291 Arena Duel 3

    The thief still thought positively. As a thief, he should still have an advantages over a mage in close combat fight. That was why, although there was much close combat mage who had high ranking, but only a few of them were in the top 30.

    The thief took a stance. Then, he darted over to Auron in a quick speed. He could not use his stealth skill anymore since he was already in a battle mode.

    Auron created an [Earth Wall] at the thief's path. He thought that the thief should have taken a detour to attack him. However, the reality was different from what he had thought.

    The thief had a high jumping capability. Combined with the thief's speed, he darted then jumped over the created [Earth Wall].

    When the thief was above the [Earth Wall], he kicked the wall and used it as a foothold to do a somersault. Then, he arrived behind Auron's back, facing Auron's back.

    All of this happened in a short moment. Auron's close combat experience using a mage was minimal. He didn't know that the thief could jump over an [Earth Wall].

    Previously, when he played as a swordsman, he never faced any similar situation like this. However, Auron didn't let this trampled him. Although his experience playing a mage was limited, he had a lot of experience playing as a swordsman and fight in close combat fight.

    Auron quickly darted to his right and turned his body 90 degrees. Auron also swung his right hand, which held the dagger towards the thief.

    After the thief landed behind Auron's back, the thief immediately used [Killing Blow] using both of his daggers to Auron. However, Auron moved to his right and made him missed the target. What was more surprising, Auron could launch a counterattack with his dagger.

    Auron's dagger clashed with the thief's knife. The thief's dagger didn't bulge at all since Auron didn't have enough strength against the thief's strength. Moreover, Auron's body posture was unfavorable for him.

    Auron fell on the ground because of the unfavorable body posture. The thief didn't miss this chance, he stabbed both of his dagger towards the ground. Unfortunately, before the knives could arrive at Auron's body, a red light showed from Auron, and the surrounding heat rose.

    Auron had used [Fire Ball]. The thief who was the target changed his action. He crossed both of his daggers in front of him and tried to block the [Fire Ball].

    Bang... The [Fire Ball] was blocked by the dagger. However, the impact of the explosion blown the thief away from Auron.

    Auron used this chance to stand up and made some distance with the thief. Meanwhile, the staff who saw Auron nodded his head surprisingly. She was the only one who knew about Auron's level in this room.

    "A difference of 30 levels and that mage still could fight on par with a thief. Such a potential mage." The staff thought.

    However, what the staff thought didn't matter at all, only the result that matters. Auron had to win against this thief and two more challengers who were waiting for their turn.

    Auron and the thief had back to square one. However, this time, the thief could not use his stealth skill.

    Auron didn't stay still. This time, he was the one who launches the first attack. He darted towards the thief. Midway, Auron threw a [Fire Bolt] towards the thief.

    The thief also had prepared for Auron's attack. He saw the [Fire Bolt] coming towards him. However, he didn't avoid it to the left or right. Instead, he ducked below the [Fire Bolt] and took a 45 degrees stance before darted towards Auron from below.

    Auron saw the thief's movement and slashed his dagger to below him. The thief blocked the dagger with one of the daggers. Meanwhile, the other dagger aimed at Auron's stomach.

    Before the thief's dagger reached Auron's stomach, Auron had jumped backward a bit. The dagger missed Auron's stomach.

    Auron launched another spell at close range. The thief had seen Auron wanted to start a spell, so he immediately crossed his daggers in front of him.

    However, the thief was wrong. Auron actually chanted an [Earth Spike]. The thief felt the vibration from the ground. He knew what spell what Auron had chanted.

    The thief tried to dodge the spell. However, he was too late to avoid it completely. The [Earth Spike] hit the thief's left hand and made a big hole.

    The pain immediately coursed over all of his body. He dropped the dagger on that hand. His left hand was useless now.

    Auron didn't miss this chance, He swung his dagger towards the thief. However, the thief still had his right hand, he raised his right hand to block Auron's dagger.

    The thief blocked Auron's dagger, but his position was unfavorable. From above, Auron used his left leg to kick the thief's head.

    Since the thief's left hand was maimed, he could not block the kick. His head was kicked by Auron's left leg. Although Auron's strength was not that high, a kick to the head made the thief became dizzy.

    The thief fell over to his left because of the kick. Then, Auron used this chance to widen his advantages. He stabbed his dagger towards the thief's stomach. The thief regained his consciousness a second late.

    The dagger stabbed his stomach. Auron pulled the dagger and tried to stab the thief once more. Fresh blood splattered from the wound. However, before Auron could stab the second time, a force repelled Auron's attack.

    This was the safety measure of the arena. With the safety measure triggered, this means the thief had lost the battle. The arena also had another function to heal the thief's wound. Although it could not heal the wound completely, it was enough for the thief to escape critical condition.

    The thief also knew he had already lost the battle. Clutching his stomach, the thief bowed towards Auron and walked out of the arena in pain. Then, he disappeared from the room to look a cleric for a treatment.
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