343 Summoning Portal 3

    An hour passed, the battle went on quite greatly for both of the princes. Due to the healing support from the clerics, the princes' people managed to survive up to this moment. Meanwhile, the monsters were slowly killed by the players and soldiers.

    Auron and several other players who were at the same level as Auron began to gain a level. Not only that, some of the players even increased more than two levels.

    \"Keep on going!\" The Fourth Prince shouted. Then, he talked to his general besides him, \"Everything seems going well. Keep on surveying the situation.\"

    \"Yes, Your Highness!\" The general understood. This general was one of the two generals that were assigned to block the path from the other portal. As soon as he received the command, he immediately went back to the path and gave several commands.

    During this one hour, several other challengers that were still stuck in the second stage started to emerge from the portal. They looked at their surroundings and went to choose one of the two groups.

    The [Giant Papillon] at the Fourth Prince's location had only 80% of his health left. As soon as its health reached 80%, it immediately used its [Earth Slam]. The [Giant Papillon] flew up to the sky, then it descended down quickly and slammed the ground.

    A large shockwave impacted the area. This time, since the area was not that wide, all of the players and soldiers around the portal got affected, including Auron.

    Auron already saw the [Giant Papillon] preparing to use the [Earth Slam]. That was why he already prepared himself and used his defensive skills. Not only that, but he also went back to so he would go farther from the center of the impact. This way, he could reduce the damage he received.

    Thanks to Auron's quick reaction, he received minimal damage. Combined with his defensive skill and his high health, he could survive the attack.

    However, not everyone was as fortunate as Auron. Some of the low leveled players died. Some of them even tried to use their defensive skill, but it was futile. The attack destroyed the defensive ability and killed them.

    There were some players that smart enough. They immediately invested all of their recently gained attribute points to vitality to increase their health. Although, for some players, this action was not enough, but some players survived because they were doing this.

    Auron was fortunate enough that he could survive with less than 100 health left. He quickly drank health potions even though there were some cleric chanting areas heal spell to heal them.

    The monsters in the summoning portal had been cleared out. There were only [Giant Papillon] and less than 10 monsters in the summoning portal.

    Those 10 monsters would increase as the summoning portal summoned the monster. Meanwhile, the players and soldiers would still kill those monsters. So, in the end, the number would never go above 20 monsters.

    Because of the small numbers in the monsters, more and more players started to hit the [Giant Papillon]. This way, its health reduced quicker.

    Two hours passed. Even though the Fourth Prince had commanded the people around to kill the [Giant Papillon] first, but not all of the players would follow the command. Some of them still focusing on the ordinary monster. There were even some of the players that attack the portal.

    Because of this, after two hours passed, the [Giant Papillon] still at 30% of its health left. The Fourth Prince kept on giving several commands. Only the soldiers that were thoroughly followed all of the Fourth Prince's command.

    Not long after, a loud roar was heard. It was from the Second Prince's location. It turned out, the [Giant Papillon] at the Second Prince's place died.

    \"Charge!! Destroy the portal!\" The Second Prince shouted enthusiastically.

    With the [Giant Papillon] at the Second Prince's location died, the people's morale at the Fourth Prince's place soared up. They went on full force and attacked the [Giant Papillon].

    After 40 minutes, the [Giant Papillon] at the Second Prince's location finally died. They directly went to attack the summoning portal.

    Meanwhile, the summoning portal's health at the Second Prince's location was low. Soon, it would go down. When the Second Prince saw this, he immediately allocated some of his soldiers to clear the path to the other portals.

    Auron was still attacking the summoning portal. After the [Giant Papillon] died, he immediately gained another level. During this time in the main ruin, Auron already got two levels. With the level he earned from the [Giant Papillon], he got a totaled of three levels.

    Not only level, because Auron had last for this long, he already got a massive number of the contribution points. He could exchange his contribution points for two epic grade equipment if he wanted to.

    It was fortunate that he could last until this moment. Although Auron already knew that even though this was an ancient ruin, this ancient ruin would only be categorized as a low tiered ancient ruin.

    There were 3 tiers for an ancient ruin, low, medium, and high. And, this ancient ruin would only be deemed as a low tiered ancient ruin. However, an ancient ruin still an ancient ruin. It would give a lot of opportunities and benefits.

    Time went by, after the Fourth Prince destroyed the summoning portal, they immediately went to the other corner. Meanwhile, the Second Prince's group already attacking the [Giant Papillon] at the new portal.

    As both of them already had experience against the summoning portal, they could employ the same strategy. In the end, both of the portal destroyed.

    It already eight hours since they were inside the main ruin. Now, the summoning portals at all four corners of this place already destroyed. There only two summoning portals remained that were beside the crystal.

    The Second Prince's group deliberately waited until the Fourth Prince finished with his portal. Then, when everyone was ready, together, they went forward and attacked the crystal.
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