309 Missing Clue 2

    The three bandits consist of two thieves and a swordsman. The third bandit, who was a swordsman, shouted, "Fight like a brave man, you coward!"

    The third bandit was very furious about this sneak attack. As the leader out of the three bandits, he commanded the other two, "Maintain your vigilance. Don't let the enemy take you down!"

    Another [Fire Bolt] made way to the three bandits. However, as the bandits already knew they were under attack, they were very alert. It was difficult to take down an alerted enemy from far away.

    With no choice, Semial came out and showed himself. He was the only melee among Auron's group. However, he was still far away from the three bandits' location.

    The third bandit also saw Semial showed himself. So, he came up with a plan and whispered to the other two. He had to take a safety measure since the mage didn't come out.

    The three bandits slowly move to Semial's location while Semial just stood there waiting for the enemy to come. Another [Ice Bolt] came and deflected by the enemies easily.

    When the three bandits almost arrived at Semial's location, a shadow came out from behind a tree nearby and attacked them.

    As soon as this shadow came out, Semial also got into action. He charged towards the three bandits. The three bandits stopped moving and raised their weapons.

    The third bandit who was the only swordsman faced up against Semial's charge and blocked the attack.

    The shadow took out a dagger and slashed towards the nearby enemy. However, the second bandit had aware of the shadow's action and used his dagger to block the attack.

    Both of the attack was blocked entirely by the third bandit and the second bandit. Meanwhile, the first bandit didn't prevent any attack had looked at the shadow's direction.

    As the shadow's attack was blocked by the second bandit, the first bandit wanted to aid. He attacked the shadow.

    However, before his attack arrived at the shadow, the shadow launched a [Fire Ball] towards him in a close range. The first bandit caught off guard. He thought that the shadow was a thief. He never thought that it was a mage.

    With his reflexes, he quickly raised his dagger in front of him to block the spell. The spell hit his weapon. However, [Fire Ball] was an explosive spell. Moreover, it was launched in such a close range. Although the spell was blocked, the first bandit got blown by the spell.

    A surprised look was shown in the first bandit's face. Although he was caught off guard, but as a professional, he would not give up that easily. He already thought of a plan to join hand with the second bandit to pressure the mage.

    However, before he could land appropriately on the ground, a spell hit him from behind. The impact made him fell forward. It was the spell from Remus, who was still hiding.

    Auron saw this and ignored the second bandit. He immediately went to the first bandit who was fallen on the ground. The second bandit was stupefied with the sudden course of action. He chased Auron. However, he was already one step behind Auron.

    Auron already took a posture to stab his dagger downward to the first bandit. The second bandit shouted over, "Dodge!"

    Auron had stabbed downward. The first bandit who was on the ground rolled over because of the second bandit's warning. Auron's dagger only managed to graze his arm.

    Meanwhile, the second bandit also slashed his dagger towards Auron. Fortunately, Remus was aware and backed Auron up. When Auron went over to the first bandit and was being chased by the second bandit, Remus already chanted his spell and aimed the second bandit.

    That was why when the second bandit's attack almost reached Auron, a spell was already coming towards him. He had to choose whether to continue to attack Auron and got hit by the spell or blocked the spell and let Auron go.

    In such a difficult choice, the second bandit's natural instinct chose it for him. He had to protect himself first. So, he stopped attacking Auron and went into a defensive position. He managed to block the spell in exchange of Auron got away.

    Auron distanced himself from the two bandits. The first bandit who was lying on the ground, had already stood up and joined the fight.

    Meanwhile, at Semial's place, he was fighting intensively against the third bandit. Actually, Semial was slightly stronger than the third bandit. However, the difference was not that wide. Moreover, the third bandit showed all that he got to try to keep up with Semial.

    As a result, Semial had a difficult time shaking off the third bandit to help Auron and Remus. Fortunately, when he looked at Auron's side, it seems both Auron and Remus had a better position. This made him felt relaxed and could focus more on his battle.

    Back at Auron's side, he was facing two bandits in front of him. A mage against two thieves. However, the two thieves didn't dare to act recklessly because they knew there was another mage hiding nearby.

    The two thieves looked at each other, and with a nodded, they moved into action. Both of the thieves split themselves and attack from Auron's left and right side.

    Since the thieves could not see the hiding mage, they had no choice but to attack what was in front of them. However, they also didn't want to attack blindly; that was why they split.

    Auron had no intention to wait for the enemies to gang upon him. He had to choose one of the incoming enemies. Both of the thieves almost had the same power. So, whether Auron chose the right one or the left one, there weren't that many differences.

    Auron decided to choose the second bandit who was coming from his right. Seeing that Auron choose the right side, Remus didn't stay silent. He chanted an [Earth Wall] and blocked the first bandit's path to Auron.
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