340 Second Stage 7

    However, Auron had come to this. He had to take the risk. He couldn't prolong the battle anymore.

    With the mannequin's speed increased, he could not have any chance to drink health potion anymore. So, prolonging this battle would only do harm to him.

    Auron gritted his teeth and used [Sloth]. Then, he raised his sword and took the initiative to attack.

    The mannequin also had the same idea as Auron. It charged towards Auron, ignoring the slowed speed.

    Auron had a low level [Sloth]. So, the [Sloth]'s duration would not be that long. That was why Auron had to reduce the mannequin's health as many as possible during the [Sloth] still in effect.

    Auron brandished his sword. However, the mannequin blocked it quickly. Of course, he knew that this innocent attack would not hit the mannequin. But, he still had to do it since he felt the initiative was important.

    The mannequin returned Auron's attack. It threw a straight punch that Auron avoided using [Earth Spike]. He summoned the [Earth Spike] below the straight punch and pierced upward. Although the [Earth Spike] didn't do much damage to the mannequin, but it could change the mannequin's punch's course.

    The mannequin's punch was blown upward by the [Earth Spike]. Then, Auron used this chance to get closer to the mannequin. Although coming closer to the mannequin was dangerous, but Auron felt that this was the only chance for him to suppress the mannequin's attack.

    Auron's idea was that since the mannequin's arm was quite big, it would be difficult for the mannequin to attack the target, which was closer to him.

    Auron tried to stab the mannequin's stomach. Unfortunately, what Auron had thought previously was wrong. When Auron came closer to the mannequin, it was true that the mannequin had a difficulty to use its arm. However, the mannequin did something else.

    Since Auron was closer to the mannequin, right now, the mannequin could just headbutt him. And, this was what exactly that the mannequin did. It headbutted Auron.

    Seeing the mannequin tried to headbutt him, Auron moved his head. Unfortunately, he didn't have enough time to move all of his body. The mannequin's headbutt hit Auron's shoulder.

    Auron gritted his teeth. He held the pain. Then, he continued to stab the mannequin's body. He also used [Fire Bolt] and attack the mannequin's head.

    Auron had come this far and held the pain. He could not let all of his effort wasted. That was why Auron ignored the pain and kept attacking the mannequin.

    Auron stab then pulled the sword and stabbed again. He tried to do this in a short time before he moved away. Fortunately, during such a short time, Auron could stab three times before he went away.

    However, Auron could not only move away. He had to duck to walk aside since he was between two big arms. After stepping aside, Auron immediately attack the mannequin. Auron tried to maximize the [Sloth]'s effect. That was why he moved quickly.

    Auron threw several attacks. The mannequin did the same. The intense battle kept going on. Both of them exchanged some attacks.

    As time passed, the [Sloth]'s effect ended. The situation was not looked too good for Auron. His health was slightly over 55%. Meanwhile, the mannequin still had 2% of its health left.

    Even though Auron could only decrease 1.5% of the mannequin's health, it was actually a lot more than what Auron had done previously. However, his health also reduced more than what it should be.

    Auron was still holding on and didn't give up. He went up and used [Bash]. The mannequin blocked Auron's [Bash] and threw a body blow using the other hand.

    Auron immediately pulled his sword back and dodged the body blow. Then, he slashed his sword and used another spell.

    This exchange of attacks continued. Auron only held on his belief that he had higher health than the mannequin.

    When the mannequin's health was at 1%, Auron had 35% of his health left. Although it only had 1% of his health left, the amount was not small compared to Auron's damage.

    Auron became more serious than ever. When the mannequin's health was low, its speed increased, and Auron had a more difficult battle.

    The mannequin's attack also became more aggressive in its attack. Even though Auron could not see the changes in the mannequin's face, but he still could feel the nervousness of the mannequin through its attack.

    The mannequin's attack became aggressive and hurried as if it had no tomorrow. Because of this, Auron also began to feel overwhelmed. Auron blocked the mannequin's attack. However, he still missed preventing several attacks.

    Fortunately, although Auron's hands were full with blocking the mannequin's attack, but he still could launch an attack. It was thanks to the 'cheat' he had. Auron could still use his spell to attack, although his hands were full.

    The mannequin threw its punch. Auron dodged the attack. However, there was already a kick waiting for him.

    Since Auron could not block this kick, he threw all his defense. Instead, he attacked the mannequin. Not only that, Auron even added a spell attack to the mannequin.

    Even though Auron threw more attack, but his health reduced more than the mannequin.

    Slash... Boom... Auron slashed the mannequin and also threw [Fire Lance]. Finally, the mannequin looked at Auron expressionless. Then, it slowly slumped down to the ground.

    Thankfully, Auron won the battle. He looked at his current health, and he only had 5% of his health left. Then, what he had wait finally showed, the rewards notification.

    [You get 3 levels for killing the mannequin]

    [You get a lottery chance coupon]

    [The mannequin had died three times]

    [You have completed the second stage]

    [You will be teleported to the main ruin in 5 seconds]

    [5... 4... 3... 2... 1...]

    Auron had completed the second stage. He was shocked that he got something from the level. However, before he could inspect the reward, he had already teleported to the main ruin.
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