297 Night Patrol 1

    "Oh, hey, look! Isn't he one of our hired members?" One of the Insanity Gang members recognized Auron.

    The Insanity Gang just had watched the arena's duel battle when they met with Auron. Meanwhile, Auron also saw them, but he ignored them and exited the building.

    "Tch... What an arrogant attitude!" The same person who recognized Auron said. He didn't like Auron's attitude.

    "Fortunately, he was pretty skillful, or else I will skin his head." However, despite disliking Auron, he recognized Auron's skill.

    Day passed just like that. When the morning came, Auron had already arrived at the designated place. All of the members had also arrived on time. After a day of rest, all of the fatigue was disappearing from the members' faces.

    "Everyone is here?" The leader asked.

    He was making sure there as no one who was left behind. Then, several minutes later, "Let us go!"

    With that command, the convoy began to continue their journey. There were still two-third of the journey that the convoy should finish.

    Fortunately, the journey during their journey, everything went well. There was nothing extraordinary happened that made the journey became dull and boring.

    "Yawn..." One of the guards yawned.

    The journey was so smooth that it became boring. However, this smooth journey also had a plus. Their speed became faster. Right now, the convoy had covered half of the journey. There were only half more before they arrived at their destinations.

    It was almost night time now. Combined with the boring journey, the guards also became bored that many of them yawned and sleepy.

    They decided to stop and took some rest before continuing again tomorrow. "Prepare the fireplace!" The convoy was busily preparing the place where to stay. They didn't forget to arrange the patrol duty.

    Although Auron was named as the second team's vice leader, he didn't have that much authority, to begin with. Combined with his arrogant attitude, many people didn't like him.

    Unfortunately for Auron, the one who assigned the patrol duty this time was the same man who recognized Auron in the arena duel the previous day.

    Although the man didn't hate Auron, he dislikes Auron's arrogant attitude. He wanted to give Auron a lesson. Then, the chance came. He had the responsibility to assign the patrol duty.

    "This is it!" He thought. This was the time for him to give Auron a lesson for ignoring him.

    That man began to assign the duty to the respective person one by one. Then, it was Auron's turn.

    "You and you will be assigned to the northeast of the camp. You have to protect it well since it was the place where we parked the goods cart." The man pointed at Auron and another man besides Auron.

    Then, the man continued, "Hmm... wait! Oh... geez... we lack of people here. You will be moved to another place."

    The man pointed at the man beside Auron. Then, he asked Auron, "You should be fine to patrol alone, right?"

    Auron was just glaring at the man. It was too obvious. The man acted was the worst. Everyone knew that the man deliberately created trouble for Auron.

    Before Auron could speak up, the man continued, "Since you are alone, let me change you to the northwest of the camp. As a second team's vice leader, you should be fine with this arrangement, right?" The man grinned at Auron.

    The man didn't forget to emphasize that Auron was a team's vice leader. He acted that since Auron was a vice leader, then this arrangement was normal. However, contrary to his expectations, Auron answered, "No!"

    Auron honestly rejected the man's offer. He didn't want to be pressured. Moreover, by someone who was blatantly abusing his power.

    "You..." The man got furious by Auron's rejection.

    A commotion began to spread throughout the camp that this convoy leader heard about it. He arrived at the scene and tried to mediate, "What happens here?"

    "Leader, he doesn't want to take the patrol duty!" The man accused Auron.

    Auron only looked at the man and then the leader. The leader looked at Auron and said, "Is that true?"

    "Yes." Auron didn't try to deny it.

    "Why is that?" The leader asked Auron once more.

    "He is deliberately making trouble for me!" Auron said. The leader looked at the man's eyes, who was trying to explain something to him.

    However, the leader cut him off. He knew that the man was someone who liked to create trouble. "Stop, you will be filling the missing spot."

    Although the man was part of the Insanity Gang, but his position was the lowest in the group. Moreover, he liked to create any trouble. The leader had given him an ultimatum that if he could not change his attitude, then this would be his last time with the group.

    So, when the leader assigned him the patrol duty with Auron, he wanted to rebuke, but he could not. He could only accept it and continued with the patrol duty assignment.

    Auron didn't mind at all with the fact that he would patrol with this man. Since the leader had said so, he would accept it. With everything ended, the commotion gradually disappeared, and everything went back to normal.

    Then, the night came. It was time for the first shift for patrolling. Since Auron was in the second team, he was assigned to the second shift.

    There were three shifts in total, It was the same as the number of the team. Each turn would last for three hours. Auron was resting until the time the shift changed.

    Three hours passed quickly. There was nothing unusual that happened during the first shift. The second shift was about to start.

    Auron began to stand up and walked to the assigned place for his patrol duty. It was a little bit past midnight when the second shift started.

    Auron met with the man who was still grumbling during his walk to the patrol's place. The man kept on grumbling and blamed Auron for everything that had happened. However, Auron ignored him.
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