285 Death Stinger 2

    The guard's leader could not refuse to help the players. He raised his hand and gave a hand signal to help the players.

    With that one hand signal, the other guards immediately attack the scorpions. However, not all of the guards help the players. Only some guards were commanded to help the players.

    The guard's leader's younger brother cast an [Earth Spike]. A spike was formed under one of the scorpions. Then, the next second, the spike threw the scorpion up in the air before disappearing.

    The flying scorpion fell and crashed to the ground. The scorpion suffered some damage, but it was not severe damage. Then, it stood up and saw Auron's convoy.

    Seeing the convoy, the scorpion was furious. It made some sound in its language. The other scorpions quickly noticed Auron's group and turned to face them.

    Five of the scorpions changed their target to the convoy. All of the mages in the group, including Auron, had prepared this situation.

    As soon as the scorpions changed their target, all of the mages began casting their spells. There was quite some distance between the five players' group and the convoy.

    During the way to the convoy, the scorpions were bombarded by the mages. Unfortunately, there were only five mages with one of the mage missing his limb. They could not kill even one of the scorpions.

    Although the mages could not kill the scorpions even one, they had reduced some of the scorpions' health. When the scorpions arrived at the convoy, they didn't even have half of their health left.

    In no time, the five incoming scorpions were quickly exterminated by the convoy easily. Meanwhile, since the scorpions surrounding them had reduced from eight to fives, the five players had their burden lessen.

    Although the five players still could not kill the scorpions, they could avoid the attack and maintain their safety. When the five scorpions died, the mages began to attack the three scorpions left. In the end, all of the scorpions had been killed.

    A cleric went over and healed the injuries. "Thank you!" One of the five player's representatives thanked the guard's leader.

    It turned out the five players were a first-timer in this place. They had created a decent group of ten people before.

    At first, everything was going well. Then, after several hours of hunting here, a dispute occurred. The cleric and his friend, a mage, were feeling unsatisfied by the loot's distribution. They raised their concern to the group.

    The group tried to resolve the situation by giving what the cleric wanted. However, the cleric became greedy and created a fuss every time a good loot appeared. This situation made the other group's members also felt unjustified.

    A debate occurred inside the group. However, they had only two people who side with them. Because of it, they lost their power and gave up at the loot.

    Then, the five player's group continued hunting again like before. They arrived at this place, the [Death Stinger] territories. Another conflict started again between the mage, who was the cleric's friend, and another mage about a piece of mage's equipment.

    The leader had tried to resolve the situation fairly. Just like before, the situation fixed with the other mage got the piece of equipment.

    Then, an unfortunate event happened. When the group was hunting in this place, a scorpion managed to sneak to the back of the group. The magic and range players were panicking.

    The melee players, who were at the front, still handling three scorpions. In the end, they separated themselves. One of the melee players went to the back and help the magic and range players.

    Unfortunately, another scorpion came one by one. The lonely swordsman at the back could not handle it correctly, even with the support of a cleric and died. Then, the magic and range players started to be killed one by one.

    The cleric and the mage turned out, still holding their grudges. So, when they died, they immediately left the group. As two members left the group, the others started to follow suit. In the end, there were only five of the players who were still alive and trapped here.

    The players managed to hold their live using potion, but the scorpions keep coming one by one until the situation where Auron saw occurred. Fortunately, the convoy appeared and helped them.

    "Do you want to go with us to the exit or get back using [Return Scroll]?" The guard's leader asked.

    Four of the players besides the player's representative decided to close the day and got back. Meanwhile, only one player chose to follow the convoy.

    "Okay, you can follow us to the exit, but there are some rules you have to follow..." The guard's leader explained the rules briefly.

    The convoy was accepting this swordsman because they required manpower. They were still halfway through the cave, and they had suffered some death before. Although this one player was not enough, it was better than nothing.

    The player introduced himself. His character's name was Sleight Hand, and he was a level 302 thief. Then, he was assigned to Auron's group.

    Sleight Hand immediately found out that Auron was a player the same as him. However, what he saw was not Auron's real identity; instead, it was Auron's disguised appearance, Savage Sickle.

    The thief was such a friendly and easy-going person. He greeted Auron and was about to talk about a lot of things before another group of scorpions appeared.

    Sleight Hand could not help but delay the conversation and prepare to battle. The battle was going smoothly, but they had to fight a lot.

    The thief could not even have spare time to ask about Auron's name and the reason he joined this guarding mission. In the end, the thief had to wait until the situation calmed down before he could ask.

    With numerous battles going on, they were busy. Until one and a half-hour later, the convoy managed to pass the [Death Stinger]'s territories safely.
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