303 Crisis 5

    As the younger swordsman slumped down to the ground, the older swordsman was in danger. It was even painful for him to stand up. He saw the younger swordsman died in front of his face.

    With the younger swordsman's death, the older swordsman's fate was sealed. Moreover, the injuries on his leg was worse than he could imagine. He wanted to run away, but he could not.

    Auron charged forward to the older swordsman. He felt the confidence to win this fight. So, he didn't even hold back anymore. He used the swordsman's movement skill.

    Auron didn't care whether the older swordsman suspicious or not. He could not care about dead man anyways.

    The boost in speed made the older swordsman shocked and could not anticipate Auron's attack. He raised his sword in front of him to block the attack. However, Auron had moved to his right and attack from that side.

    The older swordsman had a difficult time to follow Auron's movement. In the end, he could only die under Auron's attacks.

    Auron stood up, facing the sky after he killed the older swordsman. With his left hand, he reached his right shoulder and pressed on the wound. He sighed relieved when suddenly he heard a calling.

    It was the two swordsman's friends that looking for them. Auron snapped out from his state of mind and quickly escaped running away deeper into the forest.

    A few seconds later, the two swordsman's friends found the corpse of their friends, but they could not see who the killer was. In the end, they could only bring the bodies and report it to their leader.

    Hearing the report, the leader didn't really care about losing one or two subordinates and didn't bother for a man's search. He was more concerned about the luggage that he was told to steal.

    Meanwhile, Auron, who was still running away deep inside the forest, felt that he had run far away enough and stopped. He felt somewhat fortunate, as well as unfortunate.

    He felt fortunate that he could still manage to escape safely. However, on the other side, he also felt unfortunate. It was because he had to look for another way to complete his spy mission.

    Auron opened the map that he had brought and looking for a way to get to the nearest town. When he was looking for a way, from his northwest, a bustling sound was heard. From that direction, two people were running away while being chased by two other people.

    One of the two people who were being chased had injuries all over his body. Even blood was pouring from the slash on his forehead. He was being piggybacked by the other, who tried to save him.

    Behind them, there was an archer and a thief who was chasing the two of them. The archer shot out an arrow and tried to kill the escapee. Fortunately, the arrow missed the target. However, the distance between the chaser and the one being chased was getting closer and closer.

    The archer tried to snipe the two people once more. However, before he could unleash the arrow from the bow, an [Earth Spike] showed up from the ground and pierced his hand, holding the bow. Then, a dagger slashed his back, followed with a stab to his heart.

    It was Auron who took action to attack the archer. The reason was that the two people who were being chased were Semial and his brother. Semial was injured badly and had to be piggyback by his brother.

    As a standard mage, Semial's brother didn't have enough agility nor strength. It was already difficult for him to piggyback his brother, but he had to run away. That was why he was slow. Auron, who was at the scene, could not help but took action to save the two brothers.

    Auron would not spare the archer's life. After stabbing through the heart, to make sure the archer really death, Auron gave several other stabs.

    The archers screamed painfully at his last death. The thief who heard the scream as well as Semial's brother stopped their track and looked behind them.

    Both of them had different expressions, the thief had a grave feeling while Semial's brother had a bright appearance.

    "Who are you?" The thief shouted while asking Auron.

    However, Auron didn't bother to reply and immediately attack the thief. Seeing a reinforcement came, Semial's brother intended to help Auron. He looked for a tree to rest his brother.

    Auron moved close to the thief. The thief slashed his short sword but only hit empty space. However, Auron had moved to the side and attack from the side.

    The thief had a quick reaction and blocked the attack with his short sword. However, a [Fire Bolt] suddenly came and targeted his leg.

    The thief's leg was burned by the [Fire Bolt]. However, his suffering didn't end there. An [Ice Bolt] from Semial's brother hit his back. Fortunately, the thief was wearing a full light armor.

    However, the [Ice Bolt] still pushed him forward towards Auron, who was already waiting to attack him again. Another stab was aimed at the thief's right hand, which was used to hold the short sword.

    As the dagger pierces through the thief's arm, he lost the grip to his short sword and dropped it to the ground. Auron didn't waste any more time and attack the thief's neck.

    The thief breathed his last breath before he fell down to the ground dead. After the thief died, Auron immediately went over to Semial's brother and gave a potion for his brother.

    Although Semial still unconscious, but from his condition, he had escaped death. Seeing his brother was saved, Semial's brother thanked Auron, "Thank you for your help!"

    Auron only replied with a nodded and asked, "How are the goods?"

    Semial's brother looked at Auron with a dejected expression and shook his head. With that, Auron knew that the goods could not be saved. It was already fortunate that the two of them could still escape from the escape.
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