341 Summoning Portal 1

    Auron opened his eyes. Just like the notification had said previously, he had arrived at the central ruin. The main ruin was where Auron saw the crystal previously.

    Auron arrived at the main ruin, and it was different from what he had remembered previously. The place had changed.

    A green and beautiful scenery became horrible. The grass and plant withered. No more butterflies were flying around. Besides that, the lake had been dried up. The blue sky also had turned dark.

    Auron frowned, looking at the scenery around him. The difference was so huge that he felt he was in the wrong place.

    Auron wanted to see the item that he got from killing the mannequin three times. However, he didn't have the luxury to do that. Around him, there were already many soldiers and players.

    Auron was not the first one that finished the second stage. The players and soldiers around them had already fought against the enemy.

    The layout of the place had changed as well. Right now, the site had become square. The crystal's location was still the same in the center of this place. However, at each corner, there was a summoning portal. Not only that, near the crystal, there were two summoning portals.

    So, in total, there were 6 summoning portals. Each of the summoning portal would summon a monster every 10 seconds. However, you could not underestimate the monster that was summoned. Each of the monsters summoned had a random level between 500 - 750.

    The place was crowded with people and monsters. The monsters tried to went to the Auron's location to get out through the portal. Meanwhile, the players had to get to the crystal at the center of the place.

    Because there was only one way in and out, the players and the monsters became a roadblock for each other. That was why a battle was inevitable.

    At the front of the path, there was the Second Prince already here leading the high-leveled players and some royal guards. Although there were many strong players or soldiers, but not all of them managed to pass the first and second stages.

    Some players were too arrogant and wandered alone at the first stage. Then, they were ganged up by the monster. Also, some made many mistakes in the second stage.

    In truth, up to this moment, there were already 70% of the people who participated in this ruin that failed. Meanwhile, 25% of them still in progress. While the rest of them had already arrived at this place and still survived.

    The failure rate seems big. In truth, it was because of the fact there were many players whose battle skill was still weak and not seriously participating. Moreover, some players only wanted to try since they could resurrect when they died.

    The difficulty of the stage could also be seen from the number of royal guards that were survived. Among the royal guards, 90% of them survived. However, 10% of them could not make it to this place.

    Although the percentage who survived seems small, however, the number that survived at this place still a lot. Currently, there were around ten thousand of players and soldiers crowded at this place.

    However, even though the number of players and soldiers was huge, but the number of monsters also big. The monster had been accumulating through the time. Not only that, the 6 summoning portals still kept on summoning the monster. The players could survive all this long was thanks to the cleric who healed them. As for the monster's side, they didn't have any healers at all.

    Beside Auron, a light shone. Then, a silhouette coming out from the light. A player arrived from the previous stage. Just like Auron, the player seemed confused with the place. However, as soon as he saw the battle going on, his eyes brightened. He didn't stay long and joined the fight.

    Another light shone beside Auron, this time, it was the Fourth Prince. Auron became confused. He was confused about why it took the prince so long to come here. Auron believed that the Fourth Prince was not weak and should be able to come quicker. But, he just arrived now.

    The Fourth Prince, who had just arrived, looked at his surroundings. Auron wanted to bow and greet the Fourth Prince. However, the Fourth Prince didn't let that happened as the Fourth Prince already moved towards the battle.

    Auron had no choice but to follow the Fourth Prince and joined the battle as well. The Fourth Prince met up with the Second Prince, who was behind the flanks since the Second Prince was an archer. They talked briefly before nodded at each other.

    Then, the royal guards started to split into two groups. The Fourth Prince led one group and took the right path. Meanwhile, the Second Prince led another group and took the left way.

    Many players, including Auron, knew what the princes would do. Since the monster was coming from the summoning portal, then the first thing to do was to destroy the said portal.

    The players, with the help of the clerics, began to gain the upper hand. As the monster's number reduced, the two groups began to split and marched forward slowly.

    Auron decided to join the Fourth Prince group and took the right path. Actually, he didn't have any exact reason why he chose the Fourth Prince, but he just felt the Fourth Prince was better since their age was not that much different.

    Slowly, the path became more apparent. The marching speed became quicker. In the next 10 minutes, both of the groups arrived at their own summoning portals.

    Auron looked at the summoning portal and saw how big it was. There were still enemies near the portal that still needed to be cleared. However, they were already near the portal. A light shone at the portal and a monster coming out.

    An archer shot out its arrow from far away and hit the portal. As soon as it hit the portal, the portal shook violently and turned red.
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