298 Night Patrol 2

    "Here, I am doing some patrol job when I supposed to sleep. This is because of that damn guy." The man was grumbling endlessly. He even deliberately raised his voice so Auron could hear his complaint.

    Of course, Auron was fed up with the complaint. He wanted to shut the man's mouth. However, after thinking that there was not reward by doing so, Auron put the thought behind his head.

    Auron acted nonchalant like he didn't hear anything that the man had said. One hour passed by, because Auron had ignored the man, the man started to complain less. However, it didn't change the fact that the man was still complaining.

    When both Auron and the man were scouring the area, Auron heard something. Auron tried to identify the sound. However, because there was a man beside him that too noisy, he could not listen to it clearly.

    So, Auron had no choice but to shut the man, "Sshhh..."

    "What? You don't like me complaining? Remember, who's fault is this. It was all your..." The man thought that Auron finally reacted to his complaint. So, he unleashed all the rage inside him and tried to reprimand him.

    However, before he could continue for too long, Auron pushed him over. The man fell down, and he was so furious. He wanted to pent up his anger to Auron.

    However, before the man could do that, he saw a person covered in black had stabbed a dagger at his previous place. Auron had saved the man. If Auron didn't push him, then his heart would be pierced by the dagger.

    "Quick, use the flare!" Auron shouted while blocking an attack.

    Each patrol team was equipped with a flare in case of an emergency. The man panicked out and tried to look for the flare. He took out the flare, but because he was panicking, the flare dropped to the ground.

    The man was so pathetic and didn't suit his job to guard a caravan. A few seconds later, a red light shot out to the sky, followed by a loud sound. Finally, the man had used the flare. However, he was in danger.

    The black person, who attacked him, had come over to him and launch an attack. The man tried to dodge the attack. However, he could not avoid it completely. His left hand was stabbed by the dagger.

    Blood poured out, and the pain started to spread. The man screamed. Auron wanted to help the man, but his hand was already full.

    Auron had looked at the situation, and four people attacked them. Right now, Auron was handling two people while the other two were attacking the man.

    With the injury in the left hand, the man could not do anything when two people were ganging up on him. They brutally stabbed and slashed the man until he died a painful death.

    Auron, who was blocking two people, also saw and realized the situation. He had to escape quickly. If not, there would be four people ganging up on him.

    Using the fact that two of the attackers still had their focus on the man, Auron launched [Fire Ball] to the ground. His goal was to create a chance to escape. The ground was blown up. It didn't do any damage to the two attackers. However, the dirt and mud covered the attackers' vision for a second.

    Auron used this chance to quickly escape. He didn't hide anything and used his swordsman's movement skill to survive.

    With the distraction, the two attackers who attacked Auron didn't realize the skill that Auron had used and thought that this mage's movement speed was quick. They could not let Auron escape.

    So, the two attackers immediately chased Auron. Meanwhile, the other two attackers also joined when they had finished killing the other man.

    This situation was not just happened at Auron's place. During the previous short encounter, Auron had seen three other flares. This means that three different locations were attacked. And, Auron assumed that it was not just three, but all of the patrol teams were attacked.

    Auron was escaping to the main camp. During his journey, he heard commotion took place all over the place. There was one from his right, and there was also another one coming from his left. It was chaos.

    Meanwhile, at the main camp, a commotion also took place there. However, it was not because the enemy was attacking that place, but because of the flares. All of the guards were getting ready for the attack and moved out to the goods cart.

    They still didn't know who attack them, but by looking at the location, they knew that it had to be some of the bandit's groups.

    After another minute, Auron arrived at the place where the goods carts were parked. There was already a battle broke out near that place. Auron immediately joined the team to help.

    A group came from the left side. Fortunately, it was not the enemy. Instead, it was the patrol team that was stationed there.

    With that group after group began to emerge and joined the fight. It turned out that the bandit who attacked them was not that strong. It was proved by the fact that most of the emerging group was a friend.

    Their attackers' advantages were only numbers and surprise attacks. If the patrol team could suppress the attack, then they would gain the upper hand.

    After the battle had lasted for five minutes, whistle sound was heard. With that whistle sound, the attacking bandit immediately dropped what they did and retreat.

    "No! Don't chase them!" The guard's leader stopped the members who tried to chase the enemy.

    "Prioritize to guard the place and tend the wounded!"

    Auron also agreed to what the leader had said. Although the enemy was not that strong, but they had more numbers, so there were still some guards that were wounded.

    Auron looked at his surroundings and knew that this was just the calm before the storm.
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