301 Crisis 3

    Auron was running through the forest. Behind him, two swordsmen were chasing him.

    As Auron's movement skill disappeared, his movement speed began to slow down. The swordsmen who saw this began to take out their weapon.

    The distance between Auron and the two swordsmen began to shorten. After a few seconds later, the gap was close enough for the swordsmen to use the [Wind Slash] skill. One of the swordsman immediately used that skill while the other one kept on chasing Auron.

    Auron looked behind him and saw the skill coming towards him. He had no choice but to avoid it by moving to his left. His clothes fluttered as the [Wind Slash] passed by him.

    When Auron was about to continue escaping, the other swordsman had arrived next to him. A sword was aiming towards Auron's chest.

    Auron quickly took a step backward and tried to escape the slash. Fortunately, he could avoid it in time. However, the swordsman followed up with a thrust towards Auron's stomach.

    Auron could not let it slide. He used his dagger to deflect the thrust and launched a [Fire Bolt] towards the enemy.

    The enemy saw the [Fire Bolt]. However, he was too close to avoid the spell. Boom... the swordsman staggered a bit.

    Auron used this chance to kick the swordsman in the stomach and move away. However, before he could move far away, the other swordsman showed at his escape path.

    There were two enemies at Auron front and back. Although the enemies used all-black clothes, but Auron could identify the differences between those two.

    In front of Auron was a middle-aged man. Auron predicted that his age was almost reached 40. The man used a longsword as a weapon. This man was also the one who used the [Wind Slash] before.

    Meanwhile, behind Auron was the one who Auron kicked. This swordsman was younger than the other one. Auron felt that this swordsman was around the same age as him.

    The younger swordsman stood up after being kicked by Auron. Right now, Auron was trapped between these two swordsmen. He looked at the surroundings and felt that he was far enough from the main group.

    Auron was thinking of fighting against them instead of running away. From that short encounter before, Auron felt that he could win against both of them. However, winning against two enemies was not that easy. So, Auron didn't show it and pretended that he was in deep trouble.

    Auron looked back and forth like he was panicking. Since there was an enemy at his front and back, Auron chose to go to his left.

    The enemies had seen Auron panicking. So, when Auron escape to his left, they didn't let him go easily. Both of them immediately went and blocked Auron's path of escape.

    The older swordsman reacted first and moved to block Auron's path of escape. He chopped at the space in front of Auron.

    If Auron didn't stop his track, then he would get hit by the older swordsman's chop. Auron had no choice but to stop. However, the older swordsman didn't stop after his chop missed. He turned his sword's edge and slashed diagonally upward towards Auron's neck.

    Auron had to block this attack with his dagger. However, the slash's power was pretty strong that it pushed Auron's knife towards his neck. Fortunately, Auron could stop it in time.

    However, it was not the time to celebrate this. Behind Auron, the younger swordsman thrust Auron's back. Auron already ready with this attack. He had prepared for the attack.

    An [Earth Spike] rose from the ground and aimed at the younger swordsman's body. Sensing the crisis, the younger swordsman stopped his attack and changed to blocking the [Earth Spike].

    He put up the sword in front of his body and blocked the [Earth Spike] with the sword. The younger swordsman was pushed a little bit before the [Earth Spike] disappeared.

    Auron, who was blocking the older swordsman's attack, moved away from the older swordsman and directly went to the younger swordsman.

    When Auron moved, the younger swordsman was still busy with handling the [Earth Spike]. Auron changed the way he holds his dagger and stabs at the younger swordsman's right arm.

    As the younger swordsman was pushed by the [Earth Spike], he was occupied by it. He could not avoid Auron's attack, who arrived near him. Auron's attack came when the [Earth Spike] had disappeared.

    Unfortunately for the younger swordsman, he could not avoid Auron's stab to his right arm. Auron's dagger was piece on his right arm before Auron pulled it immediately.

    Auron wanted to stab his dagger again. However, the older swordsman didn't let that happened. A kick towards Auron's right stomach made Auron could not launch his second attack.

    However, that was not all. The older swordsman also slashed vertically at Auron, who was staggering by the kick. Auron had to turn his body to avoid the slash.

    The younger swordsman was in pain. However, that didn't stop him from attacking Auron. He moved his sword to his left hand and helped the older swordsman attacked Auron.

    Auron had to dodge the younger swordsman's sword. He used his dagger to block the attack. Fortunately, the younger swordsman's was not a left-handed. So, when the younger swordsman attacked with his left hand, the power diminished significantly.

    Auron, who was trapped between the two swordsmen, had been chanting [Sloth]. A white mist filled the area and slowed the two swordsmen's movement.

    Auron used this chance to move backward and made some distance between him and the two swordsmen. Unfortunately, older swordsman didn't let that to happen. He chased Auron even though he was being slowed by the [Sloth]'s effect.

    Auron, who still had the average speed, moved faster. However, the distance made was not that far, thanks to the older swordsman chasing him.

    However, it was Auron's plan to separate the two swordsmen. Now, he had a few seconds to deal a heavy blow to the older swordsman before the younger one helped him.
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