323 Sckilemd Ruin 2

    Auron started to explain what he knew, "We have to destroy this crystal within 2 hours, or else there will be something bad happened."

    [Sckilemd Ruin's core] (Epic monster)

    Level: 450

    HP: 100000000/100000000

    MP: 100000000/100000000

    Skills: Harden, Mana shield

    Description: Sckilemd Ruin's core. Destroy this core to get into the ruin's treasure trove. However, it is not as easy as you think.

    "Huh?! Then, we have to act quickly." As soon as the others heard there would be something terrible happened, they didn't think anymore and started to attack.

    -5. -9. -2. -3. A series of numbers floated above the crystal. However, the damage was too low. It was not as high as what they had thought.

    The attacks only produce a single-digit number. Auron's offense only produced 1 damage to the crystal. This shocking damage made them depressed.

    They could not see the crystal's health bar decreased at all. Auron frowned. However, he knew what made the crystal's health bar didn't drop. It was because the crystal had a mana shield skill.

    What made Auron frowned was the low damage. It was comparably too small compared to the amount of crystal's health. The crystal had 100 million health. Not to mention, the crystal also had a mana shield with 100 million mana points as well.

    This means they had to, at least, dealt 200 million damage to the crystal. However, seeing the low damage this would be an impossible task.

    "No... No... There must be something that could be exploited to increase the damage output." Auron still tried to thinking positively.

    The seven of them continued to attack the crystal. They also occasionally gulped the mana potion to use their skills.

    One hour passed, and there was nothing changed. The damage was still low and not increasing. Auron, who was a player, could see the digital number of the boss's current health and mana. However, it only made him more depressed.

    The damage they produced all this long was useless. The damage didn't even surpass the crystal's natural mana regeneration. So, this past one hour, they didn't do any damage at all to the crystal.

    The others gradually became weary and lost hope. They also felt that the crystal didn't even bulge at all with their low damage. The morale of the group became low.

    However, Auron didn't want to lose hope. He still tried to look for another way. Once, he even tried to attack the top of the crystal. He thought that maybe there would be an increased damage if he attacked the other part of the crystal. However, all of that was futile. The attack stayed the same.

    As the countdown timer started to grow close to zero, they had given up, including Auron. This type of monster could only be overpowered by significant damage or a high quantity of low damage. However, none of them could get those options at this moment.

    "What bad thing will happen?" Felice asked Auron since he was the one who said that there would be something terrible will happen.

    "Will we die?" The female archer asked.

    "I don't know. However, we will not die for now. It is because when the countdown hit zero, we will be teleported to the nearest town. However, I don't know what would happen next." Auron told the others.

    Some of them breathed a relieved sighed. At least, they didn't immediately die. There should be still time for them to save themself or asked for help to the royalty.

    "What should we do right now?" Patricia asked. There were still 15 minutes left before the two hours time limit passed.

    "Let's return to town and inform the kingdom or the town to prepare for the worst," Auron told them and took out a [Return Scroll].

    However, when he was about to use the [Return Scroll], a notification appeared.

    [You cannot use this item inside an ancient ruin]

    Auron tried once more, but the same notification appeared. It was the same with the others. None of them successfully used the [Return Scroll].

    All of them looked at each other with a confused look when Auron said, "It looks like we have to wait for the timer to end before we can exit this place."

    With 15 minutes left, they had decided to explore the place. However, the place was tiny. There was nothing special at this place except this small island with a floating red crystal and numerous butterflies flying around the area.

    In less than 10 minutes, they had finished exploring the place and could not found something extraordinary or even an exit. They had no choice but to wait near the crystal until the timer ended.

    The crystal was glowing darker and darker. At first, it glowed light red color, however, as time passed, the red color became darker and darker. When the countdown almost hit zero, the color even resembled black rather than red.

    [You have failed to destroy the ruin's core]

    [You will be teleported to Mischelvin]

    [Teleporting began in 10... 9... 8...]

    In the end, Auron and his group were teleported back to Mischelvin. A white light covered the group before made the group disappeared.

    As soon as Auron and his group disappeared, the red crystal vibrated. Then, its color became black. Not only that, the numerous butterflies that flew around the place also flying uncontrollably before all of them fell down to the ground one by one.

    One second later, after the butterfly touched the ground, it shone brightly and transformed into a monster that stood with its two feet. It also had a butterfly wing behind its back.

    The appearance of the monster was different from each other. Some of them were thin, while the others had a bulky appearance. However, there was one thing that all of them had, which was the butterfly wing behind their back.

    The green grass began to wither, and the beautiful scenery turned into a dark place, resembling a graveyard. At the place where Auron first arrived at this place appeared a portal that led to outside.
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