331 Challenger 1

    Auron pondered deeply on the message there. This was a grave matter for him since ancient ruin was not a playground. He couldn't know what would happen inside an ancient ruin.

    In the end, Auron decided to participate in this conquest using his swordsman character. He took his mage character out of the waiting room and wait outside. After all, if his swordsman character died, he could still revive, although he would suffer double the death penalty.

    After settling everything, Auron looked at the other portal's boss's info. It seems the battle would not end soon. One of the bosses already died while the other boss still had 50% of its health left.

    It took for another 30 minutes for the Fourth Prince's group to defeat the boss. As soon as the boss's defeat, a group of people arrived at the waiting room as well. It was the Fourth Prince's group and some players. Because of this, the waiting room was crowded with people.

    Meanwhile, the message in front of the portal changed. Instead of the bosses' health bar, there was a countdown now. There only a slightly less of 10 minutes on the countdown.

    Besides that, the message was also changed. There was a further explanation about what will happen after the portal opened.

    After 10 minutes, the portal to enter the ruin would open. Meanwhile, the gateway to the outside would be closed. There would be no one that could enter or exit the ruin.

    All of the participants would be deemed as a challenger to the ruin. There would be two ways to exit the ruin. One of them was to destroy the ruin's core. Meanwhile, the other way was to die.

    If the ruin's core was destroyed that it means that they would succeed conquering the ruin, and treasures were waiting for them. However, if they failed, then everything would be reset. The portal would spawn the monster endlessly until another batch of challengers could conquer the ancient ruin.

    The Fourth Prince went and met up with the Second Prince. They talked for a bit. Meanwhile, the large guild's leader didn't want to miss this chance. All of them also got closer to the princes and tried to befriend with the friend.

    Although they could not befriend with the princes, at least, they should befriend with the generals. On this conquest, each prince brought two generals under them. So, it means four generals present here.

    However, not every player could join the talks with the princes or the generals. Like Auron, many players joined this conquest just to experience ancient ruin. They would only stay at the corner and waiting patiently until the portal started.

    Time was ticking. The countdown would end soon. When the time was near, many players that were hesitating, exited the waiting room.

    When the countdown hit zero, the waiting room shook intensely. Not only that, but the portal to the outside world also dimmed out until it died down. The portal could not be used anymore.

    Everyone started the portal to the ruin. One by one, everyone disappearing into the portal. As Auron was at the back, he was waiting until the portal was not too crowded before moving and entered the portal.

    The world turned dark for a second before Auron regained back his sight. Auron was shocked when he looked at his surroundings. Instead of arriving at the beautiful garden with a crystal at the center, he arrived at a wasteland. The sun was scorching hot.

    Not only Auron, but there were other players and soldiers here. All of them were also shocked by the fact that they arrived at the wasteland.

    A wasteland inside a ruin was obviously a shocking matter. Auron looked in front of him and could not see anything unusual except sands. There were floating messages in front of him.

    [Range 201 - 300]

    [Time before start: 04:32]

    [Number of challengers: 125.623]

    There was another countdown for 5 minutes. Also, below the countdown, there was a number that indicated the person at this place. The countdown was actually for the players to prepare themselves. It also served as the time limit for the people in the waiting room.

    If until the countdown was over, there were still people in the waiting room, they would immediately die no matter how strong they were. Of course, there was no one knew about these consequences as no information about it.

    Soon, 5 minutes passed by. There were still some people that were ignorant and wait in the waiting room instead of entering the portal. A disaster occurred to them and killed them with no mercy.

    Meanwhile, 5 minutes also not a short time. The players that already when inside the wasteland didn't have any clue or instructions. So, they roamed around the desert on their own. However, they found nothing except the fact that this place seems had no ends.

    When the 5 minutes countdown was over, the number of challengers at Auron's place amount to 223.236 people. During those 5 minutes, Auron finally got the meaning of range 201-300 from the message.

    After analyzing the others, he found out that the people here had a level at that range regardless of whether they were players or NPCs.

    There was another message added below. It showed the amount of enemies. Surprisingly, the number of enemies was the same as the number of the challengers.

    Although some people were exploring the place on their own, but a large portion of the challengers didn't go anywhere, including Auron. So, when the new information was added, they became wary and took out their weapons.

    However, there was no movement anywhere. Auron could not see the enemies in every direction.

    \"Look, the number decreasing!\" A player shouted while pointing at the messages.

    Auron looked at the messages and found out that the number of the challengers had decreased. Meanwhile, the amount of enemies stayed the same. \"This was not a good sign,\" Auron thought.
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