333 Challenger 3

    Auron raised his sword to block the monster's attack that he fought previously. He looked at the monster's health. The small particle actually healed 50% of the monster's health. Moreover, the area of effect was vast.

    Not only Auron that felt dejected due to this, but the other players also felt furious. Some of them even got hit by the monster due to this unexpected healing.

    Bang... Bang... Bang... Three same loud sound heard once again in the area. Another three big monsters fire the canned object. Small particles filled the air and healed the monster below it.

    \"Range unit! Target the big monster first!\" One of the players shouted.

    Although the big monster made the battle tougher, what fortunate was the monster's movement was slow. It took the monster 30 seconds to fire the small particles. Not only that, the skill range was not too far from the big monster. Because of that, the big monster was inside the ranged unit's attack range.

    One by one, the mages and archers began to aim the big monsters. However, not all of them wanted to follow the order and attack the big monster. Some players were selfish and only thought about themselves.

    Those people still attacked the nearby monster, even some of them didn't do anything and waited until the monster was low in health to kill steal. Fortunately, most of them were targeting the big monster.

    Sadly, the big monster also not weak. Its defense was high that when a player attacked, it only took 50% of the damage dealt to the small monster. Not only that, the big monster had more health than the small monster.

    Auron used another area skill to attack the monster he fought. Another three area skill from nearby players also hit the monster. Then, Auron finished the monster with another single target skill, [Bash].

    [Sloth Papillon] (Epic monster)

    Level: 290

    HP: 30000000/30000000

    MP: -/-

    Skills: Nectar Rain (24/24)

    Description: A big papillon with healing ability. Despite its slowness, its healing ability affect vast area. Kill it before its too late!

    After killing the monster, Auron moved back a bit. Then, he looked at the big monster's information. As it was stated, the [Sloth Papillon] only had 24 chances to use the healing ability.

    Fortunately, the [Sloth Papillon]'s movement was slow. However, their number was not small. Auron looked at his front and could find around 100 such monster in the crowd.

    That 100 number was only at Auron's front. It didn't include the amount at his back or his sides. Not to mention, the [Sloth Papillon] that were still at the end.

    A minute later, Auron saw one of the [Sloth Papillon] died under the barrages of spells and arrows. However, to achieve that result, they had to waste so much time and resources.

    The battle was going on intensely. More and more casualties appeared on both sides. The [Sloth Papillon] only had 24 chances to use the healing skill. When all of that chances were used, it had no choice but to go forward and attack in close combat.

    Actually, the [Sloth Papillon]'s damage also not small. As it had a big body, its attack could even sweep more than one enemy at once. Fortunately, because of its slow movement's the attack was easy to dodge if one was careful enough.

    With the appearance of [Sloth Papillon], the pressure on the clerics also increased. The battle was going longer than it supposed to be.

    One hour passed by, the challengers only had less than 150 thousand. Meanwhile, the papillons had almost the same number, 150 thousand.

    This was thanks to the fact that the players teamed up to kill the enemy quickly. Two or three players would gang up on one enemy to kill it quickly. Not only that, the area attack from the mages, archers, or other area skill also help them kill the enemy quicker.

    Even though the enemies were stronger than them and had a little bit of intelligence, but a monster still a monster. Despite having a flying skill, not all of them utilize the ability.   Save

    Not only that, all of the enemies were a melee monster. Because of that, the monster at the back had to wait for their turn before they could attack. Not to mention, the space was limited due to the enormous crowd.

    The challengers at this place also not weak. After the number reached 150 thousand, the challengers that still alive was not weak. The weaker or the unlucky one had already been eliminated.

    Auron, who had level 221, was not the one with the lowest level among the challengers. There were around 10 such people in this place with a lower level than Auron.

    Those 10 people survived, not because they hid at the back. But it was because they had high-end equipment. All those 10 people were coming from a large guild or had a fantastic background.

    All of them had spent a lot of real-life money into the game. All of their equipment was a high king grade equipment. Not only that, all of their skill level was above level 30. Each time they used their skill, with the support of the equipment, they could produce damage the same as a level 300 players with ordinary equipment.

    When paired beside them, Auron actually didn't look that impressive at all. Auron could only rely on his high skill level, his top attributes, and his combat skill. Despite of that, Auron still garnered the attention of his surroundings challengers.

    Some of the players had thought that Auron was one of the riches people. That was why some of the high-level players tried to befriend him by helping him.

    Auron actually felt awkward. However, since it was given to him, then he would gladly accept it. That was why he didn't say anything or tried to clear the misunderstanding.

    Another hour passed by. Finally, the challengers gained the upper hand. The challengers had a higher number than the enemies.
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