330 Giant Papillon 3

    The [Giant Papillon] swung hit large arm towards Iron Wall. However, the fist met with Iron Wall's shield.

    The [Giant Papillon] failed to destroy the ballista. The Second Prince raised his hand and gave a signal. With the Second Prince's sign, all of the royal guards and most of the soldiers turned and surrounded the [Giant Papillon].

    Several hundred attacks immediately thrown at the boss. The Second Prince also didn't want to be left out. He used his most potent skill to attack the boss.

    The first [Giant Papillon]'s health started to decrease once more at a rapid speed. It already at half of his health. As the players began to come one by one, the health speed started to decrease quicker.

    Meanwhile, the second [Giant Papillon] tried to help his teammate. Unfortunately, with the Second Prince's command, some of the top-ranked guild already assigned to it. Their goal was not to kill the [Giant Papillon]. They only needed to hinder the second [Giant Papillon] from helping the first one until the first [Giant Papillon] died.

    It was by no chance was not an easy task. However, the Second Prince already offered them a great deal. So, they would undoubtedly agree.

    The three ballista shot the javelin once more to the first boss. After shooting that javelins, the soldiers, which operated it, immediately moved the ballista since they were too close to the boss. They had to keep this ballista safe since it was their damage dealer.

    Iron Wall tried his best to control the first [Giant Papillon]. It was not easy, but with the support of the royal guards, he managed to keep the boss from charging towards the ranged damage behind them.

    50%... 49%... 48%... 49%... 48%... 47%...

    The boss's health decreased quickly. A minute later, the boss's regained a portion of its health back due to the natural regeneration of the epic grade boss. Fortunately, the amount of the damage that the boss received surpassed the natural regeneration.

    Sadly, Auron could not even participate in this fight. He could only see the boss being beaten from far away. Although the boss was controlled properly by Iron Wall and the royal guards, but he still didn't dare to come too close to the boss. It only took one hit from the boss to kill him.

    Auron had tried to use his mage character to attack from far away. He used his current most powerful attack spell to hit the boss, [Fire Lance]. Sadly, it only produced 1 damage. It was the lowest damage that could be done to a boss.

    When fighting against a boss, if the boss didn't block or avoid the attack using a skill or spell, the lowest damage would be 1 instead of 0. Auron could only get the lowest damage possible.

    After Auron's attack, the boss started to roar and swept the soldiers near him. Fortunately, a second later, Iron Wall took the boss's attention. However, that short second, already made Auron sweat.

    What if Iron Wall didn't manage to control the boss and the boss let loose and attack the backline. Auron could be one of the victims.

    This was his mage character that only had one life. He still wanted to exploit his cheat more. This small contribution to the quest was not worthed compared to the benefit of his cheat. That was why Auron decided to stay and watched everything from behind.

    It took another 1 hour to decrease the first boss's health to 5%. The boss was in its deathbed. During that one hour, the boss had used his summoning skill several times. However, with the many players out here, the summoned monster could do nothing except becoming the player's loot.

    Another 5 minutes and the first boss let out its last roar. A considerable amount of items popped out at the boss's corpse. All the players immediately swept the things. Although there were many items from the boss, but there were more players. So, many players didn't get anything except the contribution points.

    As a prince, the Second Prince didn't bother with the items. After all, if they managed to clear this ruin, the ruin's treasure would be given to them. So, these few items would be better to be given to the players.

    With the first boss died, the group began to change their target to the second boss. The second boss died quicker. In less than one hour, the second boss followed the step of the first boss.

    With all of the bosses gone, the portal started to shake. The dark red colored portal began to turn blue. When the portal had turned completed to blue, there was no monster coming out of it anymore.

    All of the players started to go over to the portal. They entered the portal and disappeared. However, some players exited from the entrance after entering for a few seconds.

    The Second Prince also went to the portal. He only brought 90% of the soldiers that were participated in the battle with him and entered the portal. Meanwhile, the rest of the soldiers would be left outside to control and maintain the situation.

    Auron also controlled both of his characters and stepped into the portal. A few seconds later, he arrived at a vast field with no end. In front of him, there was another portal and a message.

    The message said that the place they were right now was some kind of 'waiting room.' The portal would be activated 10 minutes after the bosses at the other entrance died. The entrance that the message mentioned was the portal where the Fourth Prince was located.

    After the bosses at the other portal died, there would be 10 minutes before the portal activated. Before the portal activated, people could come and exit the 'waiting room' as they like. However, after the portal activated, there would be no chance to enter or exit the 'waiting room.'

    Below the message, there were two bar of health that representing the other portal's bosses' current health. And also, there was a warning below the health bars that only players could see.

    [When you die inside the ruin, your death penalty will be doubled]
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