299 Crisis 1

    The convoy's leader, Semial, created an emergency meeting with the team's leader. Auron was included since he was a team's vice leader.

    "There are three deaths and two who are heavily injured. All of it came from the second team." Semial stated.

    Since the attack happened when the second team was on patrol duty, most of the injured came from the second team. Now, the second team had fewer people compared to the other teams.

    "Hah... Unfortunately, the previous thief leaves the group, or else we can use some helping hand." The third team's leader sighed.

    The thief that the third team's leader mentioned was Sleight Hand. In the previous town, the thief had decided to leave the group. Of course, none of the convoy's members tried to stop him since it didn't give them any benefit. However, looking at the current situation, they had wished they stopped him before.

    "Enough, It has happened already. We need to think forward!" Semial reprimand the third team's leader.

    "We will give some of the other's team members to the second team. Now, let us discuss what we should do."

    "Should we stay until morning or depart immediately?"

    "I believe we could stay here." The third team's vice leader said, followed by several nodded from others.

    "Yes, the attackers were weak. They could injure us because of the surprise attack. I believe if we are more cautious, they could not do something like this anymore."

    "I agree. Moreover, there are only 4 hours left before the morning comes."

    Most of them agreed to stay here until the morning comes. Meanwhile, there were only a few participants who kept silent and didn't say a word. They didn't agree to stay. However, they also didn't want to depart immediately. That was why they chose to keep silent.

    "Everyone agrees?" Since everyone most likely agree to stay, Semial tried to conclude the discussion. He asked everyone agreement while looking at the meeting's participant.

    One of the meeting participants piqued Semial's attention. It was Auron. So, Semial directly asked Auron, "Do you agree that we choose to stay?"

    Throughout the discussion, Auron just kept silent and didn't voice anything. However, when the others stated the reason they had to stay, Auron frowned but didn't say any word against it.

    The reason was because he had heard about the other's Insanity Gang's opinion about him. His ability should be on par with the team's leader. He could be chosen as a team leader. However, the reality showed otherwise.

    Moreover, the other team's leader's attitude towards him was rude. Even more, the second team's leader. He treated Auron, who was the vice leader like he didn't exist.

    That was why Auron didn't really care about this group. If there were troubles come, he could always escape using his ability and looking for another way for his spy mission.

    However, Semial saw Auron was frowning at the discussion before. But, seeing Auron didn't voice out his opinion, Semial asked Auron.

    Although the other treated Auron not fair, but Semial treated him the best out of them all. So, when Semial asked him, Auron answered truthfully. But, whether they took Auron's word or not, it was their choice.

    "I believe we should depart right now," Auron answered.

    As soon as Auron said that, it invited the other reaction upon him. They wanted to rebuke and reprimand him. However, all of that was stopped with Semial's second question, "Oh... And why is that?"

    The others had waited for Auron to state his reason. However, deep inside, they were mocking Auron and would reprimand him as soon as he finished saying his reason.

    "This was a trap.  And we had been baited. The enemies let us think that they are weak and killed us slowly."

    "They deliberately showed that they were weak. However, looked at the situation, the others said that we suffered casualties because of the surprise attack and their numbers."

    "But, if you looked at the bigger picture, then you would realize you were wrong."

    "If they said that it was because of the surprise attack, then why would the enemy suffered the same number of casualties as us. If we are stronger than them, we should at least caused more casualties for them."

    "And, looking at the others had said, it seems that the enemies had successfully launched their plan."

    With that, Auron went to silence once more. "What nonsense do you blurt about? It was because we are unprepared for the attack. If we were well prepared with the attack, we would kill them all." The third team's vice leader rebuked what Auron had said.

    "I know! You must be a spy sent by them to break us apart!"

    "Leader! We should kill him immediately!"

    Auron kept silent and only shrugged his shoulders. Meanwhile, Semial pondered on what Auron had said. This was the time for him, as a leader, to decide.

    Meanwhile, the other Insanity Gang members had stood up and tried to raise their weapon at Auron. They felt that what Auron had said was nonsense. They still believe that the surprise attack was the reason why they lost the battle.

    "Be quiet!" Semial tried to calm the situation first while pondering what Auron had said. With that ordered, the other stand down. Displeasure was shown on everyone's faces.

    They still tried to persuade Semial that what Auron had said was all nonsense, and they should banish Auron from the group.

    However, Semial didn't care about what they said and thinking about what to choose. Then, a minute later, Semial looked at Auron's face and the other's faces.

    "We will depart now!" Semial made up his decision, which was followed by everyone's disagreement.

    However, Semial kept on insisting that they should depart. As he was the leader, the others could not help but followed his order. They went to their own team and prepared to leave.

    Five minutes later, the convoy had left the place and set out.
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