317 Dark Ancient Plant 1

    At the end of the tunnel, there was a circular hall. The circular hall had a diameter of 16 meters. There was only one exit from the hall, which was from the path that Auron used right now.

    At the center of the hall, there was a plant that big enough to covered half of the circular hall. That plant was the one that emitted the pungent smell.

    With Felice's shout, Semial stopped his action and looked back. Felice immediately explained what happened to them. There was a reason why they were found weak and could not do anything. Half of it was because of the pungent smell. The other half was because they insisted on fighting the plant.

    "There were several things that we found up to this point," Felice said.

    "First, it is the plant that spread this pungent smell. And, this pungent smell causes us to lose some of our mana points. Because of that, we have to rely on potions."

    "However, that is not all. This pungent smell also ignites a fire-based attack. Previously, Patricia had tried to use the fire spell. However, it was disastrous."

    "Yes, I don't know why, but the air here ignites fire more. Previously, I used a normal [Fire Bolt]. When I produced the flame, it suddenly explodes and hurts all of us. Fortunately, it was a weak spell, so the damage was not that big." Patricia helped Felice to explain.

    "So, although the plant was weak too fire, we could not use a fire-based attack to attack it." Felice concluded."

    "Second, as soon as we entered the hall, the plant's root would attack us immediately. And, the most important thing was that if you get hit by the plant's root even, it was just a graze, you will be paralyzed for 1 minute."

    Auron looked at the plant from far away. Near the plant, he found several holes and thought, "So, that was where the plant's root was coming out."

    "Can't you cure the paralyzed effect?" Remus asked Felice.

    "Yes, I can. However, it is not as simple as you can think. I cannot enter the circular hall as you did. The plant's root that appeared was equivalent to the number of the people inside the circular hall. And, each root would be assigned to one person."

    "I am not as agile as you guys. I cannot avoid the roots easily. Which was why, if you get hit by the root near the exit, I can cure you. However, if you get hit at the other end, then I could do nothing to help."

    "However, you don't have to be worried. The plant was strange. After you get paralyzed by the root, it would not attack you or kill you. It will only drag you and throw you out to the exit. Of course, you will still the paralyzed effect until it disappeared, and also you will get some damage, but it was not deadly."

    "What happened, if you attack or destroy the roots?" Semial asked.

    "At some point, the damage accumulated would make the root withered. However, another root would appear and replace the withered root. Moreover, after some time, the withered root would recover and join in attacking you. So, you will have to face two roots."

    "Have you tried to attack it from the tunnel?" Auron asked.

    What Auron had said made sense. Because of the plant's massive body, it covered almost half of the circular hall. This also made the distance between the plant and the hall's exit was sufficient for a ranged attack or magic attack to hit it.

    However, Felice actually shuddered when she heard Auron asked that question. She answered, "Yes, we can. However, the result would be disastrous. Actually, the reason why we were laid weakly on the ground was that we tried that option."

    "After the attack, the plant suddenly summoned all of its roots and attacked the exit at the same time. What made it more dangerous was the fact that the paralyzed effect was enhanced to last for five minutes."

    "We didn't prepare for the attack, and all of our members became the victim to the attack. Not only that, not only the attack damage us, but it also saps all of our mana points."

    "I advised you not to use that option," Felice said.

    Auron pondered on the information that he had just got. When he was pondering, a dissatisfied and furious voice rang, "Hold a second! If you want to fight against that plant, you can do it on your own. I had enough, I am out of this."

    A man who was at his forties said. From the way of the conversation, he could deduce that Auron wanted to fight against this creature.

    "Watch your tone, Erick! Is that what you said to your savior?" Patricia was furious and reprimanded the man called Erick.

    "Who do you think you are to reprimand me, Patricia? You are not my mother nor the leader. So, you don't have any right to reprimand me." Just like what Erick said, the leader of the group was not Patricia. What's more unfortunate was the leader was among the dead.

    "I don't care anymore on whatever you gonna say or do. I am out of here. So, who's with me?" Erick said to the rest of the group.

    The group's members hesitated before another two people apologized and joined with Erick. "See, it was not just me who wants to back out. So, stop thinking of fighting against that plant."

    However, contrary to Erick's persuasion, Patricia furiously said, "No! We are still gonna fight against that monster."

    Erick shrugged his shoulders and said, "Do as you wish. I am out of here."

    Then, Erick with the two people who joined him previously left, ignoring the furious Patricia. "You cowards!!!" Patricia furiously said.

    After venting his anger, Patricia was out of breath. Actually, from the start, Patricia had a fight with Erick. She was really dissatisfied with Erick's attitude.
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