308 Missing Clue 1

    Meanwhile, at another place when Semial and Remus met Auron, a man was sitting on a chair relaxed. A few seconds later, a maid went inside and informed, "Someone is looking for you."

    "Let him in." The man, who was sitting on the chair, said.

    The maid nodded and called the guest, who was looking for the man. A scary-looking man went inside the room and directly said, "Why are you looking for me, boss?"

    "Where are the goods?"

    "We already kept it somewhere safe. We intended to keep it for another two days before we started selling it in the town."

    "Increase the guards for the next two days. Also, clear all the track that could lead to you."

    The scary-looking man frowned and asked, "What happened?"

    "A self-proclaimed tracker went to the goods' owner and offered his help to track his lost goods. Just to be safe, clear all clues that can lead to us. And, if you meet with the tracker, you can kill him. Remember, don't attract too much attention!" The man, who was sitting on the chair, warned.

    "Relax, our place is secure. And, I have clear all the clues that could lead to us long way before you warned us."

    "Just checked it one more time. I don't want any mistake to occur and ruin our plan." The man commanded.

    "Fine... Fine... I will check it one more time." The scary-looking man accepted the command and left the room.

    After the scary-looking man left the room, the man, who was sitting on the chair, stood up. He walked to the window and looked outside with his hands clasped behind his back. If Auron was here, he would recognize this man. It was Trito, the town's head.

    At Auron's place, he just exited the old man's house along with Semial and Remus. They walked further away from the old man's home.

    "Thank you." Semial thanked Auron first.

    "I knew you do this to help us." Semial continued.

    However, Auron refused and explained, "You don't need to thank me. I do this for my own, and coincidentally, I can help you use this chance to help you."

    "However, all of this would be for naught if we are failed," Auron explained, followed by Semial and Remus nodded.

    Auron deliberately didn't explain that he would be the one who was going to pay them if they failed. "So, what's our plan?" Remus asked.

    "First, We have to come back to where the goods were being stolen. Then, we will determine our actions from there." Auron said.

    "Agree. We have to move fast since we don't have much time." Semial urged the group.

    With everyone agreed, the three of them went to the place where the goods were being stolen. They went to the teleportation portal and went to the nearest town where the incident took place. From that town, they walked for another 10 minutes before they arrived at the location.

    "Search for the clues! Any little information would help." Auron declared.

    The search started to begin. It was a massive place for three people. All three of them looked carefully without missing anything.

    It took more than two hours for the three of them to scour all of the place. Unfortunately, they didn't find any single clue that could be used. The three of them met once again at the place where Auron saved Semial and Remus.

    Semial and Remus shook their heads, indicating that they found nothing. Auron sighed. He also didn't find any single clue.

    "What should we do now?" Semial dejectedly said.

    Before Auron could answer the question, he heard a conversation going on. Immediately, Auron told Semial and Remus to hide.

    Three men were conversing with each other. "Why the boss told us to do this? Didn't we have already clean the area." The first man asked.

    The second man shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't know."

    "Just do what we are told to do!" The third man reprimanded the other two.

    The three men arrived at the place where Auron saved Semial and Remus. The third man commanded, "Scour the area! Don't let any information left behind."

    With that command, the three men started to scour the area and looked for anything that could become a clue. After five minutes, the three of them concluded that the area was clean. No hint that led to them could be found.

    "It is clean. No track of us." The first man said.

    "Okay, let us went back and report." The third man declared.

    Meanwhile, Auron, Semial, and Remus saw the entire situation that happened in front of them. It turned out that the three men in front of them belonged to the bandit's group. Moreover, they were diligently erased all the trace that could lead to them.

    Auron, Semial, and Remus had the same thought. They looked at each other and nodded. Since they could not find any clue, this was their last opportunity. They had to capture at least one of them and interrogate them.

    When the three bandits were about to leave, Auron's group started to attack. A [Fire Bolt] flown to one of the bandits.

    The surprise attack took the bandits off guard. Unfortunately, their reaction was quick. They took out their weapon and deflected the [Fire Bolt].

    The three bandits immediately took a fighting position. "Who are you? Don't be a sissy and came out! A sneak attack like this could not kill us!" The third bandit shouted.

    There was no response to his shouts. The third bandit looked at the other two and pointed out the direction where the [Fire Bolt] came.

    The three bandits moved slowly towards their destination while keeping their guards up. Unfortunately, when they arrived at their destination, they found nothing.

    Another [Fire Bolt] came out from another direction. Since the three bandits had kept their guards up, they quickly blocked the [Fire Bolt].

    "Come out, you chicken!!!" The third bandit shouted. The other two bandits also shouted their own mocking.
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