287 Fiery Buffalo 2

    The boss almost had twice the size of the ordinary buffalo. Moreover, the fire in the tip of the horn was bigger than the other. Besides, the color of the fire was blue.

    Without any notice, the buffalo's boss already charged towards the convoy. As the fire in the tip of the horn was blue, the boss was covered with a blue flame.

    The guard's leader shouted, "Prepare for battle!"

    He went up to the front and unsheathed his weapon. The guard's leader also used [Charge] and went head to head with the buffalo.

    Clang... The guard's leader's sword met with the buffalo's horn. However, the guard's leader's charge's power could not stop the buffalo's boss's charge. The guard's leader was pushed back by the buffalo.

    And that was not all. The flame that shrouded the boss' body burned the guard's leader. The guard's leader lost some health every second. Fortunately, the cleric was ready. They already heal the guard's leader when his sword met with the boss.

    The mage and the ranged damage dealer also help the guard's leader to suppress the boss. Meanwhile, only one other melee that helped the leader. It was because if all of the melees suffered the burn effect, the burden of the cleric would increase.

    That was why they just waited near the boss and ready to attack when the boss' flame disappeared. Moreover, there were another two buffalo that haven't attack yet.

    Following the boss's charge, the other two buffalos began to attack as well. The rest also split into two smaller groups to fight against the two buffalos.

    "Kill the minion first!!" The guard's leader commanded.

    With that command, the archers and the mages began to shift their attack from the boss to the minion.

    It was easier to defeat the minion than the boss. Auron could use the previous [Earth Spike]'s trick to the minion. When Auron tried to use it on the boss previously, he failed.

    The boss's body was too big and heavy. So, when Auron casts the [Earth Spike], it just lifted the boss several centimeters before destroyed.

    This trick worked well with the other buffalo beside the boss. Auron used this trick when he faced the other buffalo. As Auron often used this trick, the other members began to realize that Auron was the one who cast the [Earth Spike].

    SIlently, they revered Auron's capability to do something like that. The other mages had tried the same thing as Auron. Some of them even tried to ask Auron bluntly.

    Auron, still with his cold nature, didn't hide how he did it. He explained how he did it. But, the theory was different from the practical. It was not easy to aim for a specific part of the target. This made the other mages revered Auron more.

    The one that revered Auron the most was the guard's leader's younger brother. Auron's skill made the guard's leader's younger brother worshipped him. He secretly told his older brother about Auron's capability.

    With Auron's help, fighting the ordinary buffalo was easy. The buffalo that Auron faced died quicker than the other buffalo. It was because the melee didn't have to worry much about the buffalo's charge.

    After one of the buffalo died, the other buffalo quickly followed. With all of the minions had been killed, the guards focused back on the boss. The boss fight was horrible.

    The guard's leader, who faced the boss, was in a miserable state. Fortunately, he had the support of three clerics, or else he would already die.

    The boss charged towards one of the clerics. However, the guard's leader blocked the path and was blown away by the charge. The clerics immediately used [Cure] to cure the burn effect and threw some heal to recover the leader's health.

    If the ordinary buffalo flinched for two seconds before attacking again, the buffalo's boss only flinched for a second. A second later, the buffalo's boss already prepared to attack its next target.

    This time, its target was Auron. The buffalo's boss turned back and charged towards Auron. Unfortunately, the guard's leader could not block the path since he was behind the boss.

    Meanwhile, some of the melees avoided the boss's charge purposely. There were even some of them that afraid of the boss and avoided it.

    Auron, who became the target, calmly assessed the situation. He had two choices to receive the attack or fight against it. As Auron had invested some of his attributes into the vitality, he had more health than ordinary mages. Moreover, his equipment was pretty good.

    So, if Auron chose the first option, he would not die. But, Auron didn't choose that option. He chose the second option to fight against the boss.

    Auron changed his staff to a dagger and prepared to receive the boss's charge. Auron moved to the right and tried to make some distance with the boss. However, the boss was like a homing missile locked to Auron. The boss also turned in the same direction as Auron.

    Auron cast [Earth Wall] between him and the boss while running away. This [Earth Wall] didn't have much effect on the boss as it quickly destroyed under the boss's charge.

    Auron kept on moving and cast several spells while running away. All of it was either crushed by the boss or hit the boss but could not stop the boss.

    The boss's charge speed was faster than Auron's movement speed. So, little by little, the boss was closer towards Auron. When the boss was already closed enough with Auron, the guard's leader had arrived and blocked the boss's charged.

    Auron was not mindlessly running away. He ran away towards the guard's leader, the only one who was brave enough to stop the boss's charge in this group.

    The boss and the guard's leader, collided. The guard's leader managed to stop the boss's charge. However, he was also blown away as a result. The cleric immediately threw their heal spell to the guard's leader.
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