338 Second Stage 5

    The mannequin started to stand up slowly. Then, its appearance began to change once more. Auron was right in front of the mannequin and observing the phenomenon.

    The mannequin's hand started to grow big as the [Sloth Papillon]. However, the mannequin's body had the same size as the ordinary papillon. Not only that, but the butterfly wing behind the mannequin's back also increased in size.

    The wing was much much bigger than the average size. It was almost double the original size. The color of the wing also darker than the original one.

    Auron saw the mannequin's appearance and frowned. The appearance was so weird. The body had the size of ordinary papillon. However, the arms were the same size as the [Sloth Papillon]. Behind its back, there were also butterfly wings, which were twice the average size with dark color.

    It was like a combination of the first mannequin's appearance and the second mannequin's appearance. Moreover, it had upgraded butterfly wings. Not only that, Auron saw the mannequin's level. And it was level 300.

    The transformation took about 2 seconds before the mannequin raised its head and faced Auron. Then, it didn't give any sign and immediately attacked Auron.

    The mannequin dashed towards Auron. The mannequin's speed shocked Auron. It was so quick that it was slightly faster than Auron's speed. If Auron used all of his movement's skill, he would only have a slightly better speed than the mannequin.

    Boom... With no time to dodge, Auron raised his sword in front of him to block the attack. \"Urgh...\" Auron gritted his teeth, the attack's power was not weak either. Although it was weaker than the second mannequin's strength, but it was better than the first mannequin's power.

    Nonetheless, Auron still lose in terms of power. However, it was not as miserable as when he faced the second mannequin.

    Auron was pushed back for a meter before he stopped. As soon as he stopped, Auron went forward and tried to stab the mannequin's body.

    However, the mannequin stopped Auron's attack using its left hand. Auron was confused. This was the first time that the mannequin blocked Auron's attack. For all along this time, the mannequin never block or dodge any of Auron's attack.

    However, this confusion only lasted for less than a second, before Auron used [Earth Spike] to attack the mannequin from behind. Bang... the [Earth Spike] hit the mannequin's back.

    The mannequin ignored Auron's attack and already launched a one-two jab to Auron. To dodge the attack, Auron had to duck and swayed right and left. However, the offense didn't stop there. As Auron was ducking below to avoid the attack, a kick come from Auron's left.

    Auron raised his arm to block the attack. However, he was blown away by the kick's power.

    Auron steadily his body and landed on the ground safely. However, his hand, which blocked the kick, had a tingling sensation. Before the tingling sensation disappeared, Auron had to move. It was because the mannequin already dashed towards him.

    Auron tried to move, but the mannequin was already beside him, ready for another kick. Auron faced the kick and tried to block the kick with his sword and both of his hands. However, he was blown away once again.

    Auron rolled on the ground. Blood seeped out from his mouth. He could not let this continue, or he would be beaten to death.

    [Earth Wall] appeared from the ground and tried to block the mannequin's punch. However, it could not. The wall destroyed in just a second after it appeared. However, the wall managed to buy Auron time.

    Auron used his sword to attack from below and aimed at the mannequin's throat. The mannequin opened his palm and used it to block Auron's piercing attack. Then, it launched another punch using the other hand.

    However, Auron didn't give up. He used his movement skills and moved towards the mannequin's back. Then, he launched his attack and spell.

    By using his movement skills, Auron had a faster speed than the mannequin. However, it was just slightly faster. But, it was enough for Auron to land some attack on the mannequin.

    The battle had lasted for 10 minutes. During these 10 minutes, Auron managed to reduce the mannequin's health by slightly more than 10%. However, during these 10 minutes, Auron also received damage equivalent to 12% of his health.

    These 2 % difference was not much. Moreover, Auron still could use his health potion to make up the difference. However, doing it was not as easy as being said. That 12 % was the result of Auron didn't make any mistake.

    Auron didn't make any mistake, and he still had lost 12%. It was 2% more than what the mannequin had received. Auron was afraid if he made a little mistake, then it would not only 12% but 20% or even 25%.

    The pressure on Auron started to increase. After he faced a rather easy battle previously against the second mannequin, now, he felt that the difficulty doubled.

    The mannequin kept on attacking Auron and didn't give Auron any time to relax or drank any potions. Auron gritted his teeth. He had to overcome this crisis, or else he would be the losing one.

    Auron tried every way to buy him some time to drank at least one health potion. He tried to use [Earth Wall] even using [Sloth].

    By using [Sloth], he managed to drink a health potion. However, the [Sloth]'s effect didn't last long enough since it was still level 1. Moreover, the cooldown was long.

    The battle continued for half an hour when Auron found a chance to deliver a deathly blow towards the mannequin.

    The mannequin had made a mistake and opened his guard. Auron didn't let this chance went away. He immediately used [Charge] and attacked the mannequin.

    However, the mannequin suddenly flapped his big wing. The wind produced halt the Auron's charge's progression. With the slowed charge, the mannequin threw a body blow towards Auron, which hit Auron cleanly.
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