336 Second Stage 3

    Auron made an [Earth Wall] in front of him. He hoped that this [Earth Wall] could buy him some time, even just a second.

    The mannequin, without any expression, fly up to the sky. Then, it looked at Auron's location. Without further ado, it directly charged towards Auron.

    Auron gritted his teeth. His [Earth Wall] was useless. He ignored the [Earth Wall] and ran to the right. However, when the mannequin saw Auron moved to the right, it directly followed Auron.

    Auron swung his sword to block the mannequin's punch. He used both of his hands to hold the mannequin's sheer power. The mannequin turned his body in the air and kicked Auron's head using its right leg.

    Auron pulled his body back to dodge the mannequin. The kicked missed the target. Immediately, the mannequin turned his body 360 degrees and attacked using the back of its left leg.

    Before the leg could connect with Auron, from below the ground, an [Earth Spike] sprung up and pierced the mannequin's leg. It stopped the mannequin's continuous attack.

    Auron moved away from the mannequin. Unfortunately, the mannequin regained its sense quickly. It flew up once more and charged towards Auron.

    The battle continued for several minutes before all of Auron's movement skill off cooldown. When the skills off cooldown, Auron didn't waste any more time and directly used the ability.

    With the skill buffs, Auron gained the upper hand. The combination of Auron's attack and magic spell proved to be effective. Auron could reduce the mannequin's health quickly. The mannequin's health continued to decrease until it had only around 10% of its health left.

    When the mannequin's health hit 10%, Auron's buff had ended. He had 75% of his health left while the mannequin's still had 10% of its health. However, Auron didn't become impatient. He went to the defensive mode again and waited until the movement's skill off cooldown.

    Several minutes later, Auron used his skill once more and finished the mannequin. The mannequin slumped down to the ground with its health bar emptied. It reverted back to its original appearance.

    When the mannequin died, Auron received a notification while he was drinking a health potion.

    [You get 3 levels for killing the mannequin]

    [The mannequin died once]

    [In 5 seconds, it will be revived]

    [5... 4... 3... 2... 1...]

    Auron was shocked. From killing the mannequin, he received 3 levels. Although it didn't give Auron any item, he still felt that it was such a generous reward for him.

    However, Auron didn't drown in happiness. He had to make preparation to enter the next battle in five seconds.

    After 5 seconds, the mannequin who was on the ground slowly stood up. Then, its appearance started to change once again. It didn't take the monster's appearance that Auron previously defeated.

    Instead, the mannequin became taller. Not only that, but the arm also grew longer as well as the leg. Then, the mannequin's muscle started to grow bulkier.

    Auron looked at the mannequin's health bar, which started to be filled. He also looked at the level. It's level raised. Now, it had level 290.

    Finally, after the transformation ended, the mannequin took the appearance of [Sloth Papillon]. However, Auron knew this was just like the ordinary [Sloth Papillon] that he saw at the first stage.

    It turned out, Auron's conjecture was correct. The mannequin, who was taking the appearance of [Sloth Papillon], dashed to Auron. The speed it showed wasn't as slow as the [Sloth Papillon] that appeared at the first stage.

    The mannequin threw its huge fist to Auron. A sword raised in front of Auron to stop the fist's advance. However, the sword was pushed back, even almost slashing Auron's chest. Not only that, but Auron was also pushed back several meters.

    \"Ugh...\" Auron felt his hand became sore.

    The mannequin's speed was slightly slower than the previous monster's appearance that it took form. However, the power was twice the power of the original [Sloth Papillon].

    Auron chanted an [Earth Spike]. The [Earth Spike] appeared from the mannequin's right side and hit the mannequin big arm. However, the mannequin didn't move at all. It was as if the [Earth Spike]'s power like a mosquito's bite.

    The damage also reduced a lot. \"It seems the defense also improved,\" Auron thought when he saw the damage that the mannequin took.

    The mannequin threw another punch at Auron. This time, Auron didn't dare to block the attack. Instead, he dodged the attack by jumping to the left. Surprisingly, although he could avoid the attack, Auron still felt the winds produced by the punch.

    Auron quickly moved away. The mannequin turned to face Auron and attacked Auron once again. Fortunately, the mannequin's speed was slightly slower than Auron.

    Auron, who had higher speed dodge the continuous attack from the mannequin. However, he still didn't forget to attack the mannequin when he had a chance. He also threw some attack spells to the mannequin whenever possible.

    The battle was already going for 20 minutes, and Auron could only decrease the mannequin's health by 10%. Each minute Auron could only reduce 0.5% of the mannequin's health. This showed how hard the mannequin's defense.

    Auron had thrown dozens of skills and spells. He also tried to increase his attack power by drinking a buff potion. In the end, he could only produce such damage.

    Despite the low damage, Auron still fortunate. During that 20 minutes, he didn't take any of the mannequin's attack at all. This was the effect of Auron's speed.

    What's more fortunate was the fact that the mannequin didn't have the canned object that could be used to heal itself. Since it could not heal itself, with the current battle condition, as long as Auron could steadily dodge the attack, he definitely will win the battle. The only question left was how long it would take to defeat the mannequin.

    However, Auron put everything behind his head. If he thought about that matter, it would only make him more depressed. It could affect his mental state.
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