337 Second Stage 4

    Bang... A crack appeared on the arena's floor because of the mannequin's punch. Auron had avoided the mannequin's attack.

    Auron swung his sword to the mannequin's left shoulder. Unfortunately, the wound was not deep enough. It only grazed the surface of the mannequin's shoulder.

    The mannequin swung his left arm. Auron, who saw it, jumped back to dodge the attack. Then, a [Fire Bolt] appeared and flew towards the mannequin's head.

    Bang... The [Fire Bolt] hit the mannequin's head. However, it didn't flinch. Instead, it immediately stood up and charged towards Auron.

    Auron, who had anticipated this, raised his sword. The mannequin pulled back his arm and prepared to punch Auron.

    When the two of them already closed enough, the mannequin threw its punch straight at Auron.

    Auron moved his body slightly to the right and ducked under the punch. Then, he swayed to the left and swung his sword upwards.

    Because of the mannequin's big body, Auron's head only reached its chest. However, this fact didn't make Auron afraid.

    After swinging his sword upwards, Auron used the mannequin's knee to jump higher and used [Bash] towards the mannequin's head. Then, when he was descending from the air, Auron kicked the mannequin's arm and jumped backward.

    Auron rolled once in the air before landing steadily on the ground. After he landed on the ground safely, Auron used [Charge] and with high-speed attack the mannequin.

    The mannequin was slower than Auron. That was why the mannequin just started to react when Auron had already landed on the ground.

    The mannequin punched towards the charging Auron. Unfortunately, the attack was very straightforward. Auron, who saw this punch, used his movement skill to increase his speed more.

    Auron's speed rose significantly. Before the punch could hit Auron, he already went below the arm. Using all of his power combined with the explosiveness of the charging, Auron took a stabbing stance. He aimed at the mannequin's stomach.

    Stab... The sword stab into the mannequin's stomach. It pierced through the hard skin and muscle of the mannequin. Unfortunately, the cut was not too deep. Only 10 centimeters of the sword that managed to go inside the mannequin's stomach.

    Auron had tried to push the sword deeper. However, it was futile. The sword could not go deeper anymore. Seeing this, he didn't force anymore and pulled the sword out.

    If it was an ordinary monster, there should be blood coming out from the wound. However, Auron could only see the hole from the sword, and there was no blood coming out of it. Moreover, in the next second, the hole already started closing by itself.

    The mannequin didn't even looked panic or shocked by the wound. Instead, it ignored the injury and attacked Auron once more. Using its left arm, it tried to hit Auron from the left.

    However, Auron ran forward and slide through between the mannequin's big legs. He arrived at the mannequin's back. Auron immediately stood up.

    The mannequin had started to turn his body back. However, before the mannequin could turn completely, Auron already slashed his sword two times. He didn't forget to add an attack spell to the back of the mannequin's head.

    With his speed, Auron overwhelmed the mannequin completely. Slowly time passed by, an hour had passed by. The mannequin's health down for another 30%.

    The mannequin still had 60% of its health left. Auron patiently attack the mannequin while maintaining his focus. After all, he didn't want all of his effort gone because of one mistake.

    More than an hour passed by. Thanks to Auron diligence, the mannequin only had 5% of its health left.

    Despite the mannequin's big body, through all this time, Auron had played the mannequin. It looked like he was battling against a kid.

    However, this was not because of Auron's luck. This was thanks to all the time he played his character previously.

    Auron also had the same agility type character. And, of course, there were more strength-wise swordsman. So, almost 50% of his PVP, he fought against this strength-wise merchant, thief, or even swordsman.

    Because of that experience, he could overwhelm the mannequin. Moreover, the mannequin was just a monster who was less intelligent than a player or NPC.

    Currently, Auron was in front of the mannequin's big body. He slashed his sword and used [Fire Lance] to the mannequin's stomach. It didn't stop there.

    Auron slashed once more before the mannequin's retaliate. Using his movement skill, Auron avoided the mannequin's attack before dashing back to attack the mannequin.

    The mannequin could not cope up with Auron's increased speed. It swung his left and right arm only to meet with empty air.

    Meanwhile, every Auron's attacks always injure the mannequin. It was a one-sided battle. The only thing that could make the mannequin last this long was the fact that it had great health and high defense.

    Auron stabbed his sword towards the mannequin's stomach. Not only that, but he also used another [Fire Lance] and aimed at the wound.

    The mannequin stopped moving. Then, it slowly fell down to the ground. Auron ran away before the mannequin could descend on him.

    Boom... Finally, after the long battle and spent more than two hours, the mannequin died.

    Auron won this battle. He saw the mannequin slowly revert back to the original appearance. Then, a notification also appeared in front of Auron.

    [You get 3 levels for killing the mannequin]

    Auron got 3 levels again after killing the mannequin twice. He had already received 6 levels from fighting against this mannequin.

    Auron felt that after he killed the mannequin once more, he would get another 3 levels. So, in total, he could get 9 levels from this second stage alone.

    Just like before, another notification appeared before Auron to tell him that the mannequin would be revived in 5 seconds.

    [The mannequin had died twice]

    [In 5 seconds, it will be revived]

    [5... 4... 3... 2... 1...]

    Auron maintained some distance from the mannequin while observing it. The last battle against the mannequin would begin shortly.
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