294 Arena Duel 6

    The next opponent went forward. "What a bad guy... You actually struck a woman really hard." A man who was going to be Auron's next opponent said.

    He went up to the stage and continued, "You even wanted to stab her on the stomach. What a heartless guy!"

    The next opponent was a middle-aged man who was older than Auron. He deliberately mocked Auron to shake his mind. Besides, he also knew that such a gentleman would not appear in this kind of duel. If he were in Auron's place before, he would also do the same, even the opponent was a woman.

    Auron ignored the man's words and scanned this new opponent. Surprisingly, this new opponent was a merchant. However, Auron had guessed that this was not an ordinary merchant. He should be a battle merchant.

    Every class could be made into something that the person wanted. For example, you wanted to play a mage who could deal a high physical attack. Then, you could raise the strength attribute.

    The physical attack would raise. But, it would not be that high since there was only a few skill that could support the strike. In the end, that mage's physical attack would still lose to swordswoman or thief who had proper support skills.

    Meanwhile, a merchant class usually would be developed to raise dexterity and luck to increase their success chance when making a piece of equipment. However, some merchants were raised as a battle merchant.

    This type of merchant would raise strength, agility, and vitality like what a swordsman would do. This merchant build would be more or less comparable to swordsman when only comparing their attributes and equipment. But, if the skill were added to the equation, then the swordsman still came out as the winner.

    However, taking a merchant as a class was not that bad. It was because there was one a must-have skill when you play as a merchant regardless of your build. That skill was [Throw Item].

    [Throw Item] (Merchant's skill)

    Level: 1

    MP: 20

    Type: Active

    Target: Self, other players or NPCs, Monster.

    Cooldown: 10 seconds

    Description: Throwing a consumable item to a single target. The effect of the item will increase by 10%. The thrown item would be used.

    Not every item could be used with [Throw Item]. It was restricted to only consumable items such as potions. Although it was limited to throwing consumable items, the effect of the thrown item would increase depending on the skill's level.

    A level 1 [Throw Item] would increase the item's effect by 10%. So if a health potion recovered 100 health points, then by using this skill, it would recover 110 health points.

    As the skill's level increases, the increase in the item's effect also increases as well. When the skill's level was at level 40, then the item's effect would also increase by 400%. It was a massive boost to the item.

    A common grade potions combined with this skill could be comparable to a rare grade potions or even better. Unfortunately, this skill was only a single target skill. If the items had an area of effect, then it would be nullified or changed to only affect a single target. If also didn't boost the debuff effect from that items.

    For example, there was a flame potion. When used without the skill, the item would deal fire damage to the target and create a flame field that burns the target for several seconds. However, if that flame potion was used with this [Throw Item] potion, then it would only deal the fire damage without creating the flame field.

    So, although this skill could heal more a single target more than what a cleric could do, it could not do an area heal like what cleric could do.

    Another disadvantage of using this skill was it consumed money. The consumable items that were thrown would be gone regardless the item hit the target or not.

    However, this skill was still a must-have skill because, with this skill, the merchant would have a job to do instead of leeching the experience points.

    Auron knew that the merchant in front of him should have this particular skill. He had to be more careful. Moreover, combined with the attributes to become a battle merchant, this opponent would also not be an easy opponent.

    What fortunate things for Auron was that this was an arena duel. Based on the rules here, no healing potion could be used in this arena, which means the merchant could only use consumable items that could damage the opponent.

    As soon as the battle started, the merchant took out his hammer with his right hand. Meanwhile, he put his left hand inside a small bag that he carried.

    Auron knew that small bag was also the item that every merchant would receive when they did a merchant related quest. Although it was small, but that bag could hold numerous potions. Moreover, a merchant could equip at most 4 of those small bags.

    Unfortunately, the opponent in front of Auron had 4 of those bags. The merchant took out a light blue colored potion from one of the small bags.

    With his 10 years of experience playing this game, Auron had identified what that item was. That potion was a frost potion. It would deal little damage, but it slows the target for 20%.

    As soon as the merchant took the potion out, he immediately used this skill and threw it to Auron. The merchant's action was quick. He was already trained to do this.

    Although the merchant's action was quick, Auron had paid attention to his action. So, Auron could see the potion that was thrown to him.

    Of course, Auron would not let himself got hit by the potion when he could avoid it. Auron side step and move to the side. The potion's bottle fell to the ground and broke. The liquid inside the bottle poured outside before disappearing a few seconds later.

    "It was a small greeting from me!" The merchant said.
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