324 Destroy the core II 1

    Auron and his group were teleported to Mischelvin. When he opened his eyes, there were already many people gathering at the town center. This situation garnered Auron's attention.

    Auron went and took a look at the situation. It was actually the old man and Trito who were at the center of the situation. The old man brought his guards along with him and told the villager about what Trito had done.

    Although what the old man said was the truth, of course, Trito would dodge the accusation. He brought the town's guards and faced the old man. Hence, the situation came to a halt.

    With the town villager as the spectator, the old man and Trito accused one to another. Each of them didn't want to give in and stood at their stance. The villager split into three parts. One group sided with the old man since they had felt suspicious about Trito's behavior. Another group joined hand with Trito and stood with him. Meanwhile, the last group stayed neutral and didn't pick any side.

    \"All this time, you lied to all of us! Now, it is time for you to repay your sin!\" The old man shouted furiously.

    \"What nonsense are you saying? Bull**!! Speak the truth! You want to rebel against the kingdom, right?\" Trito rebuked the old man and returned with another accusation.

    Felice pulled Auron's mage robe and said, \"We don't have time for this. We have to immediately report this to the military.\"

    With Felice reminder, Auron came back to his sense. Although he wanted to help the old man, but he had something more important right now. As he was about to turn and went into the town's portal, the place slowly turned dark.

    This phenomenon took everyone attention, not only Auron and his group but also the old man and Trito.

    Auron looked at the sky. From the ruin's direction, he could see something flying towards them. Their number was numerous, and it closed the sun's light.

    The shadow flew passed the town. As the shadow flew passed the town, something dropped down from that shadow.

    Bang... As the object landed on the ground, it created a huge noise and a crater inside the town. A huge two-legged shadow stood up. The shadow was very bulky, and behind its back, there was a butterfly's wing. A few seconds later, at another place inside Mischelvin, another shadow dropped to the ground. And, one by one, several other shadows followed suit.

    Auron was unfamiliar with the shadow. However, as soon as he saw the butterfly's wings behind the shadow's back, he thought back about the butterflies inside the ruin.

    \"Not good.\" Auron thought. He looked at his group and said, \"We need to get out of here immediately.\"

    Auron pulled Semial and used the town's portal to teleport to another town. Then, he made several teleports until he reached Miderian.

    Felice and Patricia immediately went to the military to report what they found. Auron also worried about the situation, he contacted Roan through in-game chatting. However, he could not contact Roan at all.

    He tried several times again, but none of it managed to reach Roan. However, a minute later, Roan contacted him while cursing.

    \"D****, that creature! What was that thing!!\" Roan cursing.

    \"Oops, sorry, pal! What happened?\" Roan asked Auron after his call connected.

    \"What happened?\" Auron said.

    \"I don't know, there was some strange creature dropped down from the sky and destroyed everything inside the town,\" Roan said.

    Roan told him that he just arrived at one of the towns around Mischelvin when the incident happened. He tried to run, but the creature was so quick and killed him instantly. Right now, he was back at his resurrection point in a city near Miderian.

    \"It looks like it didn't only happen at Mischelvin,\" Auron concluded.

    Auron hoped that the military could act swiftly and contained the situation. Five minutes later, a series of notifications appeared at every player inside Gaia, including Auron.

    [An ancient ruin had been opened]

    [Help the kingdom to contain the ruin's power]

    [The kingdom had issued a quest]

    [You are forced to accept a kingdom's quest]

    [Destroy the core II]

    Description: The kingdom had issued an expedition quest to stop this catastrophe. Help the kingdom to destroy the ruin's core to prevent the disaster.

    Quest Clear Condition: Destroy the ruin's core.

    Quest Clear Rewards: The higher your contribution, the higher the rewards.

    Quest Failure Punishment: None.

    However, that notification only appeared to Auron's swordsman character. Meanwhile, as Auron was inside his mage character, another notification popped out.

    [military had issued an order]

    [Gather at the nearest military base within one hour]

    [If you failed to show up, you will be deemed as a traitor and be punished]

    Since Auron's mage character had a position inside the military, he got the military's order while his swordsman got the player's quest.

    Although the kingdom could force the player to accept the quest, however, they could not force the player to participate in the quest. The kingdom could only do things that could entice the players to join, which was by giving the players huge rewards.

    That was why when this kingdom-wide quest was issued, Auron immediately thought to give all of his effort using his swordsman character. However, he could not stop worrying about his mage character from dying.

    However, Auron could not neglect his position in the military. In the end, he put that thing at the back of his mind first. Right now, he could only comply with the military's order and went to the military base at Miderian. In the military base, Auron met once again with Felice and Patricia. He also met with the female archer and the male thief.

    While waiting, Auron browsed the player's global chat channel. Many players around the area did what Roan had done. They cursed the developer for this sudden monster. However, some of them felt excited about this new, unexpected quest.
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