron had to work harder this time. There were only five mages, and he was one of them. If he didn't spend any effort just like when he fought against the bats, then they would waste a lot of time here. Also, if they spent a lot of time here, it would raise their chance of danger.

    A prolonged battle would raise their chance of getting surrounded. In the end, Auron spent some effort to kill the scorpions.

    Fortunately, there were a lot of swordsmen at the frontline. Although they could not produce significant damage, they still could be used to distract the scorpion's attention. This way, the mages could safely cast their spell without any worries.

    The caravan's guards were not a group of newbie. All of them had their own experience. [Death Stinger] was a relatively easy opponent compared to the other monsters here.

    If the guards could carefully dodge the tail attack, then they would not face any danger. It just that the monster had a high physical defense.

    A [Fire Ball] burnt down a scorpion to a crisp. There were two scorpions with low health left. It took them less than five minutes to kill the two scorpions.

    With all of the scorpions died, the convoy continued their journey once more. They went deeper into the [Death Stinger]'s territories. During their trip, several [Death Stinger] appeared and fought with them.

    However, the battle was an easy one. Auron also gained a level due to frequent fights. Unfortunately, he didn't get any loot. If he could get all the loot, he would get some money to spend.

    When the group was crossing the [Death Stinger]'s territories, a call for help was heard, "Help us!"

    Auron looked over and saw five players were surrounded by 8 [Death Stinger]. Moreover, all of the five players were a physical damage dealer.
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