318 Dark Ancient Plant 2

    Erick always did what he wanted to do and didn't care about the group. His teamwork was very poor. Not only that, he always blamed others when it was actually his fault. That was why Patricia didn't like him. Fortunately, there was the group's leader that tried to calm the situation down. However, now that the leader had died, no one could calm the situation.

    "Just go, you cowards! F***, such a sissy." Patricia explodes.

    Patricia kept on cursing until Erick gone from her sight. It looked like the pungent smell didn't have any effect on her at the moment.

    After Erick gone from her sight, Patricia was out of breath. Fortunately, there was Felice besides her, who calmed her down.

    After a while, Patricia turned to the group and asked, "So, do we fight?"

    Patricia actually didn't really want to fight in the first place. However, she could not stand still facing Erick's bossy attitude. She just wanted to curse Erick. And, the chance came.

    Auron looked at Patricia, surprised. Not only him, but Semial and Remus were surprise as well. The only one who didn't surprise was Felice, who knew her from a long time ago.

    Right now, there were 7 people in the tunnel. There was Auron, Semial, and Remus. There was also Patricia and Felice. Meanwhile, the other two were a female archer and a male thief.

    Patricia's question was faced with silence. None of them dared to voice the question. Auron was pondering for a while. A few seconds later, he said, "Have you tried to attack the plant from the tunnel while there was someone inside the hall?"

    "The plant should not be able to distinguish between the attack that came from the tunnel or inside the hall." Auron continued.

    "I guess that the reason the plant attacks the tunnel was because it could not sense any presence inside the hall, which made him conclude that the attack must be coming from the tunnel. Hence, it attacked the tunnel."

    Hearing Auron's reasoning, the other also pondered on what Auron had said. It made sense. The plant should have no intelligence. So, it could not distinguish an attack coming from the tunnel or inside the hall.

    "It seems doable. However, who wanted to try it?" The female archer said.

    That was the biggest concern. Who was the one who wanted to become the sacrificial lamb? Silence permeated the group once more.

    Since no one volunteering, Auron raised his hand, "Let me do it!"

    As a mage, Auron had [Aqua Barrier], the life-saving skill that could hold one attack. However, that was not the source of Auron's confidence. The real source of Auron's courage was his deduction.

    He had been playing this game for almost 10 years. From what Felice had explained, when there was someone inside the circular hall, the plant never attacked the tunnel.

    "Let's try it. I will be the one who went inside the hall." Semial said.

    Felice and Patricia had a worried expression on their face. Not only them but the archer and the thief as well. They had experienced the nightmare of the plant's root. Felice wanted to say something. However, after looking at Auron's confidence's face, she put it behind her head.

    Seeing everyone agreed, Auron said, "Let's do it."

    Auron looked at Semial and nodded. With that, Semial went inside the circular hall. As soon as Semial stepped into the hall, the plant's root immediately showed up from the hole and attacked Semial.

    Semial didn't immediately attack the plant nor the roots. He needed to feel familiar with the roots' speed and strength. So, he chose to run away first.

    It was just as what Felice had explained before. Only one root coming out and attacked Semial. After two minutes fighting against the root, Semial had become familiar with the root's speed and strength.

    Now, Semial could easily avoid the attack. After feeling everything was fine, he gave a sign to Auron.

    Auron received the sign and looked at the other members besides him. "If you were afraid, you could back out first."

    However, Patricia and Felice immediately reject it, "No, we are staying here."

    Seeing the situation, the archer and the thief could not go away if they wanted too. So, they could only stay here.

    Auron started to chant a spell. It was just a simple [Wind Bolt]. After a while, the [Wind Bolt] immediately shot towards the plant. And, Auron also chanted [Aqua Barrier] just to be safe.

    The [Wind Bolt] flew towards the plant. After a few seconds, it hit the plant. When the [Wind Bolt] hit the plant, everyone had activated their own life-saving skill, including Auron.

    However, after waiting for two seconds, there was no attack coming towards them. Auron threw another spell. Not only him, but the archer and Remus also attacked the plant. And, just as Auron had thought, there was no response from the plant.

    The plant kept on busy attacking Semial, who busy avoiding the root. However, right now, he was not only dodging the root but also counter-attack the plant.

    With this, the group members' faces became bright. Finally, they found a way to defeat the plant. Semial also became more spirited since it means he would not fight alone.

    Everyone became busy with their own. Patricia, Auron, and Remus, who were a mage, had their way with their spell to attack the plant. Meanwhile, the thief and the archer could use bow and arrow to attack the plant.

    Meanwhile, Felice, who was a cleric, supported the other. Unfortunately, they also could not attack easily. As the pungent smell reduced all of their mana points, they could not use a spell or skill easily.

    They also had to occasionally drank mana potion to be safe. This was more important for Felice, who was a cleric. She had to buff Semial as well as heal the other. Semial, who was inside the hall, also had to find a way to get to the tunnel. It was because Felice needed to heal and buff him.
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