307 Lost Goods 2

    "Of course! If I am not confident, why would I come to you!" Auron stated confidently.

    "Great! Then, go find my goods!" The old man excitedly command.

    "Not so fast! Don't we have to talk about my remunerations and other things?"

    "First of all, my responsibility is only limited to locate the lost goods and give the place to you. Whether you can retrieve the goods back or not, it is up to you." Auron started to stated his demand.

    "Second, I wanted 10% of your goods. Of course, if I fail this mission, you don't need to pay me. Give me three days."

    "That's all from my end."

    The old man's frowned when he heard Auron's demand. 10% of the goods were not small. However, he could still give it up. After all, he had made Semial and Remus paid a considerable sum of money above the market price.

    What became the old man's concern was the retrieve part. To retrieve the lost goods, he had to hire another group of mercenaries. It would cost another money. Moreover, he still didn't know the bandit's strength.

    The old man pondered seriously. Should he hired Auron or not. He said to Auron, "Let me think first, can you wait?"

    "No problem, but you must be quick. Well, I don't mind waiting. But I don't think your goods can wait for you." Auron said causally.

    The old man went inside a room and left Auron waiting outside. Auron was so relaxed. He looked Auron the old man's house and saw some of his photos. It was because from what he had said, Auron didn't lose anything at all, even he failed. At most, he only wasted three days.

    However, if he succeeds, not only he would gain 10% of the lost goods, but he could win the old man's favor. He believed that as a businessman and a local here, the old man would know a lot of things that happened here.

    Not long after, the old man got out of the room and said to Auron, "I can accept your conditions. But, I want it to be done in one and a half days instead of three days."

    It was Auron's turn to ponder. Finally, he said, "Okay, fine. One and a half days. However, I need a helper. And, you are the one that is paying." Auron stated.

    The old man frowned once again, "Why don't we use my guards? I have several of them that can be used."

    "I don't mind using them. But, do they know who stole the goods or recognize any of the bandits?" Auron asked back to the old man.

    "We need to hire the one who knows about it. Since you get the report that your goods were lost, then there must be someone that reports it. We are going to hire that person. And, you are the one who will pay it."

    The old man frowned once again, "No way! If you succeed, then I could divide the cost 50 - 50. But, if you failed, then I didn't want to pay anything more."

    Auron shrugged and said, "Okay, 50 - 50."

    "Let's get started. Do you know where the person who reported the missing goods located?" Auron pretended not to know anything about Semial and Remus.

    The old man clapped his hands, and two guards enter the house. "Go, find the two people from before, and bring them here."

    Ten minutes later, the guards came back with two additional two people, Semial and Remus. Both of them came here with a darkened expression. Semial started to ask first, "What happened, old man? We have paid you, and our matters have been resolved. Why you look for us again?"

    "Calm down. Why don't you listen to me first." The old man said.

    "I called you here because I want to hire you. Your task is to help this gentleman to track back my lost goods. Of course, I will pay you up." The old man smiled.

    Semial and Remus just realized the guest that the old man had mentioned. Both of them looked at the guest, and they were surprised. Before both of them could say anything, Auron stood up and said, "Hello, I am Savage Sickle. Nice to meet you!"

    Auron pretended not to know Semial and Remus. He also didn't forget to wink at them to tell them to play along with him. Semial and Remus caught Auron's wink and knew what he means.

    Both of them introduced themselves, "Hello, I am Semial. Nice to meet you too!"

    "I am Remus. Nice to meet you!"

    Semial and Remus didn't know what will happen. But, since they saw Auron here, they calmed down and said back to the old man, "Why us? Didn't we have lost your goods."

    Semial played dumb. The old man replied, "Actually, I also don't want to hire you. But, as you are the only one who had seen the goods, I have no other choice but to hire you."

    Semial asked once again, "What will we get for helping you?"

    "I will pay each of you for this amount, xxxxx," The old man said.

    The old man mentioned quite a significant sum of money for Semial and Remus. It was considered significant because Semial and Remus had failed miserably once, and they should not get that amount of money.

    The old man confidently said that the amount of money since he was not the one who paid if the mission failed. Even if it was a success, he would only pay half of it. However, he didn't mention anything about the division of the cost. Meanwhile, Auron also didn't mind that amount of money and just stayed quiet.

    Seeing that Auron was quiet, the old man smiled and wait for Semial's response. "Okay, we accept the offer."

    "Great!" Auron immediately interrupted the conversation before anyone could say anything more. "We will get going immediately!"

    Auron brought Semial and Remus outside the house and left the old man alone.
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