332 Challenger 2

    \"Where is the enemy?\" Someone shouted.

    The players began panicking as the number of challengers kept on decreasing rapidly. Auron frowned. He could not see any enemies at his surroundings. In this vast crowd, panic began to spread.

    \"Don't panic! It must be the one who roamed around.\" Someone shouted.

    \"We have to be prepared before the enemies come!\"

    Just as what that player had said. The challengers that died was the one that detached themselves from the group. The enemies actually came from far away and slowly coming closer to the group.

    That was why if you roamed around by yourself, you would become an easy target for the enemies. Time ticking slowly, and there was still no sign of the enemies. However, the number of challengers that died stopped. It stopped when the enemies had killed around 20 thousand of the challengers.

    \"Prepare for battle! Form the ranks!\" One of the players voluntarily took command.

    The swordsman began to go up to the front, including Auron. Meanwhile, the thief started to use their [Stealth] skill.

    Thirty seconds later, dust could be seen from their place. And, it was not only coming from their front. From all over the side, they could see dust flying. They knew what this means, they were surrounded.

    As the enemies coming closer to the group, slowly, they began to see the enemies' appearance. It was the same butterflies enemy like the outside. Above the enemies' head, Auron could see a number representing their levels. All of them had the same number, 290.

    When the enemies entered the mage's spell range and the archer's attack range, the mages and archers began to throw their attacks at the enemies. Despite getting rained by spells and arrows, the enemies didn't run away or stop. They continued to charge towards the group from every direction.

    Several enemies began to spread their wings and flew to the sky. The enemies' number started to decrease.

    Not long after, the frontline clashed with the enemies. A massive battle in this small place began. Everyone threw their attacks desperately.

    Clang... Auron, who was at the frontline, blocked one of the enemies attack with his sword. He already used his [Weapon's Aura] to help increase his attack. Although the differences between Auron's level and the enemies' level was huge, but with his 'cheat' and his skill level, he could somehow hold on.

    Auron used his [Whirlwind Slash]. Not only that, he kept on using his area attack until everything was on cooldown. Not only him, but everyone kept on throwing their area skill.

    The challengers had clerics behind them. In this huge crowd, the clerics couldn't waste any time searching the players who needed this heal the most. They could only throw their heal spells randomly.

    Despite the enemies had a higher number and higher levels, the players didn't lose. They could defend against the monster. Casualty started to appear on both sides.

    As the challengers' level was varied from 201 to 300, their strength also differs from one to the other. Moreover, not everyone had the proper equipment. Meanwhile, the enemies had the same level, which was 290. Because of this, the weak players started to die one by one.

    The players' numbers started to get below 200 thousand. Meanwhile, the enemies had a slightly above 200 thousand. The players were actually had the upper hand. If not because of the roaming players that died first, the challengers actually killed more.

    Auron took the last hit of the enemy in front of him. Then, a heal spell rained upon him and recovered some of his health.

    The battlefield was chaotic, after killing the previous enemy, Auron could not take any breath because the other enemy already attacks him. He had fought another battle. He didn't even have time to drink mana potions.

    Three fourth of the enemies had arrived and clashed with the challengers. Meanwhile, the rest of the enemies was slowly coming behind them. This one-fourth of the enemies were different because they were slow.

    Auron blocked the enemy's attack when he saw at the far away a colossal monster. It was not as huge as [Giant Papillon]. However, it was bigger than the enemy he had faced.

    The big monster still had the butterfly wing behind their back. But, the difference was their butterfly wing was so small that it so contrast with their large body. It would be impossible for the big monster to use the wing to fly.

    Not only that, the big monster was slow. Its movement was very slow that it could be compared to a sloth. It took them almost 8 seconds to take a step forward.

    What attracts Auron's attention was the big monster wore a belt made from a fabric around its waist. And, along the belt, there were canned objects. From the appearance, it was an object that was usually used in a wedding or party to spray confetti.

    Since the monster's body was huge, there was not only one can. Each of the big monsters had 24 such can.

    Auron couldn't be bothered with the big monsters yet. He was occupied with the monster in front of him. Three more attacks, and he could kill the monster in front of him.

    Meanwhile, one of the big monsters stopped moving. Then, slowly it reached one of the canned objects in his waist.

    After taking the canned objects, then it aimed at the sky in front of him. This action obviously took the players' attention. They observed careful on what that canned object would do.

    Then, a huge boom blare when the canned object was used. It was like a gas explosion. Small particles from that canned object were fell from the sky. The tiny particles hit everything under it.

    Auron slashed his last attack towards the monster in front of him when the small particles touched him and his surroundings. Auron saw that the tiny particles didn't do anything on him, so he ignored it.

    However, when he was about to change the target, he found out that the monster he fought previously didn't die. Auron frowned. The small particles healed the enemies.
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