321 Dark Ancient Plant 5

    Auron and Semial felt pressured. Because of it, their stamina depleted faster. Although Auron had shouted to increased the damage output, but the others didn't know how to do it. All through this battle, they had already used everything they got.

    So, there was nothing they could do to increase the damage output except for exchanging their equipment to a better one. However, in this situation, it was also impossible to get better gear.

    Although Auron and Semial had a difficult time. However, their hard work proved to be a success. The boss already lost more than 60% of their health in just 30 minutes. It was two times quicker than their previous way.

    The boss only got 25% of its health before going down.  Two roots withered down due to the area damage. However, 30 seconds later, a withered root recovered. Then, another 30 seconds, another dead root also recovered.

    The number of roots was going up and down between 8 to 11 roots. Auron and Semial could not use the mana potion because of the roots. So, right now, the pungent smell's effect had already decreased their health point instead of mana point.

    This situation made their work harder. Auron could not use any spell due to insufficient mana points. They also had to rely on Felice to recover their health. Moreover, since Auron and Semial were inside the hall, the pungent smell's effect increased. It decreased 10 health points each second.

    This whopping increased from 2 to 10 made Auron wanted to curse the developer who create this monster. Unfortunately, he didn't have that luxury right now.

    "Uh..." Semial almost got hit by the roots. Fortunately, he still could avoid the root by a breath.

    Auron also started to slow down. He wanted to use his swordsman's movement skill, but the mana points were insufficient for him to do that.

    Seeing his friends were in deep trouble, the thief gritted his teeth and moved inside the hall. He hoped to help lighten the burden on Auron and Semial. As the thief stepped forward, no new roots coming up to him since it had reached its maximum capacity.

    As a thief, his melee damage was more severe than his ranged damage. He started to attack the root and kill one of them. Then, he moved to another root and killed another one. It happened until he killed three of the roots when the first root that he killed recovered and attacked him.

    As a high agility thief, it should be easy for him to dodge the attack. However, the space to move had already been limited by the plant's big body and its roots moving everywhere.

    The thief killed two other roots and lessened Auron and Semial's burden. Unfortunately, the thief was not that proficient. His movement was sluggish and made many unnecessary movements. He tried his best to hold on.

    However, the thief could not hold for long before he got hit by the roots. The roots threw away the thief and recovered the boss's health by 5%.

    However, a new discovery happened. Previously, 5 roots targeting the thief. As soon as the thief was thrown away, all 5 roots were back to the ground. There were only 10 roots right now before a second later, a root withered, and the eleventh root emerged once more.

    Auron and Semial with lesser burden smiled. They could exploit this. However, their happy situation didn't happen for long. When the boss's health reached 10%, a notification appeared in front of Auron.

    [The Dark Ancient Plant health points have reached a critical end]

    [It felt a danger and unleashed all of his power]

    [All of its roots will be unleashed until it dies]

    [The pungent smell became stronger and affected your condition a lot. 100 health points will be reduced each second]

    "Stop!" Auron shouted. He stopped the thief from doing the trick. However, it was too late. The root was a step faster and threw the thief away. The boss's health recovered by 5%.

    With the last heal, the boss's health went up to 13%. Unfortunately, the trick didn't work. All of the roots that targeted the thief separated and attacked the enemy who was closer to them.

    Auron and his group's members' health points decreased faster because of the pungent smell. Felice's burden started to increase.

    "Kept ongoing, guys! A little bit more!" Auron shouted.

    As long as there was no one making any mistake, 13% should be enough by killing another 13 roots. However, it was easier said than done. The psychological effect of seeing your health decrease 100 points every second could not be ignored. Moreover, it was not like they had a million health points. So, 100 points every second really affect them.

    Felice tried her best to heal everyone. She used all of her healing spells. While she wait the healing spells' cooldown, she would gulp a mana potions as much as she could.

    13%... 12%... 11%... 10%... The boss' health decreased by 1% every time a root died.

    "Arghh..." The thief made another slight mistake when the boss's health reached 2%. The thief was paralyzed and could not move.

    Meanwhile, a root was already going to wrap him. If the root successfully bound him, then the boss would recover 5% of its health.

    Fortunately, before it could happen, Patricia and Remus simultaneously dealt a critical area damage. With two critical blows, it killed another two roots. The boss trembled greatly before it withered down.

    The pungent smell also started to dissipate slowly. A smile appeared on each of the members. Finally, they had killed the boss. Auron looked at the boss's place to see what items it would drop.

    Surprisingly, it didn't drop anything. When Auron was about to curse, a strong suction power showed up. It tried to suck everyone to the middle of the hall, including the one in the tunnel.

    All of the members could not resist the suction power and been dragged to the middle of the hall before they disappeared.
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