344 Sckilemd Ruins Core 1

    The two portal beside the crystal kept on releasing the monsters. The Second Prince and the Fourth Prince glanced at each other. They were preparing to destroy the crystal as well as the summoning portal.

    When they were ready, the Fourth Prince gave a sign to the Second Prince. Seeing the sign, the Fourth Prince replied with a nod. Then, he raised his hands. As soon as the hand raised, all the soldiers began to attack. The same situation also happened at the Fourth Prince side.

    Both of the princes' group initiated a pronged attack from both sides. Their target was the last objective they had, the ancient ruin's core.

    The players and the soldiers initiated an area attack. This way, they could damage everything at once. The crystal, two summoning portals, and the monsters spawned from the portal got hit in one attack. Both of the portals glowed red and summoned the [Giant Papillon].

    When Auron first came here, the crystal still had a light red color. However, when Auron touched the crystal, its color became darker and darker until it almost became black. Right now, after it being attacked, the color still the same, but it released a mysterious aura that enshrouded the area around the dried lake.

    When the aura was released, Auron and all of the other players got a notification.

    [A mysterious aura enshrouded the area]

    [A poisonous substance was detected inside the aura]

    [Decrease 10 mana points per seconds]

    [When you run out of mana, your health point will start to reduce]

    It turned out the aura's effect was similar to the pungent smell that was released by the [Dark Ancient Plant]. Not only that, but the aura's effect was more potent than the pungent smell. It immediately decreased 10 mana points per second.

    Although the range of the aura was not as wide as the pungent smell, but it covered enough place for the crystal. The aura didn't cover the whole place. It only wrapped the area round the dried lake. However, that area of effect was enough for the crystal. After all, to attack the crystal, they had to get inside the dried lake's area.

    The soldiers who didn't get any notification started to realize the situation when they failed to use their skills because of their lack of mana.

    A grim situation happened, and chaotic as well as confused feelings began to go into the NPC's mind. However, it didn't go for long, as the players told them what happened. They realized that their mana began to decrease. This situation occurred to both the Fourth Prince and the Second Prince's situation.

    Both of the princes frowned at this situation. The princes thought that fighting against the last two summoning portals and the crystal would be easier. It was because their place was close next to each other. This way, they could release their area attack and damage everything.

    However, seeing the situation right now, it would be challenging to achieve that feat. After all, to use an area skill, they had to spend mana points. Unfortunately, their mana points kept on decreased each second. Moreover, they already had eight hours inside this ruin, they had spent a lot of their supplies to arrive at this point.

    After several minutes into the battle, although there was still no casualty, but the situation became worst. Several angry shouts were heard. Not only that, the monsters began to push back the players and the soldiers.

    \"Can anyone give me their mana potions?\" A cleric shouted.

    \"Clerics!! Kept healing!\" A tank at the front who were fighting against the monster shouted.

    Some of them ran out of their mana potions. Meanwhile, some clerics used their last resort mana potions.

    Because all of them had to use less of their mana potions, they could not use all of their skill. It led to the damage output to the monster reduced.

    When the monsters were not defeated in time, the summoning portal kept on summoning two monsters every 5 seconds. Moreover, there were two summoning portals here. It led to the monsters stack up here.

    As the number of monsters grew, combined with the low damage output, the frontline fought passively. They were pushed back by the monsters.

    The Second Prince and the Fourth Prince had tried their best to mend the situation. However, as some players were selfish, there were still some parts that they could not control. Moreover, they could not send supplies from outside since entry was prohibited.

    The Fourth Prince racked up his brain when suddenly a man came before him. Of course, that man way was blocked by his royal guards. However, the Fourth Prince looked at the man and asked, \"What business did you have?\"

    The Fourth Prince tried to be calm and warmhearted, but under this situation, he could not help but asked nonchalantly. Moreover, the man he saw had a low level compared to the players at the front line.

    Auron didn't take offense on what tone that the prince used. After all, he was just a subject under his kingdom. Moreover, he still weak and didn't have any power yet.

    Auron went forwards and whispered to the Fourth Prince, \"I have a way out of this situation.\"

    The Fourth Prince's eyes brightened, however, it didn't last long before he frowned. He was afraid that this man before him would deceive him. After all, he didn't know anything about the man and never checked his background beforehand.

    However, as a prince, in a situation like this, he had to use every option he had. With that in mind, he asked, \"Please, do tell.\"


    \"I know the situation became chaotic not because we are weak, but it was because we lack of mana potions. Moreover, we cannot replenish our supplies here.\" Auron didn't immediately get to the point. Instead, he explained the situation first.

    The Fourth Prince kept silent as he already knew about this. He waited until Auron continued, \"I have a way to transfer the mana potions from outside to here.\"
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