345 Sckilemd Ruins Core 2

    Auron was at the second front line as he saw that the ruin's core was releasing a mysterious aura. He directly thought that it was something similar to the smell that the [Dark Ancient Plant] released. Because of that, he unconsciously closed his nose with his hand.

    Auron knew that it would not work, but subconsciously Auron did that. When he released his hand, he could not smell the same pungent smell. So, Auron thought that this aura was different. However, not long after, he received a notification that made him frowned.

    After reading the notification's content, although the aura didn't have any smell, but its effect was the same. Many thought immediately appeared in Auron's minds.

    Auron knew this was a grim situation. Although it would not happen now, but it will come true sooner or later. After all, he knew the impact of such aura's effect from his experience at with the [Dark Ancient Plant] back then.

    Several minutes later, what Auron had thought started to come true. All of the players and soldiers began to get impacted. The damage dealers could not use their skill, which made their damage lower by a lot. The tanks complained because they didn't get any healing. They also could not keep the monster's aggro well. Meanwhile, the cleric also complained as they wasted a lot of mana potions. Some of them even cursed as they ran out of mana potions.

    The monsters began to push back the frontline. Auron was in an awkward position. He could make use of his shared inventory to transfer the mana potions here. However, if he only support himself, it would have no meaning since he could not defeat this ruin alone.

    On the other hand, if Auron wanted to support everyone here, he didn't have enough money to support that. Right now, he only had two choices. First, he kept on silent and let things went as the flow went on. However, by doing this, they would 100% fail this ancient ruin's expedition, but he could keep his secret safe.

    The second option was to gain support from a wealthy individual here that had the money to support all of the people here. By doing this, it didn't mean that they would 100% clear the ancient ruin. However, it would raise their success chances. The downside was that he had to give out a clue to others that he had some unique means that no one else had.

    Auron had to choose someone trustworthy. After all, although he could survive this expedition, but what would happen if the said person killed him outside of this expedition.

    After pondering for a while and weighing all of the possible options, Auron decided to choose the second option. As for the person he wanted, it was obviously the Fourth Prince.

    Keeping up his mind, Auron began to approach the Fourth Prince, who was also pondering on the issue. Of course, coming close to the Fourth Prince was not as simple as he meeting with a friend. When he was near the Fourth Prince, Auron was stopped by the royal guards beside the Fourth Prince.

    Auron's movement caught the Fourth Prince's interest when he was in deep thought. The Fourth Prince looked up at Auron and asked, \"What business did you have?\"

    Auron stepped forwards and said, \"I have a way out of this situation.\"

    The Fourth Prince looked at Auron in disbelief. However, he kept his calm and said, \"Please, do tell.\"

    Auron started to explain his thought. At the end of his speech, he said, \"I have a way to transfer the mana potions from outside to here. However, I don't have that many mana potions to support everyone here.\"

    \"So, you are saying that if you have the mana potions, you can bring all of them?\" The Fourth Prince carefully stated.

    Auron nodded, \"Yes. That's correct.\"

    The Fourth Prince went on silence and pondered once more. Meanwhile, there was only one general beside them that knew this conversation between Auron and the Fourth Prince. The said general whispered to the Fourth Prince and labeled Auron as a scammer.

    The Fourth Prince looked at Auron and said once more, \"How can I believe you?\"

    \"This was the moment,\" Auron thought. He knew to convince the prince without giving any hint was difficult. However, he was betting on the Fourth Prince's character that he had known when he fought with the Fourth Prince previously.

    \"If Your Highness wants to believe in me, then it will happen. However, if not, then it will not happen.\" Auron stated that one sentence which not answering the Fourth Prince's question explicitly.

    \"Fine! Tell me how to do it?\" The Fourth Prince asked. He didn't have many options since he would die whether he try this method or not. He would instead try something rather than didn't do anything.

    \"Before I tell Your Highness, I humbly ask Your Highness to keep this as a secret,\" Auron said while hinting the Fourth Prince at the general beside them.

    \"If your method succeeds, I promised, there would be no one that knows about this except the three of us. He would also keep your secret.\" The Fourth Prince promised.

    \"Okay, then. Actually, the method was simple that Your Highness should only give the mana potions to my friend outside this dungeon, then he can transfer it here through me. However, with the current situation, we cannot send any message outside.\"

    \"That means I could only buy the mana potions by myself. Unfortunately, I do not have that much money to support everyone here.\"

    \"So, does the Fourth Prince have any way for me to get the said money to buy the mana potions?\"

    \"That's it! What I had said was correct! Your Highness, you should not believe in him. He just wants to scam for your money!\" The general beside them said furiously.

    The Fourth Prince frowned. He started to think that what the general had said was correct. However, if what everything that Auron said was true, then his sentence made sense. After all, they really could not send any message outside.
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