286 Fiery Buffalo 1

    "Let's take a break for 15 minutes!" The guard's leader announced.

    "Finally, time to rest." Sleight Hand relieved. He sat down beside Auron.

    Before, Sleight Hand didn't have a chance to talk a lot of things with Auron. Now, with the resting time, he could finally speak with Auron.

    "Hey, how long have you join this mercenary's group?" Sleight Hand started.

    Auron looked at Sleight Hand and answered, "Just recently."

    "Are you a new player?" Sleight Hand asked once again because he saw Auron's level was low.

    "Yes." Auron lied.

    "Do you have any questions or concerns? I was a mage before I create a thief. Maybe, I can help you." Sleight Hand offered his help

    "No," Auron answered shortly.

    The atmosphere became awkward since Auron answered shortly. It seems Auron was creating a barrier between himself and Sleight Hand. With no choice, Sleight Hand became quiet.

    However, Sleight Hand was not someone who could stay still. Since he could not talk to Auron, then he spoke to the others. "Hey, I am a new thief. Can you teach me about it?" He asked a nearby thief NPC.

    Five minutes after the convoy started to take a break, a monster appeared near them. The group could no longer take a break anymore. They immediately stood up and took out their weapon.

    This area was the territory of [Fiery Buffalo]. Its appearance was just like ordinary buffalo. What made it different was at the tip of its horn. At the tip of the buffalo's horns, there was a small fire. Besides, its body color was a little bit reddish.

    The buffalo saw the convoy and immediately charged at the caravan. When charging, the fire in [Fiery Buffalo]'s horn would become bigger and shroud its body in the fire.

    An [Ice Bolt] shot towards the charging buffalo. Since the buffalo had a fire element, then a fire elemental attacks would not work on it. A water-based attack would work effectively against it.

    Of course, one [Ice Bolt] means nothing to the buffalo. It could not stop the buffalo's charge. The swordsmen tried to stop the buffalo's assault. However, it was not an easy thing to do.

    The guard's leader went up to the front and tried to stop the buffalo. As the buffalo was shrouded in flame, the guard's leader had to endure the burn effect coming from the fire. Fortunately, he had clerics by his side.

    The buffalo hit the target, a swordsman. The swordsman flew up in the air because of the impact. And, that was not all, the fire that shrouded the buffalo moved and wrapped the swordsman's body.

    The swordsman was flying and burning. Fortunately, a cleric had a quick reaction. She immediately used [Cure] to dismiss the burn effect and heal the swordsman upon impact. The swordsman was saved.

    Meanwhile, after the fire moved to the swordsman, the buffalo was not in fire anymore. So, the melee attacker could attack it without suffering any burn effect.

    The buffalo shook his head after the impact. It became flinched for two seconds after the charging connected successfully or stopped.

    After two seconds, it would look another target. The buffalo found its second target. It ignored the melee attacker nearby and charged towards its second target.

    "Oh, no!" The guard's leader exclaimed when he found out the buffalo's second target.

    The buffalo's second target was one of the goods carts they had to deliver. "Stop that thing!" The guard's leader urgently released his command.

    The situation became tense. All of the melee attackers also tried their best to stop the buffalo. However, it was not easy to stop the charging buffalo.

    The buffalo getting closer and closer to the goods cart when suddenly it flipped over and fell down on its back. With that incident, the buffalo stopped its charging.

    It turned out Auron was the one who stopped it. He cast an [Earth Spike] at the buffalo's charging path. Then, with the right timing, he aimed at one of the buffalo's leg. Fortunately, with his experience in battle and no distraction, he could concentrate and calculate precisely.

    The [Earth Spike] occurred at the right moment and made the buffalo flipped over. The damage was not too great, but what they needed was not the damage but to stop the buffalo.

    However, none of the group's members notice it was Auron's doing. They just felt grateful that the buffalo stopped its charge. Each of the mages thought that it must be the other mage that done it since they were not the ones who did it.

    The buffalo stood up once again and looked for its third target. Unfortunately, the target this time was Auron. The buffalo looked at Auron and charged at him.

    However, before the buffalo could charge far enough, the guard's leader's sword killed it. During its charging, the buffalo was vulnerable to damage. So, with this, many people focused their attack at the buffalo, its health depleted quickly.

    "Pack your things! We have to move on!" The guard's leader announced after this incident.

    He thought that they were unfortunate because the buffalos were rarely roamed around the perimeter of their territories. But, now they found one in the border of the territories.

    The convoy had to move on before all of the buffalo coming here because of the sound of battles. In no time, the convoy finished their packing and left directly.

    As they went deeper into the buffalo's territories, they met more and more buffalo. Fortunately, the buffalo was alone each time they met with them. With only one buffalo, they could focus their attack and killed the buffalo quickly.

    However, the convoy's luck had to come to an end. In the middle of the territories, they met with three buffalos. And that was not all. One of the buffalos had a bigger body compared to others. Also, the flame at its horn was brighter and bigger than the others.

    The convoy had encountered the buffalo's boss.
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