320 Dark Ancient Plant 4

    [Dark Ancient Plant] (Epic monster)

    Level: 330

    HP: 8280100/10100000

    MP: -/-

    Skills: Gas of Death (passive), Recover Health

    Description: A dark ancient plant that lived a long time ago. It supposed to be extinct and can only be found in an ancient ruin. It will always release the Gas of Death until its death.

    It had been one hour since the battle against the boss started. Auron and his group could only reduce almost 20% of the boss's health.

    It seems pretty impressive for a team of 7 people. However, behind that impressiveness, Auron had already spent a lot of money.

    Although Roan had said that he would help Auron with anything, he also could not handle this spent. He still needed money to continue his business. Roan braved himself to talk to Auron. Of course, he arranged his word so it would not hurt Auron.

    Auron also had the same thought as him. However, he was not willing to leave the boss after spending 1 hour. He started to ponder how to make the battle became quicker.

    While pondering, a shout was heard. Semial had been careless and got hit by the plant's root. He got paralyzed and fell to the ground.

    "Oh, no!" Auron, who saw the root started to wrap Semial, became wary.

    If the plant threw Semial away from the hall, then there would be no person inside the hall. The attack from the tunnel would trigger the boss's rage. Without thinking much, Auron immediately stepped inside the hall.

    Another root emerged from the ground and attack Auron. Meanwhile, the other root threw Semial away and got back into the ground. Thanks to Auron's quick reaction, there was nothing significant happened.

    Meanwhile, Semial's injuries also not heavy and had been healed by Felice. One thing that really hurts from this one incident was the fact that the boss recovered 5% of its health. It took them 15 minutes to reduce that amount of health. So, now, they had to spend 15 minutes more.

    "Sorry, guys. I will be careful next time," Semial said while went back inside the hall. Felice already healed him completely, so he was ready for the second round.

    Another root emerged from the ground and attacked Semial as soon as he entered the hall. Semial wanted to tell Auron to get back to the tunnel once more. However, before he could say that, Auron said something first, "Hey, let us destroy one of this root first."

    Semial wanted to stop Auron since he know from Felice that it would only spawn another root and giving them more work. However, Auron already attack the root.

    Since Auron had led him from before and he trusted Auron, Semial followed Auron's action and attacked the same root as the one that Auron attacked. Each root had one million health points. However, its defense was not as sturdy as the boss itself.

    Auron and Semial's attack damaged the root for around 3000 to 6000 each attack. Moreover, if Semial used his skill, then it could produce 10000 damage to the root. As this was only a trial, only Auron and Semial that were attacking the root. Meanwhile, the others still attacked the boss.

    The damages quickly accumulated, and in one minute, the root withered. It had died under Auron and Semial attacks. Just like what Felice had said previously, as soon as the root died, another root showed up and replaced the withered root.

    However, Auron smiled. It was not because of the newly emerged root, but it was because the boss got his health reduced by 1% when the root died.

    "Use your area attacks!" Auron shouted to the group while avoiding the newly emerged root.

    The groups had been holding their area attack because they didn't want to accidentally kill the root and make the bait's burden heavier.

    However, the other didn't immediately used their area attack. It was because they were confused about why Auron would told them to do something like that.

    "Look at the boss' health. It reduced by about 1% as soon as the root died." Auron explained.

    The others confirmed this and started to use their area attack. The attack hit the boss as well as its root. With the help of the area damage, the root's health quickly depleted.

    It only took 40 seconds for another root to die under the barrages of the attack. However, the fourth root already emerged and attacked Semial.

    Right now, the situation was still under control with two withered roots and one root for Auron and Semial each. The third root withered and replaced by the fifth root.

    However, the situation not always been this easy. When the fifth root emerged, the first root that withered already recovered and joining the battle. Right now, three roots attacked Semial and Auron.

    As the roots died and replaced with another newly emerged root, the burden on Semial and Auron started to get heavy. Although the recovered root immediately got hit by the area damage. However, it still took some time to kill it.

    Moreover, as the number of roots increased, Semial could not contribute to damage the root as he was busy dodging the roots. Meanwhile, Auron still had the [Walking Chanting] skill. So, he still could attack while focusing on avoiding.

    Soon, all 16 roots had emerged. When Auron's group killed a root, there was no new root that replaced the die one. This sudden discovery was discovered by Remus, who was focusing on the battlefield.

    As he shouted this excellent news, the team's mood started to brighten more. However, it was different for Semial and Auron. Both of them had to dodge 10 roots. 5 for each of them, and it already drained their stamina much more. So, they didn't have the time to enjoy the good news.

    "Increase your output damage!!! Use your buff potion if you had any!" Auron stressed out. He was beginning to feel the difficulty in avoiding the roots. Moreover, the space had been reduced because of the many roots.
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