335 Second Stage 2

    Auron tried to stab the mannequin's head, who was on the ground. However, before the sword could hit the mannequin's head, the mannequin raised its arm. The sword stabbed the mannequin's arm and stopped before it could stab the head.

    Then, the mannequin slowly stood up. Auron was shocked seeing this. He immediately pulled his sword and jumped back.

    The mannequin stood up. The big hole on its stomach was slowly closing. It

    Auron looked at the mannequin. Then, he frowned. The mannequin didn't lose that much health.

    When the same attack hit the monster at the first stage, it produced much more damage. Moreover, the monster at the early stage had a higher level.

    Before the hole in the mannequin's stomach closed completely, the mannequin already dashed forward to Auron.

    Clang... Auron blocked the mannequin's attack using his sword. Unfortunately, Auron lost in the power struggle. He was pushed backward.

    Auron staggered. The mannequin didn't miss this chance and pressured Auron more. Using both of its hands to attack Auron. Not only that, the mannequin even combined the attack with several kicks.

    Auron could only be on the defensive side while he blocked all the attacks. Fortunately, Auron was not an ordinary swordsman. Due to his cheat, he could use some mage spell.

    While defending, Auron threw [Fire Bolt] to the mannequin's head. The [Fire Bolt] hit the mannequin's head cleanly. The mannequin didn't even bother to defend.

    If this situation happened to some ordinary monster or player, it would faze them a bit. However, the mannequin didn't stop attacking. It didn't even flinch. Moreover, the mannequin's health only reduced a bit. Fortunately, the mannequin didn't have any recovering ability.

    The mannequin's attack was wild and intense. Auron tried his best to block or avoid the mannequin's attack. However, as the battle kept going on, Auron started to feel overwhelmed.

    The mannequin threw a jab with its right hand to Auron's face. Auron raised his sword to block the jab. However, the mannequin already threw a hook punch using its left hand.

    Auron swung his right hand to sway the hook punch coming. However, the attack didn't stop there. The mannequin already attack once more using its right knee. It aimed towards Auron's stomach.

    Auron tried to knock the knee using the sword's handle. However, the mannequin suddenly headbutted Auron.

    Auron was caught off guard with the headbutt. He felt dizzy for a bit. However, seeing Auron dizzy, it didn't make the mannequin felt sorry. Instead, it attacked more brutally.

    Several jab coming towards Auron. Fortunately, Auron had finished chanting his spell. An [Earth Wall] appeared below the mannequin and lifted it up.

    The jabs missed its target. However, the mannequin already jumped and launched itself towards Auron, who was below him.

    Fortunately, Auron already regained back his sense. He immediately moved to the side and avoided the mannequin's charge.

    The mannequin hit the arena's floor and made it cracked. Auron, who was beside the mannequin, attacked the mannequin. Since facing this type of enemy, Auron could not be passive, or he would be overwhelmed. That was why he decided to attack.

    Fortunately, Auron could use his potion here. When avoiding the previous attack, Auron already drank the buff potion to increase his aggression. Auron used [Bash] and aimed at the mannequin's shoulder.

    Because of the buff potion, Auron's damage was increased. However, the increase was not as what Auron had thought before.

    The [Bash] hit the mannequin and stunned it for a second. This one second was an excellent opportunity for Auron, who already launched his second attack.

    The mannequin didn't move for a second. After one second was over, Auron's attack already closed to its head.

    Surprisingly, it didn't block Auron's attack. Instead, it threw a hook punch towards Auron's left face.

    As Auron was attacking, he could not block the hook punch. Auron moved his head to his right, following the punch's direction. He tried to minimize the damage when the blow hit his face.

    And, it just what he had thought, he could not dodge the punch completely. Auron's face got punch by the mannequin. He swayed to the right. Because Auron had moved to the right, the impact's power was decreased a lot.

    Auron looked at his health. His health still in the safe zone. He still had more than 80% of his health left. Meanwhile, the mannequin also had the same health as him.

    Auron used his movement skills to increase his movement and attack speed. Previously, Auron was the agile type. That was why he usually would kill the enemy using more than one attack rather than killing the enemy in a single blow.

    With the increased speed, the mannequin could not cope with Auron's speed. Because of this, Auron went on a rampage while the mannequin was on the defensive stance. Well, it wasn't really a defensive stance since the mannequin didn't even bother to defend.

    During this short time, Auron gained the upper hand. He tried to maximize his damage by combining his attack with his spell. Of course, by doing this, he would run out of mana. Fortunately, his decent equipment and attributes could help a little.

    Although it could not make Auron never run out of mana, but it was enough for Auron to reduce the mannequin's health to 50%.

    Before the movement skill timer ended, Auron ran backward and made quite some distance to the mannequin. It was because he had to drink mana potion, or else he could not use any skill at all.

    Auron didn't keep anything at all. He drank the higher grade mana potion to gain a lot of mana immediately. Just like before, the mannequin was like a madman who didn't know anything besides attacking, it quickly chased Auron.

    Auron, who had drank the mana potion, made a serious face. He had to wait until his movement skill to be off cooldown before he could attack again. During that wait, he had to defend carefully.
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