347 Fourth Princes Order 1

    Auron walked up several steps from the bank when he heard a ruckus behind him.  It was the men tasked by the bank's manager to follow Auron.

    As Auron had already allowed them to follow him, then the bank's manager would use that chance. However, due to using a cheap disguise tool from the black market, Auron's face had revert back to the original.

    Because of this, the pursuers became confused when they exit the bank. In the crowd of people, they could not find a man with the same face as Auron. This was why they began to panic and made a ruckus.

    Auron, who was walking to the potions' store, knew the ruckus was because of him. That was why he used another cheap disguise tool once again. Fortunately, he bought several disguise tools. "Never believe in cheap things," Auron though inside his mind.

    The men who were tasked by the bank's manager found Auron, who had already use the new disguise tool. Then, they immediately followed Auron.

    In no time, Auron arrived in front of the potions store. Before he was going in, Auron looked behind him to his pursuer and gave a sign. It was to tell them not to follow him inside. The pursuers' leader nodded.

    After that, Auron went inside the store and said to the store's manager, "Bring all of your mana potion's stock. This was by order of the Fourth Prince!"

    The store's manager astonished at the mention of the Fourth Prince's name. However, he saw that Auron took out all 10 million money, he became calm. The manager thought that the man in front of him wanted to use the Fourth Prince's name to extort his mana potions. However, it looked like it was not the case.

    The manager wanted to say something, but Auron stopped him. "I know this much money would not be enough to buy all of your mana potions. The money was still on process, so I just want to let you know not to sell any mana potions to anyone else until the Fourth Prince said so."

    All this time, Auron had used the Fourth Prince's name. He knew the Fourth Prince needed everything to be quick, that was why he had no choice but to use the Fourth Prince's name.

    With everything was clear, the store's manager didn't dare to dilly dally. Auron had showed his money. Although he used the Fourth Prince's name, but it was only to secure the mana potions' stock, so he didn't really care about that matter.

    The store's manager took all the money and brought back mana potions the same as much as the value. With thickskinned, Auron immediately took the mana potions given by the store's manager. Then, before he went over to his swordsman character, he reminded the store's manager, "This was the Fourth Prince's business, I bet you know who should know about this."

    With that, he went over to his swordsman's character. He didn't even care about the store's manager response, who nodded agreeing to Auron.

    As soon as Auron regained his control over his swordsman character, besides him, the general already stares intensely at Auron. "Why do you stare at me like that?" Auron astonished.

    "Here the mana potions, I can only retrieve a portion of the money first. Since to retrieve it fully, it would take some time." Auron said that while handing over the mana potions.

    It was the general's turn to be shocked. The man before him honestly had a mysterious way to give them the mana potions. The general retrieved the mana potions and went over to the Fourth Prince.

    Auron followed him and said, "I need to see the Fourth Prince."

    The general nodded and let Auron followed him. They soon arrived and met with the Fourth Prince. The general whispered something to the Fourth Prince and showed the mana potions.

    The Fourth Prince also surprised that Auron really could do something like this. Then, he told the general to distribute it while he went over to Auron.

    "I cannot believe that you actually can do it. So, what do you need?" The Fourth Prince said.

    "First of all, I want to ask for your forgiveness, Your Highness. As you know, we are in a dire situation, so to speed things up, I have used your name." Auron said politely.

    "No problem. As long as you don't use it for something else." The Fourth Prince said calmly.

    "One more thing, Your Highness."

    "Speak up!"

    "After this, I have to get back to get the rest of the money. I am afraid although I have your token, but, it will still not be enough to convince the bank even it will cause disruption for your royal family. Which is why I ask you to help me convince them." Auron stated his worries.

    Auron knew that the Fourth Prince's token was not enough. The bank even went all the way to the royal family to prove that the token was real. Although it was real, Auron could not verify that he was under the direct order of the Fourth Prince. They could just accuse him as a thief and punish him for that. Which was why Auron needed something else to prove this.

    The Fourth Prince knew about this. Then, he took a letter and wrote something on it. He didn't forget to stamp it with the royal stamp that he always brought. After that, he gave the message to Auron.

    "Thank you, Your Highness. Now, I have to get back to get the rest of the mana potions." Auron bowed politely as he received the letter.

    With everything settled for the first batch of mana potions, Auron went back to his previous spot and went over to his mage character.

    After coming back to his mage character, Auron didn't waste any more time and used the disguise tool once again before he went back to the bank. When he arrived at the bank, Auron could see a massive commotion in front of the bank.
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