310 Missing Clue 3

    [Earth Wall] rose up from the ground and blocked the first bandit's path. He had to make a detour or break the wall.

    Each option had its pros and cons. If the first bandit chose to take a detour, it would take a few more steps to get to the other side. Meanwhile, if he decided to break the wall, it would take another few seconds to break the barrier. Moreover, the mage, who was hiding, could aim him when he broke the wall.

    Considering all of its pros and cons, in the end, he chose to make a detour. When the first bandit arrived at the other side of the wall, Auron had already gone to the other side. The first bandit didn't have any choice but to continue chasing Auron.

    Meanwhile, Auron had already gone into battle against the second bandit. The second bandit had took out his dagger. In response to that, Auron also took out not only his dagger but also preparing his spell.

    The second bandit was the one who initiated the first attack. He took out his dagger and used a thief's skill, [Dark Modification]. A black aura was seeped out from the dagger's hilt and covered all over the dagger. Not only that, the black aura was actually longer than the original dagger.

    It was a unique thief skill that was used to surprise the enemy. It made the thief's attack range became longer due to the black aura. The thief's attack range became as long as a standard sword for 5 minutes.

    Not only that, but the black aura also gave the dagger a paralyzing effect. So, when an enemy was slashed by the dagger, even though it was only a graze, the enemy would be paralyzed for less than a second. However, the dagger had to contact with the enemy's skin to get the paralyze effect.

    This was a must-have skill for a thief. Even if you had to spend an enormous amount of money, you must have this skill. Of course, it was easier said than the reality. The drop rate of the skill was very low. So, it became expensive.

    Unfortunately, the skill also depended on the skill's level. A level 1 [Dark Modification] gave the thief 5 minutes durations, but it had 48 hours of cooldown. For each subsequent level, it would reduce the cooldown.

    This long cooldown made the skill became a secret weapon during the battle. If it used correctly, then a lower level thief could kill a higher level enemies easily.

    Seeing the [Dark Modification] skill, Auron didn't back out. However, he had to change his original plan. Even though both of their weapons were a dagger. But, due to the skill, the second bandit's dagger had a longer attack range.

    Auron launched the spell first and took a sharp sidestep. Using the spell as a cover, he went forward and attacked the bandit from the side. The second bandit had to deal with the spell first. Using his enhanced dagger, the bandit blocked the spell. And, with quick reflexes, he had changed his focus to Auron, who was coming from his side.

    Auron had arrived beside the bandit to launch the surprise attack. However, Auron's dagger was blocked by the second bandit's dagger.

    The battle continued with the Auron chanting a spell. However, before he could launch the spell, he had to dodge the second bandit's retaliation attack first. If Auron was a swordsman or merchant who could use heavy armor, he could use his armor to receive the attack. However, Auron was using his mage character right now.

    A mage could only use a cloth type armor. So, against the [Dark Modification] skill, he had to avoid it since the dagger could slash through his cloth armor.

    The second bandit slashed vertically towards Auron with all of his might. Auron raised his dagger horizontally and blocked the incoming slash. The slash's power was a little bit powerful that made Auron used extra power.

    Seeing the slash was blocked, the second bandit changed his posture and took a thrust posture. Using the enhanced dagger, he thrust his dagger to Auron.

    Auron saw the attack coming and made a prevention. He jumped to the side and counter-attack. However, Auron shorter range made him had to go forward a little bit before his dagger could reach the bandit.

    And, that step forward gave the enemy time to react. The enemy also jumped back to dodge Auron's attack. However, Auron's offense didn't stop right there. He was a mage. The one that supposed to be feared was not his physical attack but his magical attack.

    Auron launched [Fire Bolt] in close range. The bandit raised his dagger in front of him. Unfortunately, Auron didn't aim his body. Instead, Auron aimed at his leg who was uncovered by the dagger.

    The [Fire Bolt] burned the bandit's leg. However, Auron didn't stop right there. With the bandit took a hit, he used his dagger to push his advantages, a stab to the bandit's lower right stomach.

    The pain in the bandit's leg made his reaction a little bit dull. He could not react to Auron's dagger in time and got stab cleanly by Auron's dagger. Seeing that he was out of options, instead of escape, the bandit return Auron's attack immediately without minding his injuries.

    Auron had been aware of the bandit's attack. He tried his best to jump to the side to dodge the attack. However, he was too close to the bandit. Moreover, the bandit's attack range had been enhanced by the [Dark Modification].

    Auron had been grazed by the tip of the black aura. He immediately felt the paralyzed effect took place. Although it was only less than one second, but it was enough to cancel his movement. Moreover, it also made his [Walking Chanting] skill failed and damaged him.

    The second bandit's attack took a little bit of Auron's health. However, the failure of [Walking Chanting] took way more health than the bandit's attack. Fortunately, despite the damage, Auron was still in a way better condition than the bandit.
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