293 Arena Duel 5

    Auron finished chanted his spell. An [Earth Wall] appeared in front of him. This newly emerged [Earth Wall] blocked the path of the swordswoman.

    However, this [Earth Wall] seems not an issue for the swordswoman. With her high strength and greatsword in her hand, she swung her sword.

    The [Earth Wall] could not hold her power and get destroyed easily. The swordswoman got through the rubble easily.

    However, Auron had predicted that the swordswoman would break through the [Earth Wall] by force. So, he had chanted another spell to prepare for the swordswoman.

    As soon as the [Earth Wall] got destroyed. Auron had finished chanting his spell and threw it in front of him. A big [Fire Lance] shot out towards the swordswoman.

    The swordswoman was getting through the rubble when she realized a [Fire Lance] shot towards her. She was caught in surprise by the spell.

    The swordswoman quickly raised her big sword in front of her. Boom... The [Fire Lance] connected with her greatsword. The impact stopped the swordswoman's charge and pushed her back.

    The swordswoman moved her greatsword, which blocked her view. When she removed the greatsword from her sight, she found Auron was not at his place. She looked at her left and found nothing.

    When the swordswoman was about to turn her head towards her right, Auron already at her right. He chanted another [Earth Wall]. This time, the [Earth Wall] appeared right below the swordswoman's feet.

    The swordswoman was raised to the top because of the [Earth Wall]. She staggered because of her unsteady foothold. At that moment, when the swordswoman's feet were at the same level as his hand, Auron stabbed and pulled his dagger towards one of the swordswoman's feet.

    Auron's attack hit the swordswoman's left foot. The swordswoman, who felt the pain at her left leg, lost her balance. She fell down from the rising [Earth Wall]. Fortunately, she fell down at the opposite side of the [Earth Wall] and not at the side where Auron was.

    The swordswoman fell to the ground. Her left leg was bleeding profusely. Pain also spread out through her body.

    The swordswoman immediately tried to stand up. She used her right foot as a support. Finally, she could stand up. She limped over and tried to get away from the [Earth Wall]. However, it was difficult for the swordswoman to move fast with her injured left leg.

    Auron would not miss this chance. He circled the [Earth Wall] to chase the swordswoman. When he arrived at the other side of the wall, he found the swordswoman already running away with difficulty.

    The swordswoman used her sword as a substitute for her injured left leg. It proved to be the correct move. She moved faster. However, it still could not get her that far away.

    Auron saw the swordswoman tried to run away. He could not let that happened. Auron chased the swordswoman, which was slower than him.

    Auron chanted a [Fire Bolt] and shot it towards the swordswoman. When the swordswoman saw Auron arrived, she stopped running away and faced Auron. With that slow pace, if she ran away, then she would only become Auron's training target.

    The swordswoman swung her greatsword to deflect the [Fire Bolt]. However, she also felt the pain from her left leg when she did that. A pained expression was visible on her face.

    However, Auron already chanted another spell. Auron deliberately didn't move towards the swordswoman and just cast his spell from far away.

    The duel became one-sided with Auron just kept on chanting his spell, and the swordswoman could only defend the attack.

    Several minutes later, although the pain in the swordswoman's left leg kept on intensified, she still could hold on and deflect all of Auron's spell. However, the swordswoman still bleeding. As the blood kept pouring out, she began to feel dizzy.

    However, the swordswoman still holding on. Auron saw that the blood loss began to affect the swordswoman. He could continue to do this until the swordswoman collapse. But, if he did that, then he would waste much time.

    Auron looked at his health points. These several minutes, Auron had already recovered some of his health points due to natural health regeneration. He felt that his health was enough. However, just to be safe, Auron waited for several other minutes.

    After several more minutes, the swordswoman's move was not as sharp as before. Her movement also was not as powerful as before.

    Auron knew this was the time. He moved forward and chanted his spell while marching. During his charge, he still paid attention to the swordswoman.

    The swordswoman's vision began to blur due to the massive loss of blood. However, she still tried her best to hang on. She saw Auron charging toward her.

    The swordswoman already told her hand to raise the sword in front of her. However, her hand's movement was not as quick as she imagined. Her face was ashen. Besides, she was also panting hard.

    The swordswoman still tried her best to raise her sword. She wanted to be ready when Auron attacked. Finally, she managed to raise her sword in front of her. However, as soon as she did that, her blurry vision began to grow dark until it went fully dark. Then, she limped over and fell.

    Auron, who was still charging towards the swordswoman, saw her difficulty to raise the sword in her hand. However, Auron ignored it and concentrated on the woman's movement while chanting his spell.

    Auron launched his spell towards the swordswoman. When the spell was in midway towards the target, the swordswoman already blacked out and fell to the ground.

    The spell missed the target, and Auron stopped his track. He looked at the swordswoman who was shrouded in white light. The arena already began to heal her wound.

    A few seconds later, the swordswoman regained her consciousness. She looked around with her pale face and knew she was already lost. Without further ado, she stood up and also went out of the room to look for a treatment.
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