300 Crisis 2

    Several members were confused by this immediate departure. However, they didn't dare to ask.

    With sleepy faces, all of them continue their journey. Three good carts were lined up properly. However, there were fewer guards beside them since some of them were killed.

    Half an hour after their departure, they arrived at a path inside a shady forest. They could only saw the pathway in front of them. When they saw to their left and right, there were only trees. Semial stopped the convoy and shouted, "Prepare for battle!"

    The others were confused with the command. However, they didn't dare to neglect the command. A few seconds later, some of the members began to aware of the enemies' presence and tightened up their grip. And, Auron was one of them.

    The team's leader began to give several commands. Auron also tried to provide some command to his members. However, none of them followed Auron's commands. So, he stopped giving commands and just wait.

    After another minute, the convoy's members still didn't see the attackers yet, but they had already sensed the enemies' presence.

    Another minute passed, the enemies still didn't make any move. This situation gave a lot of pressure to the members. They started to grow impatient with this long waiting.

    Semial also knew about this. He had to make the first move. However, before he could make the first move, a [Fire Bolt] had already launched towards the enemies. The one who used the [Fire Bolt] was Semial's brother.

    Of course, this [Fire Bolt] didn't hit any target. With a long-distance, it was easy to avoid this [Fire Bolt].

    Unfortunately, after this [Fire Bolt], the enemies still didn't make any move. Semial gave out another command to continue their journey slowly.

    They had bought three horses in the previous town. Fortunately, in the little skirmish before, their horses didn't die.

    The convoy started to move slowly, it was slower than an average walking speed. However, at least they were still moving and not staying in one place.

    When they were moving, the enemies also moved following them. Then, three arrows shot from the enemy towards the first cart's horse. Semial, who was near the horse, blocked two arrows. While the first team's leader blocked the last bolt.

    The situation also happened to the other two horses. The members were already increasing their awareness, so they could block the incoming arrows and save the horse. Meanwhile, the convoy still walking at a snail pace.

    Another attack was launched towards the horses. However, it was not just a simple arrow but a spell. Semial went forward, and with his sword, he blocked the spell.

    After several rounds of harassment that didn't work, one of the enemies showed up in front of the convoy blocking the path. Semial stopped the journey once again and faced the enemy.

    "What do you want?" Semial asked.

    "Ha... Ha... Ha..." The enemy laughed loudly. "Are you stupid? Do you really need to ask that question?"

    "It is obvious. We want the goods in your cart!"

    "There was nothing important in the cart!" Semial tried to lie to the enemy.

    "Really? With this many guards and there was nothing important in the cart?" The enemy wanted to laugh at Semial's statement.

    "Whatever! It didn't matter whether there was something important or not. After all, we were paid to take the goods."

    Hearing the enemy's statement, Semial suddenly asked, "Who paid you?"

    "I don't know how you can be the leader. Do you really need to ask that question? Do you think we will just obediently answer the question?"

    With that, the enemy raised his hand. Then, he asked one more time, "Give us the goods, and you can leave safely, or you will die under our hands!"

    "With your weak powers?" The third team's leader chimed in the conversation.

    The enemy grinned and gave the command to attack. Suddenly, the enemies started to pour out from all over the places and attacked them.

    The convoy's member also responded to the attack. However, the enemies still keep pouring out and outnumber them until it was one and a half of the convoy's members' number.

    Auron was already engaged in a battle with one of the enemy. He was facing a thief. The thief, who met Auron, thought that since it was a mage, it would be easy for him to kill the mage. However, he was wrong.

    Auron could keep up the battle in close combat. The thief even started to lose the fight. A [Fire Ball] cleanly hit the thief and blown him away. Auron used this chance to go forward and wanted to kill the thief.

    However, a sword suddenly slashed from his left side. Auron had to stop his thought to kill the thief and avoid the sword attack.

    It was from a swordsman beside him. The swordsman had already killed his enemy and now gone to help his friend.

    Then, not long after, another enemy's swordsman was joining the fight. The convoy's members started to lose out the battle because of the numbers.

    Besides, it was just like what Auron had told them before, the enemies hid their power. The current enemies they facing now was stronger than before. With the addition of their number, the convoy's members quickly lose the battle.

    Auron knew he had to escape now, or he would have no chance. He went forward to the newly joining swordsman. The swordsman had prepared for the attack. Meanwhile, the other swordsman also chased Auron from behind.

    Before Auron clashed with the swordsman in front of him, he took a side step and used his swordsman movement's skill and darted towards the forest. And, that was not all, an [Earth Spike] showed and pierced the fallen thief's body. The thief died while thinking he was saved.

    This sudden situation made both of the swordsman caught off guard. They were confused at the unexpected speed increased. However, they could not relate anything towards Auron using a swordsman's skill and just thought that it was his lifesaving item or hidden ability.
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