292 Arena Duel 4

    Auron didn't have any time to rest as the next opponent already entered the duel stage. It was a female.

    Auron's next opponent was a swordswoman. What made it eye-catching was that the swordswoman carried out a greatsword. Usually, a swordswoman would incline more to the agility attribute that made them moved faster.

    However, since this woman used a greatsword, then this means that she had more strength than her agility. It was because the greatsword's strength requirement was really high compared to other swords.

    Without much talking, the woman took out her greatsword and took a battle stance. Auron was more to agility type, so when fighting against someone who was inclined to the strength type, usually, he would win.

    However, everything was also dependent on the opponent's skill. If the opponent had an excellent combat capability, then it would still be difficult for him to defeat them.

    Auron had to test the water first. He moved back and chanted [Fire Bolt]. The swordswoman didn't let Auron did what he wanted. She used [Charge] and went straight to Auron.

    While charging towards Auron, the swordswoman kept her attention on him. It was because she was watching the previous battle and knew that Auron had a close combat skill.

    A [Fire Bolt] launched from Auron to the swordswoman. The swordswoman held the greatsword with both of her hands. Then, the swordswoman swung it in front of her to deflect the [Fire Bolt].

    Auron knew it would be another close combat battle. So, he was prepared. There were still two meters between Auron and the swordswoman, but Auron had already moved to the left to avoid the swordswoman. It was because the range of greatsword was much more than an ordinary sword.

    Auron had to move right now, or it would be too late. And, what Auron had thought happened. As soon as Auron moved to the side, the swordswoman already slashed her greatsword towards Auron.

    Fortunately, Auron had moved in time, the slash missed the target. Auron didn't back out. Instead, he moved closer towards the swordswoman.

    The greatsword was really heavy, there would be several milliseconds delay every time the swordswoman slashed. Although the swordswoman had already tried her best to move as quickly as possible, the gap was still clearly seen.

    Auron didn't miss the chance and used it to close the swordswoman before she swung her sword again. The reason was that it would be more difficult to aim the target near her when using a greatsword. Moreover, Auron's weapon was a dagger. He had no choice but to move closer to use the knife.

    The swordswoman didn't let Auron do that. However, Auron's movement was too quick. In no time, he already beside her ready to stab her.

    However, the swordswoman was not a newbie. She also already had several experiences encountering the same situation. So, she didn't go panic.

    She calmly let go of the greatsword. Then, she swayed her body a little bit to avoid Auron's dagger. Before Auron could pull his hand back, the swordswoman caught Auron's arm using her left hand and pulled him towards her.

    Auron was pulled toward the swordswoman. His body limped forward. However, it was not all. The swordswoman already raised her knee. She wanted to knee Auron's stomach.

    Auron, who was caught by the swordswoman in hand, struggled to get free from the swordswoman. However, the swordswoman gripped was so strong. Auron could not break free from the woman's grip.

    The swordswoman's knee already came to Auron. He was defenseless against the knee. The woman's knee cleanly hit Auron's stomach hard.

    Auron's stomach was in pain. However, the knee was not the end. She held Auron's head with her right hand tightly. Then, she knees once again. However, the target was not Auron's stomach; instead, it was Auron's face.

    Auron knew he was in danger if he could not escape from this situation. However, the woman's grip really strong.

    Auron used his left hand to punch the swordswoman's calf. Then, he kicked the swordswoman's leg with his right leg really hard.

    Since the swordswoman had raised her leg to knee Auron before, there was only one leg left to support her body. Then, when Auron aimed that one leg, she could not support her body anymore and slumped down to the ground.

    Finally, Auron could escape from the swordswoman's grip. He immediately pulled his arm back, and using his left hand, he punched the woman in her face. Right now, Auron could not care anymore about his image, whether there would be someone who would mock him because he hit a woman's face.

    Blood seeped out from the swordswoman's lips. However, Auron was merciless. Auron, who had the upper hand, stood up and just like before he wanted to stab his dagger towards the swordswoman's stomach.

    Auron knew this act was evil, but he just wanted to finish the match. He also knew that the protection from the arena would prevent her from being killed.

    However, the swordswoman who was lying on the ground also knew what Auron gonna do. So, she slid over to Auron and kicked his balls hard.

    Auron focused was to stab the woman who was lying on the ground. He was really focused on his goals and was unprepared by the kick. So, he got hit on his balls. A sudden pain coursed all over his body. He staggered backward and was in deep pain.

    The swordswoman used this chance to stand up and picked her greatsword. Auron knew he was still in a duel, he had to hold the pain. He tried his best to ignore the pain and faced the swordswoman.

    The swordswoman already held her greatsword in front of her. She wiped out the blood that seeped out from her lips with her hand.

    Then, the swordswoman gripped her sword really tight and charged out to Auron once more. Auron began to chant a spell. He could not repeat the same mistake twice.
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